Blackjack Soft Hand 18

Many players, even the ones who have been playing for years, underestimate the importance of getting familiar with all of the terms in Blackjack. Some of them don’t even know that the phrase soft hands exist, what is left for its meaning and deeper understanding.

If players aim at leaving the casino as winners, they need to devote a considerable amount of time in order to have a look at every possible hand they can get and how to proceed in a particular situation. Players can form soft hands in a number of ways and as already mentioned some of them won’t even realise they have such a combination. It is crucial for players who want to master the game to try and acquire as much as possible knowledge.

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In this chapter, we will focus on one particular occasion when players have the hand soft eighteen. The reason why is that if gamblers want to make the best choice every time, they need to be aware of all the possible hands they can get.

Additionally, they need to follow a reliable strategy and know it by heart so that they can apply it whenever it’s needed. It is true that if players want to master Blackjack they need to put a lot of time and efforts, however, at the end they will certainly be glad of what they have achieved as the game really pays off in the long run.

Soft 18 Basic Strategy Chart
Players’ Hand Dealer’s Up Card
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Ace
A-7 S D D D D S S H H H
H = Hit, D = Double Down, S = Stand

When the Dealer’s Up Card Is from a Three through Six

If players have an ace and a seven, then they have a soft 18 hand. Let’s have a look at what will be their best move according to the dealer’s up card. In case when the dealer’s up card is from three through six, players should double down. The reason why doubling down is player’s best move is that when the dealer is in an unfavourable position gamblers need to take full advantage and make as much money as they can. This way, players will be able to compensate whenever the dealer’s up card is a power one and balance their bankroll successfully.

Player is dealt a Soft 18. Dealer’s Up card is a 3. Player should Double Down.

When the Dealer’s Up Is a Two, Seven or an Eight

When the up card of the dealer is a two, seven or an eight, players should stand. The reason why players need to stand instead of hit when the dealer’s up card is eight is that he doesn’t have a powerful card, thus his position is not the best. The motive that lies behind hitting against nine as the up card of the dealer is that even though players have eighteen in their hand, they should always remember that the winning average hand is 18.5 which means that this hand is not good enough.

Player is dealt a Soft 18. Dealer’s Up card is a 2. Player should Stand.

When the Dealer’s Up Card is a Nine, Ten or an Ace

If players find themselves in a situation when the dealer’s card is a nine, ten or an ace they should hit. The reason why this move is the best one, players can make is that there are only three cards that can improve their hand and ten more that won’t. Let’ have a closer look at the possible outcomes of this situation.

If players get any card from four through eight, then their hand will be respectively twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen or sixteen which simply leaves them with breaking hands. The chances gamblers will go bust with breaking hands are extremely high, thus it is best to avoid such situations whenever players can.

The same goes for when gamblers draw a nine as this leaves them with a total of seventeen. The bottom line is that if the dealer’s up card is a power one and players have soft eighteen then they are placed in a disadvantageous position. Hitting in this case is the gamblers’ best choice even though it doesn’t guarantee them to improve their hand it will help them lose the least amount of money.

Player is dealt a Soft 18. Dealer’s Up card is a 10. Player should Hit.

Importance Things To Consider

Whenever players have a hand soft eighteen it is really important to know what move they should make in order to play their hand in the best possible way. Such tough situations show how well players understand the game and its patterns. Gamblers need to remember that whenever they face a situation where the dealer’s up card is a power one and their hand totals eighteen or less, they are in a weak position.

Also, players need to choose a strategy to follow and stick to it throughout the game. If they try different move every time in a particular case, this will decrease their odds of winning the hand significantly.

The Best Move against a Nine, Ten or an Ace as the Dealer’s Up Card

Many experienced players have witnessed not once cases where other players on their table made the decision to stand instead of hit providing that their hand was soft eighteen and the dealer’s up card was a ten. In such situations, hitting and standing won’t lead to such a different outcome and are almost replaceable.

The odds are that if players decide to stand against a ten as the dealer’s up card, they will go bust on around 59 out of 100 hands. On the other hand, if players choose to hit they will lose approximately 57 hands out of 100. Even though the difference is very small, every time players have the chance to increase their chances of winning they need to take advantage of it. This is the reason why their best move here is to hit due to the higher odds it gives them.


Whenever players have a hand soft eighteen, they need to be extra careful in order to be able to handle this hand. This hand is commonly misplayed by players all over the world as it puts them in a very tricky situation. Regardless of the strategy gamblers decide to follow, they need to remember that they should play according to it throughout the whole game if they want to make it work.

Whenever players have such a hand, they are bound to face a difficult situation. As Blackjack involves money, gamblers need to make sure they always make the best possible move in order to reduce their losses to minimum. Most moves in a tough situation aim at exactly this instead of giving the players a better hand as this is sometimes simply impossible.