UKGC Puts New Enforcement Strategy into Action

The UK Gambling Commission, which is currently the major gambling regulatory authority on the territory of the UK, has revealed that some changes had been implemented in its enforcement strategy. The latter is planned to be used in order to take adequate measures and stop gambling operators that breach local gambling legislation and regulatory rules.

The UK Gambling Commission is to also revise its vision for enforcement and key policy documents that are related to its powers and the way they are used against the industry and customers. One of the major objectives of the Commission is to build an environment that is safe for players, making sure that users are always put first by the gambling operators that operate across the country.

The new enforcement strategy of the UK Gambling Commission is to come into effect today. It has been officially revealed after the ending of the Commission’s consultation called “Changes to our enforcement strategy: putting the consumer first”.

The consultation started on January 26th to start several months later, on April 21st. The Commission has already published its response to the consultation, and also revealed what the key changes in its enforcement strategy would be.

The Chief Executive Officer of the UK Gambling Commission, Sarah Harrison, commented on the newly-announced changes, saying that the UK gambling regulatory authority had the intention to use the full range of enforcement powers it had in order to make sure that gambling operators who offered their services on the territory of the country would not only raise their standards, but would also put customers first.

The Commission’s Chief Executive Officer also explained that the British gambling regulatory authority would use its powers in a targeted way, while the consumers could be absolutely sure that effective action would be taken by the Commission in case that gambling operators that run their activities in the UK did not comply with the obligations imposed under the new enforcement rules.

As mentioned above, there are a number of major changes in the enforcement strategy of the UK Gambling Commission. The Commission changed its statement on financial penalties, with larger fines planned to be imposed on operators that violate the rules, especially in case that it comes to systemic and repeated violations.

Under the new enforcement strategy, the UK Gambling Commission is to also put all regulatory tools on equal footing. The current bias in favour of settlement is also to be removed, while licence reviews of gambling operators or individuals’ personal management licences would also be included in the licence review. Regulatory settlements are special resolutions between the Commission and a gambling operator in cases there have been certain concerns about the operator in question.

In addition, the UK gambling regulatory body is to remained focused on creating better incentives for early settlement. In order to do that more easily, the Commission is to use time-limited discounts.

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Daniel Williams
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