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InstaDebit International Solutions Ltd. is a developing company which offers different kinds of payment services. iDebit is a considerably new and reliable online payment method which gives its users the chance to arrange the payment through online banking and it doesn’t require using a credit card. iDebit, previously known as InstaDebit, is a suitable payment method for consumers as well as merchants.

Payments are made directly from the user’s online banking account which makes the system extremely efficient and at the same time simplified. This is great news for online casino players as iDebit allows them to process funds and make deposits safety and securely.

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iDebit is used by people all over the world as it is a very secure and straightforward online payment method. Its customers trust the company due to its high level of protection and trustworthiness it provides them. iDebit doesn’t share any financial data and information to third parties which assures that its customers details are in good hands.

There is a significant number of companies on the current market that provide online payment services as this type of payment is becoming more and more popular among people from all spheres. The online industry is growing rapidly and along with it, new potential threats regarding online payment methods are emerging. The leading companies know that in order to adapt to the fast growing world they need to develop an inner system that assures high level of security and protection. It is especially convenient for gamblers who prefer to play online as this type of payment method allows them to pay whenever and wherever they want securely.

iDebit Overview


After all, security remains the most important advantage a company can offer its customers when it comes to paying online. iDebit has developed a reliable inner system which assures high of level of security for its customers’ financial information and personal details. Moreover, their data is never shared with merchants and it is strictly protected by the company. iDebit also offers a very useful feature – Identity Verification which requires from its users a birth date and the last 4 digits of their Social Insurance Number when they sign up. This greatly protects not only their payments but also their identity. For even greater security, all of the transactions are strictly checked and monitored by the reliable security certification firm VeriSign and TRUSTe. A 128-bit encryption technology used for transmitting information is one of the most advanced and reliable ways to protect their customers from fraud. With iDebit, gamblers have the needed peace of mind as their sensitive information is strictly protected and secured.


One of the most significant advantages iDebit offers is that it enables its customers to arrange payments directly from their online bank account which saves them a lot of times and efforts. Also, with iDebit its users’ funds stay secure between them and their trusted bank and can be used at any time. Knowing that their personal data is never shared or stored brings its users the needed peace of mind and security. This is good news for online players too as usually their data and information is more likely to be exposed publicly and it is really important for them to choose the most reliable payment method in order to avoid such threats. iDebit is certainly such a method and it provides its customers with a high level of protection. Gamblers can now focus on playing their favourite games without any concerns as their financial data is strictly protected all the time. iDebit makes online paying an extremely easy and secure process which is good news for every passionate gambler.

iDebit is an unique payment method because it gives its users the chance to arrange payments online effortlessly. The system allows its users to pay online securely and directly from their trusted bank and all that is needed is to sign up. For new users it is very easy to create an account at any time or also there is an option to check out as a guest and create it later at the end of their first payment. The signing up process is extremely straightforward and it saves its users time and efforts. This is extremely convenient for gamblers as paying online now can happen within a matter of minutes which gives them more time to enjoy their favourite games. If they feel like playing and they don’t have an account, they can easily check out as a guest and arrange the rest later.

iDebit Casino Deposit Benefits


Even though, iDebit is growing in popularity and many casinos have interest in using its services, up to the present the number of the casinos that accept it is rather small. However, there are famous casinos in Canada and Europe that accept this kind of payment so gamblers can always check whether their favourite place works with iDebit.


iDebit can be contacted in the standard ways – over the phone, via email or using the live chat feature. It is recommended to all users before they turn to the customer support representatives, to check the website’s FAQ section. Many people underestimate this kind of help and often in case of any questions call the representatives straight away. In order to save its customers time and to help them in the fastest possible way, the company has created the FAQ section. However, for any urgent matters, do not hesitate and contact iDebit as soon as possible.

How Does iDebit Work


iDebit undoubtedly is one of the most reliable and efficient online payment methods which makes it first-choice to many people globally. Its inner system has been developed significantly in order to assure its customers data is protected all the time. This is very convenient for online players as iDebit gives them the opportunity to enjoy their favourite games without any concerns regarding the security and protection of their bank account funds and personal information. Even though this payment method is not so widespread, it offers its customers everything needed in order to arrange the payment online – data protection, secure transmission, privacy control and identity verification.

Company Contact Details

Telephone: +1 855 964 2184
email: /for customer support/; /for merchant support/
Registered Office: iDebit Payments, Inc., P.O. Box 301 157 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, ON M5H 4E7

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