Live Baccarat

Baccarat is another popular card game which can be found in a number of brick and mortar casinos as well as online. Due to its huge popularity, it is also a casino game which can be played in real time with a live dealer which gives players the opportunity to get an extremely authentic experience of it. Unlike Blackjack, Baccarat doesn’t require any particular skills or strategy and it can be easily won with the right amount of luck. It is a game of chance which is the reason why initially many players refrained themselves from playing it online as many of them had their doubts regarding the fairness of the random number generator in use.

However, as the world of technologies is rapidly developing, nowadays more and more online casinos employ cutting-edge systems which offer players the opportunity to enjoy playing Live Baccarat. They can do so at the comfort of their home and at the same time, gain a very genuine experience of the game and rest assured that its outcome is not determined in advance. Thanks to the live streaming video in use, players have the chance to witness every action of the dealer which gives them the needed proof that the game is truly a matter of luck. Live Baccarat is growing in popularity significantly due to the fact that it provides its online users with a number of advantages which they don’t have in land-based casinos.

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Special Features in Live Baccarat

As already indicated, Live Baccarat offers some special features which cannot be found otherwise if the game is played in a brick and mortar casino. In order to be able to take advantage of them, it is advisable prior to playing to have a look at their specifications, subtleties and usage. It is always a good idea to be prepared as much as possible for a particular game in order to avoid any misunderstandings and manage to fully enjoy it, even if it’s one that requires mostly luck such as Baccarat.

Par Side Bets

Due to the fact that the game is played live, it is possible to choose to take advantage of the feature Par Side Bets. It provides the opportunity to place optional bets on a pair of either the banker or the players. These two additional betting options make the game even more exciting and online users are able to experience high level of entertainment as if they were in a land-based casino.

Live Baccarat Features

Choice of Roads

The feature Choice of Roads gives players the chance to view the outcome of every played round and therefore, keep track of their wagered money more easily. There is no need to try to recall the amount of their bet money each time as thanks to Choice of Roads, they can simply check their game history if needed. Moreover, trying to figure out their wager choices can be quite a difficult task, especially when the game lasts for a few hours. This feature is extremely convenient for the players as it provides them with the opportunity to manage their money and control their spendings at any point during the game.

Live Chat Feature

Another feature which can be found in the rest of the live games as well is the live chat option. Thanks to it, players can communicate easily with the dealer and the rest of the participants if they wish. This enables them to get an extremely authentic experience of the game and even though it is not played in a brick and mortar casino, they still have the chance to have a good chat. One of the things which many players miss when they play online is the human interaction. With the introduction of the live chat feature and live streaming video, it is now possible to fill that gap and create a personal connection with the rest of the people.

Most Famous Live Baccarat Variation – Punto Banco

Due to the fact that many of the game variations appeal to a great number of players, they can be also found in most live casinos. One such a famous version which Baccarat fans can enjoy in real time with a live dealer is called Punto Banco. The main difference of this variation is that it provides players with the opportunity to place bets on the Dealer’s hand instead. Also, they can put another optional wager – tie wager – but before they make this decision, it is always best to take into account the pros and cons of these additional bets.

Punto Banco Baccarat

Pros & Cons of Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat, just like any other casino game, has its advantages and disadvantages and therefore, it is always best if players take their time to consider them in order to get a general idea of what the live game offers them. One of the biggest advantages when Baccarat is played live is that it enables them to see how the banker is dealing the cards in real time. This is especially important when it comes to playing Baccarat due to the fact that it is a game of chance and luck and as such, the ability to witness the gaming process plays a crucial role. Thanks to the live streaming technology in use, they can rest assured that the game is not fixed which creates a sense of fairness and security.

Another benefit which is worth mentioning is that every reputable live casino assures high level of protection to its customers’ data and also, it gives them the needed privacy. This is the reason why it is essential to choose a well-established live casino in order to fully enjoy the game without any concerns and worries. Moreover, when Baccarat is played live, a number of online casinos offer special deals and appealing bonuses for their online users. The live version of the game is also compatible with most mobile devices as well, depending on the chosen live casino.

Pros & Cons of Live Baccarat

One thing which can be considered as a major drawback is that since live games are a fairly new development in the online gaming world and it is possible that sometimes all of the Live Baccarat tables will be full. Live games grew in popularity significantly and it will surely take some time before live casinos manage to adapt to the high demand they are currently facing. This is the reason why it is a good idea to have an alternative live casino which players can turn to in such cases. However, it is worth mentioning that they should only play in a well-established ones in order to make sure that their personal data is protected efficiently at any point.


Live Baccarat provides players with the opportunity to enjoy a classic table game at the most convenient for them place in real time with a live dealer. Thanks to the live streaming video and live chat feature, they are able to get a very genuine feeling of the game without having to leave the house. Furthermore, with such advanced technologies in use, their sensitive information receives the needed level of protection at any point during the game. The special available features which only live games possess are definitely worth the try as they can increase the level of entertainment players experience significantly.