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Best Roulette Apps for iOS and Android - 2023 RankingFreemium roulette is a great pick for mobile gamblers who want to enjoy some quality time on their smartphones or tablets without risking real money. This classic casino mainstay is available in numerous variants adapted for free mobile play on iOS and Android-based devices. You will come across dozens, if not hundreds, of freemium roulette apps on Google Play and the App Store but which ones are the best?

Casino Guardian provides the answer to this question on this page where you can find a shortlist of the 25 best social roulette apps for iOS and Android. Our 2023 ranking is based on multiple selection criteria, including the number of downloads and the user ratings. Only roulette apps with overall scores of 4.0 stars and above pass muster with the members of our expert team.

Top 25 Roulette Apps for Android and iOS in the UK

App NamePublisherUser Rating*In-App Purchases**
1. Roulette VIPGamblershome4.8 starsN/A
2. Roulette Pro – Lucky WheelINLOGIC CASINO4.7 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £49.99 Google Play: £1.49 – £60.99
3. Roulette Casino Vegas GamesLucky Jackpot Casino4.6 starsApp Store: £1.79 – £89.99 Google Play: £1.79 – £91.99
4. American RouletteD.V.G4.6 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £1.09 per item
5. Ultra RouletteUltrasimon4.6 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £0.50 – £99.99
6. Roulette WorldPerfect World Games4.5 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £0.89 – £45.49
7. 7Heart Casino Phonato Studios4.5 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.89 – £91.99
8. Casino Roulette: Roulettist KamaGames4.4 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.79 – £300.00
9. Roulette Royale – Grand CasinoMywavia Studios4.4 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.99 – £249.99
10. Roulette Live – Real CasinoFunstage4.4 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £17.99 Google Play: £0.82 – £179.99
11. Roulette CasinoAE Magwin4.4 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £1.79 – £94.99
12. Roulette Tracker Roulette Royale Tracker4.4 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £3.99 per item
13. Lucky North Casino GamesRuby Seven Studios Inc.4.4 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £17.99 Google Play: £0.89 – £91.99
14. Roulette Online Magic Board/R-Soft4.4 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.99 – £95.99
15. Big Fish CasinoBig Fish Games4.3 starsApp Store: £1.79 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.61 – £234.99
16. Roulette VIP – Casino WheelINLOGIC CASINO4.3 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £11.99 Google Play: £0.79 – £129.99
17. Roulette Grand EmpireCorvinus Casino4.3 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £0.89 – £46.99
18. Roulette Casino StylePhonato Studios4.2 starsApp Store: £0.89 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.89 – £92.99
19. Roulette Casino RoyaleTINYSOFT4.2 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £0.99 – £299.99
20. French RouletteD.V.G.4.2 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £1.09 per item
21. Roulette Arena LazyLand4.1 starsApp Store: £1.49 – £79.99 Google Play: £1.56 – £69.84
22. Roulette – Billionaire Casino VIVUGA GAMES4.1 starsApp Store: £3.49 – £29.99 Google Play: £0.79 – £83.99
23. Roulette Casino RoyaleMGGAMES4.1 starsApp Store: N/A Google Play: £0.89 – £89.99
24. Roulette CasinoEdisoft4.1 starsN/A
25. DoubleDown CasinoDoubleDown Interactive LLC4.0 starsApp Store: £2.49 – £89.99 Google Play: £0.79 – £300.00
User rating data has been retrieved from the UK-facing version of Google Play. The scores vary depending on which country you access the app platform from.

#1 – Roulette VIP

Roulette VIP App Details
Launch DateJanuary 4, 2019
Number of DownloadsOver 10,000
Number of Reviews128 reviews
Size13.67 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Starting Package1,000 free chips
App FeaturesStatistics panel, quick spin, zoom-in on winning numbers, a racetrack
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette VIP by Gamblershome boasts a top rating of 4.8 out of 5.0 stars and we attribute this excellent score to the app’s usability, intuitive interface, and responsiveness. It features a single-zero roulette game that supports all inside and outside wagers, including columns, dozens, red/black, odd/even, splits, corners, and more. Users will benefit from a racetrack where they can place advanced orphelins and series bets.

Five chip denominations are available (5, 10, 50, 100, 500), with table limits ranging from 5 to 1,000 chips per spin. Bet sizing is easy as pie as all you have to do is tap your preferred chip denomination and you are good to go. The zoom-in panel above the racetrack gives you a clear view of the last winning number. The statistics board on the right-hand side of the screen shows the outcomes of the last sixteen rounds as well as the colour of the winning numbers.

Roulette VIP should be right up your street if you are a novice who is just learning the ins and outs of the classic casino game. Everything about it is straightforward and user-friendly, making it the perfect entry-level app for all gambling rookies looking to master roulette. The app is entirely free to download and use without any microtransactions but it contains ads.

Roulette VIP
Roulette VIP by Gamblershome (4.8-star rating)

#2 – Roulette Pro – Lucky Wheel

Roulette Pro – Lucky Wheel App Details
Launch DateJuly 12, 2017
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews41,100 reviews
Size32.49 MB on Android, 154.7 MB on iOS
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0
Starting PackageVaries
App FeaturesRoyal bonus wheel, offline mode, single-zero and double-zero roulette
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette Pro Lucky Wheel is the second highest-rated freemium roulette app on Google Play, with an average rating of 4.7 stars based on over 41,000 user reviews. The daily bonus wheel is the biggest attraction this app has to offer as it rewards players with bundles of free chips. Spinning the wheel repeatedly is possible if you watch ads.

The app provides a choice between single-zero and double-zero roulette. Players can switch tables from the settings menu. Bets range from 10 to 10 million chips, but going all in is also an option. The app supports vertical play only, so keep that in mind if you are accustomed to playing in landscape mode.

Roulette Pro Lucky Wheel occasionally shows ads but you can eliminate them altogether by processing a microtransaction. The price of the paid packages differs based on which official platform you download the app from. The chip bundles are costlier in the Android version where prices reach £60.99 for some purchases. Users also have access to personalised statistics. They can enjoy some quality roulette action even when they are struggling with intermittent or slow connection since the app supports offline mode.

Roulette Pro - Lucky Wheel
Roulette Pro – Lucky Wheel by INLOGIC CASINO (4.7-star rating)

#3 – Roulette Casino Vegas Games

Roulette Casino Vegas Games App Details
PublisherLucky Jackpot Casino
Launch DateAugust 3, 2020
Number of DownloadsOver 100,000
Number of Reviews3,840 reviews
Size381.4 MB on iOS, 57.37 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.1, iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0
Starting PackageUnspecified
App FeaturesSingle-zero and double-zero wheels, daily bonus chips, offline mode, a bonus wheel
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette Casino Vegas Games ranks third on our list of recommendations, with an overall user rating of 4.6 stars and more than 100,000 downloads. Roulette fans who install this fun app can choose from authentic single-zero and double-zero games with true-to-life graphics, immersive sounds, and fluid animations that make for a realistic gaming experience on the move.

The app offers no shortage of neat features, starting with the bonus wheel that rewards users with experience points and level-up chips. Bundles of in-game currency are available each day so that you never run out of credits to play with. Players can conveniently track their personal stats in the profile section, including the total number of chips they have stacked at the roulette table.

Speaking of statistics, the app is also equipped with a results panel where players can track the outcomes of the last seven rounds. Users can connect the app to Facebook and invite their friends to join them for a quick roulette session on the go. All things considered, Roulette Casino Vegas poses a great choice for all fans of the chance-based game no matter their experience level and playing style.

Roulette Casino Vegas Games
Roulette Casino Vegas Games (4.6-star rating)

#4 – American Roulette by D.V.G.

American Roulette App Details
Launch DateSeptember 28, 2017
Number of DownloadsOver 50,000
Number of Reviews305 reviews
Size20.98 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.0
Starting Package100,000 free chips
App FeaturesAvatars, number statistics, multi-bet feature
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

This roulette app offers a single American-style game that plays on a wheel with two green zero pockets. The graphics look a bit outdated but the app compensates with several useful functionalities. Upon launching it, users can select an avatar to represent them. The avatar collection comprises different nationalities and genders on top of several quirky-looking critters, including an alien, a black cat, an octopus, and a dog.

Game results are displayed at the bottom end of the table layout, right under the betting boxes for the three columns. Players can access the statistics section by tapping the icon with the column chart. There they will find comprehensive data on the occurrence percentage of green, red, and black outcomes based on the number of spins played. The icon with the sweeping broom allows you to undo bets placed by mistake with a single tap on your touchscreen.

Placing bets is incredibly easy and intuitive. All you have to do is select your desired chip denomination by tapping the +/- buttons located below the layout. The app comes with a very flexible betting range, with minimum wagers starting at one chip only. The most you can risk at a time amounts to 10,000 chips.

American Roulette by D.V.G.
American Roulette by D.V.G. (4.6-star rating)

#5 – Ultra Roulette

Ultra Roulette App Details
Launch DateFebruary 4, 2015
Number of DownloadsOver 50,000
Number of Reviews372 reviews
Size8.07 MB
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 7.0
Starting Package1,000 free chips
App FeaturesBar charts and on-wheel statistics, local multiplayer feature, offline mode, thousands of table configurations, table zoom-in, comprehensive game history, autospin
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Released in 2015, Ultra Roulette has aged incredibly well in terms of graphics, usability, and functionalities. The app provides a well-rounded selection of roulette variations, including the French, American, and European versions. Players looking for a more unconventional gaming experience can try Multiball Roulette where four balls are in play.

Extended Roulette (pictured below) is another cool option unique to this app as both the wheel and the table layout contain 73 numbered pockets. It supports roughly the same wager types as standard roulette only you have four columns to bet on rather than three. Micro Roulette gives you seven numbers to bet on (0 through 6), with wagers ranging from 1 to 100 chips.

A custom table is also available, allowing you to adjust the number of columns, rows, balls, and zeros according to your preferences. The settings menu offers a plethora of customisation options. Players can tweak the colour and design style of the betting boxes and adjust the speed of the ball and wheel. You can also activate the Atlantic City rule from the settings, whereby you get to keep half of your losing bets when zero hits.

Make no bones about it, this is one of the best roulette apps we have seen so far. It only falls flat in the compatibility department as it runs solely on Android-based devices. We keep our fingers crossed that the developers will launch an iOS version in the future.

Ultra Roulette
Ultra Roulette by Ultrasimon (4.6-star rating)

#6 – Roulette World

Roulette World App Details
PublisherPerfect World Games
Launch DateFebruary 5, 2020
Number of DownloadsOver 10,000
Number of Reviews158 reviews
Size47.52 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Starting PackageVaries
App FeaturesResults history, a rate-of-return panel, 8 different locations/settings
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

The name of this app could not be more fitting as it literally takes you on a gambling trip around the world. Your exciting journey starts in Las Vegas where you can play on a single-zero layout that supports the standard inside and outside betting options. You must level up to unlock seven more locations, including Costa Rica (level 21), Moscow (level 21), Atlantic City (level 31), London (level 41), Paris (level 51), Dubai (level 61), and Macau (level 71).

At the beginning of your journey, the app prompts you to collect your starting bonus bundle by selecting one of three treasure chests. Our pick earned us one million free chips to play with but it all depends on which chest you select. You can further boost your virtual balance by watching short ads. Each ad you watch rewards you with 10,000 in-game credits.

Each roulette game is equipped with a results panel and detailed history of your betting session. Tap the ‘0%’ button to open the rate-of-return panel where you can see the number of rounds you have played, the amount won, the amount bet, and your return rate percentage. In-app purchases can help you progress through the levels faster and start at £0.89 per bundle.

Roulette World
Roulette World by Perfect World Games (4.5-star rating)

#7 – 7Heart Casino

7Heart Casino App Details
PublisherPhonato Studios
Launch DateOctober 17, 2018
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews30,600 reviews on Google Play, 63,800 on the App Store
Size217.1 MB on iOS, 132 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.4, iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0
Starting Package1 million free chips
App FeaturesA daily bonus wheel, hourly bonuses, jackpots, a VIP club
Other GamesVideo slots, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps
Download Here

Developed by Phonato Studios, 7Heart Casino is the go-to spot for players looking for a quality social gaming experience while on the move. This is not a roulette app per se but rather a social casino where smartphone users can find a wealth of high-end games, including dozens of amazing slots, video poker, baccarat, craps, and blackjack. Nonetheless, it made our shortlist on the grounds of having a higher-than-average rating and over one million downloads.

The main lobby of 7Heart Casino
The main lobby of 7Heart Casino

The app’s crisp visuals, true-to-life animations, and immersive sounds make for an unforgettable mobile gaming experience. One aspect that sets 7Heart Casino apart from the bunch of similar freemium apps is that it gives users instant access to its entire gaming catalogue. There is no need to level up to unlock individual games as is the case with other free-to-download social gaming apps.

Fans of the Devil’s Wheel can scratch their roulette itch by navigating to the roulette lobby (pictured below) where they will find 9 realistic variations of the classic chance-based game. Most of the games utilise double-zero wheels. Each variation provides in-depth statistics on hot and cold numbers to the benefit of players looking to bet on sleepers. Table limits are variation-specific but generally range from 10,000 to 100 million chips.

The roulette lobby of 7Heart Casino (4.5-star rating)
The roulette lobby of 7Heart Casino (4.5-star rating)

#8 – Casino Roulette: Roulettist

Casino Roulette: Roulettist App Details
Launch DateApril 24, 2013
Number of DownloadsOver 5 million
Number of Reviews52,400 reviews on Google Play, 1,400 reviews on the App Store
Size283.4 MB on iOS, 148 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.1, iOS 12.0
Starting Package10,000 free chips
App FeaturesA certified RNG, player chat, roulette tournaments, daily free chips, daily quests, private tables, single and multiplayer mode
Other GamesVideo Slots, Blackjack, Omaha Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, Craps, Baccarat
Download Here

Roulettist is yet another solid offering by KamaGames, the celebrated publisher of social casino games behind hugely popular freemium apps like Blackjackist, Pokerist, and Slottist. Their social roulette product is just as impressive and packed with value as their other offerings. Roulettist is overloaded with amazing features that allow for a mobile roulette experience like no other. The lobby provides a broad choice of variations of the wheel-based game, including European, French, and American-style roulette.

Multiplayer Mode in Roulettist
Multiplayer Mode in Roulettist

The tables are so realistically rendered you almost feel as if you are in the real casino environment. Multiplayer mode allows you to join fellow players for a quick roulette sesh and socialise with them via the built-in chat feature. Those who find the chat distracting can block it from the settings menu. Users looking for a solitary gaming experience can conveniently switch to single-player mode.

Creating private tables and inviting your friends over via social media is yet another exciting option. Tournaments are regularly held within the app, allowing you to compete against worthy opponents for the chance to snag a share of the hefty prize pools. The app caters to the global community of roulette fans with 33 languages, including English, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, German, Danish, and more.

Roulettist by KamaGames
An empty private table in Roulettist by KamaGames (4.4-star rating)

#9 – Roulette Royale – Grand Casino

Roulette Royale – Grand Casino App Details
PublisherMywavia Studios
Launch DateApril 1, 2011
Number of DownloadsOver 10 million
Number of Reviews220,000 reviews on Google Play, 406 ratings on the App Store
Size59.5 MB on iOS, 16.32 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsiOS 9.0, macOS 11.0, Android 4.4
Starting Package25,000 free chips
App FeaturesSingle and double-zero tables, live multiplayer tables, tournament challenges, full number stats, worldwide leaderboards, offline mode
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Launched over a decade ago, Roulette Royale has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular roulette simulators to ever hit Google Play whence it has been downloaded more than ten million times. The app is just as well-liked by iPhone and iPad users and boasts a healthy rating of 4.5 stars on the App Store. The app receives unanimous praise from users for its usability and straightforward design that renders it suitable for players at all experience levels.

New players are immediately treated to 25,000 virtual credits to kick off their roulette sessions. There is no need to fret if you go on a losing streak and run out of chips. The app will immediately credit more chips to your virtual balance without forcing you to wait for hours for a bundle. Another benefit here is that users can easily switch from single-zero to double-zero tables from the settings menu.

You can join the live multiplayer tables or play solo in single-player mode. Competing against thousands of roulette fans in worldwide tournaments is also an option. The entry fees are tourney-specific and generally range from 1,000 to 1 billion chips. Pooled prizes sometimes reach 6 billion in virtual credits so participating is well worth it. Last but not least, the app offers comprehensive full-number statistics, which can prove useful for players looking to test new strategies.

Roulette Royale by Mywavia Studios
Roulette Royale by Mywavia Studios (4.4-star rating)

#10 -Roulette Live – Real Casino

Roulette Live – Real Casino App Details
PublisherFunstage/AbZorba Games
Launch DateJune 14, 2012
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews17,500 reviews
Size105.3 MB on iOS, 12.96 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 11.0, macOS 11.0
Starting Package5,000 free chips
App FeaturesCustomisable avatars, roulette tournaments, preset roulette strategies, a win chance metre, VIP club, lucky wheel, player chat, leaderboards
Other GamesScratchcards
Download Here

Downloading this app is the perfect solution for those who crave an authentic Vegas experience but cannot afford to travel to the gambling capital of the world. It captures the essence of playing at the roulette tables in Sin City and more than one million smartphone users seem to agree with this statement. The simple yet enjoyable gameplay is further enhanced by the great features the app is equipped with.

For starters, the app is home to dozens of single-zero roulette tables, with minimum bets ranging from 10 to 100,000 virtual chips. Players will benefit from daily and hourly bonuses and must collect blue diamonds for the chance to spin the Lucky Wheel and earn hefty stacks of chips. Purchasing scratchcard tickets with your blue diamonds is an alternative.

Those who link the app to their Facebook accounts can exchange gift packages with their friends. Players have access to a generous rewards programme with 8 different ranks to obtain – Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Ruby, Diamond, and Black. All users collect points to climb through the ranks and redeem various perks, including larger daily and hourly bonuses. Those who progress to the highest Black level (50,000 pts.) gain access to exciting secret offers.

Roulette Live by Funstage/AbZorba Games
Roulette Live by Funstage/AbZorba Games (4.4-star rating)

#11 – Roulette Casino

Roulette Casino App Details
PublisherAE Magwin
Launch DateAugust 30, 2016
Number of DownloadsOver 100,000
Number of Reviews2,470 reviews
Size54.26 MB
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Starting Package25,000 free chips
App FeaturesCollectibles, offline mode, daily bonuses
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette Casino dubs itself “the best roulette app for free American and European tables” but we reckon this is a slight overstatement. To begin with, we failed to locate any single-zero games within the app, which surprised us considering its brief description on Google Play clearly states European-style tables are available. It is worthwhile mentioning the lobby contains tabs for slots, blackjack, and craps, but these are only ad thumbnails that lead to other apps by AE Magwin at the Google Play Store. Regardless of this shortcoming, the app is not without its merits.

There are four distinctive rooms where you can play double-zero roulette at different table limits. The Private Lounge supports bets from 100 to 10,000 chips, while the Atlantic City room allows you to wager between 1,000 and 100,000 chips. The Las Vegas Strip and the Penthouse rooms have a higher ceiling on wagers, with maximum limits of 1 million and 5 million, respectively.

We particularly liked the collectibles feature where users collect different items as they play to complete sets and albums. You get 1 million chips for each album you complete. Each album has a distinctive theme, including Halloween, Easter, American Style, Clothing, Jewelry, and Snack Attack. Players can also complete different achievements to earn extra rewards. For example, you get 1,000 chips for winning 200 times on a straight bet.

Roulette Casino by AE Magwin
Roulette Casino by AE Magwin (4.4-star rating)

#12 – Roulette Tracker

Roulette Tracker App Details
PublisherRoulette Royale Tracker
Launch DateSeptember 29, 2020
Number of DownloadsOver 100,000
Number of Reviews1,950 reviews
Size7.11 MB
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 7.0
Starting PackageN/A
App FeaturesHot/cold numbers, detailed statistics, a counter of sectors and vector numbers, data exports to Excel
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

As the name indicates, Roulette Tracker is not a social gaming app but rather a roulette tracker that enables you to analyse different outcomes at single-zero tables in real time. It is applicable to both landbased and online casinos. The app is beyond easy to work with. While at the roulette table, you simply add your preferred numbers manually and gain instant access to different types of analysis.

Roulette Tracker is mostly suitable for outside bettors who place wagers on red/black, low/high, odd/even, columns, and dozens. Players can create custom alerts and modify them based on the number of times a specific sector has not come up in a row. The app also shows you the number of times each individual number has hit. Users can save their listed numbers and export them to a spreadsheet programme like Excel for further analysis.

Also featured are visualisations of the previous eight winning outcomes. You have access to hot and cold numbers, as well as to exhaustive statistical data on each number. One thing to keep in mind before you head over to Google Play and install the app is that it only works for European-style games. You cannot use it if you play against double-zero wheels.

Roulette Tracker
Roulette Tracker (4.4-star rating)

#13 – Lucky North Casino

Lucky North Casino App Details
PublisherRuby Seven Studios
Launch DateApril 15, 2016
Number of DownloadsOver 500,000
Number of Reviews15,500 reviews on Google Play, 11,900 ratings on the App Store
Size194.5 MB on iOS, 89.36 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 9.0
Starting Package30,000 free chips
App FeaturesDaily and bi-hourly bonuses, bonus wheels, daily quests, a weekly progress bar, a jackpot leaderboard
Other GamesBlackjack, video poker, slots, scratchcards, keno, bingo
Download Here

Lucky North Casino is a social gaming app that has garnered a good deal of praise from Android and iOS users since it initially launched back in 2016. The social casino has retained its popularity over the years, and this is anything but shocking considering it offers an abundance of games. Slots dominate the app’s lobby where you can find over a hundred electrifying titles, including Rhinomite, God of Atlantis, and Flaming Chillies.

Over fifty video poker variations are on offer, some of which are courtesy of gaming software leader IGT. Fans of number games can have a go at keno and bingo. The table games lobby is home to three blackjack variants and one double-zero variation of roulette. Lucky Roulette supports the standard set of outside and inside wagers but comes with a unique twist in the form of a three-tiered jackpot.

Entering the jackpot game will cost you 100 virtual credits. Jackpot spots are randomly selected at the end of the bet time. The jackpot side game is triggered whenever the ball settles on a jackpot spot in the main game. A new wheel with ten pockets appears on the screen and you must give it a spin for the chance to win the Mega, Major, or Mini jackpot. The other pockets award random bonus prizes of 1,500, 2,000, and 1,000 credits.

Lucky Roulette at Lucky North Casino
Lucky Roulette at Lucky North Casino (4.4-star rating)

#14 – Roulette Online by Magic Board

Roulette Online App Details
PublisherMagic Board/R-Soft
Launch DateDecember 24, 2018
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews2,680 reviews on Google Play
Size38 MB on Android, 98.2 MB on iOS
Minimum System RequirementsiOS 10.0, macOS 11.0, Android 4.4
Starting Package5,000 free chips
App FeaturesDaily free chips, a racetrack, live chat, private games, landscape and portrait mode, personalised avatars, quick spin, roulette tournaments
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette Online comes packed with a great range of customisation features, including a built-in chat, private games, and customisable avatars. The app’s design is deliberately simple to accommodate rookie players and roulette experts alike. It offers single-zero roulette only, but users have the option to create personalised games and tournaments tailored to their individual preferences. They get to adjust the betting range and set the pace of the gameplay.

Creating your very own private password-protected table is another great feature built into this app. You must set a four-digit password for this purpose and share it with your friends so they can join you. Each private table can accommodate up to six of your friends. There are tons of achievements to accomplish within the app, including scoring more than three consecutive victories, winning specific amounts during a single betting session, and making friends with fellow players.

Also featured in the app are limited-time seasonal leaderboards. The top-performing players are treated to special rewards at the end of each season. There are six leagues (Silver, Golden, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, and Purple) within the app you can progress through, and each of them comprises 16 levels. All in all, this is a great app for players who seek to test their luck or master the game of roulette.

Roulette Online by Magic Board
Roulette Online by Magic Board (4.4-star rating)

#15 – Big Fish Casino

Big Fish Casino App Details
PublisherBig Fish Games
Launch DateAugust 4, 2011
Number of DownloadsOver 10 million
Number of Reviews404,000 reviews on Google Play, 10,200 ratings on the App Store
Size163.6 MB on iOS, 27.86 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 9.0
Starting Package100,000 free chips
App FeaturesCustom avatars, a VIP club, daily tournaments, jackpots, daily rewards, a bonus wheel
Other GamesVideo slots, blackjack, Texas hold ’em poker
Download Here

Big Fish Casino is yet another outstanding social gambling app with a fantastic assortment of premium mobile games. It has an average consumer rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play and 4.5 stars on the App Store, which indicates most users are generally satisfied with their experience. The bulk of the gaming library consists of classic and video slots, including hugely popular titles like Ringo’s Riches, Buffalo Gold, and Ra’s Awakening. Some of these come with epic jackpots amounting to millions in virtual currency.

The collection of table games on offer is also quite impressive at Big Fish Casino. Apart from house-banked poker and blackjack, the casino provides a varied selection of single-zero and double-zero roulette variations. You will find them in the roulette lobby where you face a choice from six distinctive environments – Dubai High Rise, Monaco Mansion, Paris Lights, Las Vegas Strip, Caribbean Cruise, and Atlantic City. Table limits are environment-specific and range from 1,000 to 50 million chips.

The app will prompt you to enter your age on the first launch before you can proceed to the lobby. It features intense simulated gambling and has a content rating of 18+ at Google Play and 17+ at the App Store.

The roulette lobby at Big Fish Casino
The roulette lobby at Big Fish Casino (4.3-star rating)

#16 – Roulette VIP – Casino Wheel

Roulette VIP – Casino Wheel App Details
Launch DateApril 4, 2018
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews21,000 reviews
Size142 MB on iOS, 46.47 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 10.0
Starting Package5,000 free chips
App FeaturesSingle and double-zero wheels, quick spin, statistics, a lucky wheel, strategies, Piggy Bank feature
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette VIP is the second app by developer Inlogic Software to make it to our list. It is geared towards the needs of roulette players looking to test different strategies and analyse their results more thoroughly. Other than that, Roulette VIP is quite similar to Inlogic’s original roulette app from 2017. You can choose from the American or European table layout upon launching the app.

Users have access to thorough all-time and session statistics that enable them to keep abreast of their performance. The app shows them the amounts they have earned and lost, alongside the total number of rounds played, their highest wins, and their overall win rates. Hot and cold numbers are also displayed in the statistics panel.

The strategy section is undoubtedly the main drawing attraction here. It allows you to test 13 different roulette strategies, including the notorious Martingale, its cousin the Reverse Martingale, Fibonacci, D’Alembert, Labouchere, and the Oscar’s Grind system. If you are unfamiliar with any of these, you can always read the brief descriptions to see how they work. All strategies bar the Martingale require in-app purchases. Users can also purchase the whole strategy bundle at a preferential price.

Testing the Martingale strategy in Roulette VIP
Testing the Martingale strategy in Roulette VIP (4.3-star rating)

#17 – Roulette Grand Empire

Roulette Grand Empire App Details
PublisherCorvinus Casino
Launch DateOctober 2, 2018
Number of DownloadsOver 10 million
Number of Reviews1,380 reviews
Size23.23 MB
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Starting Package5,000 free coins
App FeaturesStatistics, all-in betting, a single-zero wheel
Other GamesN/A
Download Here

Roulette Grand Empire is one of the lesser-known apps on Google Play, with approximately 100,000 downloads and an average consumer rating of 4.3 stars. We attribute this lower score to the limited range of features and the lack of game diversity. The app is home to a single solitary roulette game that plays on a wheel with one green zero pocket.

New players can kick off their first roulette sessions with a starting bundle of 5,000 virtual chips. Each ad you watch within the app awards 10,000 additional credits.

Players can obtain more bonuses by spinning the Golden Wheel in the shop section but this feature is associated with microtransactions, unfortunately. System players have a compressive statistics panelChip values range from 10 to 50 million. Risk-seekers can go all in with a single tap on their touchscreens. In a nutshell, this app may hold some appeal with novices but is unlikely to take seasoned roulette players’ fancy.

Roulette Grand Empire by Corvinus Casino
Roulette Grand Empire by Corvinus Casino (4.3-star rating)

#18 -Roulette Casino Style

Roulette Casino Style App Details
PublisherPhonato Studios
Launch DateApril 5, 2013
Number of DownloadsOver 1 million
Number of Reviews10,200 reviews
Size44.6 MB on iOS, 33.08 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.4, iOS 9.2, macOS 11.0
Starting PackageVaries
App FeaturesA bonus wheel, statistics, hot and cold numbers, hourly bonuses, player achievements, bet helper
Other GamesN/A
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Developed by Phonato Studios, this app provides users with the opportunity to play American and European Roulette. It supports twenty different wager types, including the entire range of inside and outside bets all avid roulette fans are well-familiar with. Players have access to five different tables with flexible enough limits to accommodate all levels of risk tolerance. Minimum bets can go as low as 1 unit of in-game currency.

The visuals and animations have started to age but this makes perfect sense considering the app was released back in 2013. Once you install Roulette Casino Style, the app will prompt you to spin the daily bonus wheel to determine the size of your starting bundle of virtual chips. It rewards players with hourly in-game credits, ensuring that you never run out of ‘money’ to play with.

Another thing we noticed is that the developers from Phonato Studios go out of their way to maintain the app’s optimal performance. They continue to introduce regular updates a decade after the app’s original release, which we consider laudable. The current version was updated a month or so ago, and we experienced no issues or lags during the testing process.

Roulette Casino Style by Phonato Studios
Roulette Casino Style by Phonato Studios (4.2-star rating)

#19 – Roulette Casino Royale

Roulette Casino Royale App Details
Launch DateMay 11, 2018
Number of DownloadsOver 500,000
Number of Reviews2,700 reviews on Google Play
Size47.09 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.1
Starting Package10,000 free chips
App FeaturesA single-zero roulette simulator, free chips every 15 minutes, roulette quests, Piggy Bank feature, autoplay, repeat last bet feature, a bonus wheel, statistics
Other GamesMulti Joker slot
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Roulette Casino Royale is a popular social gaming app launched by the game development studio TINYSOFT in 2018. The Slovakia-based company has more than a decade of experience in designing quality mobile games and entertains over 250 million players worldwide. Their roulette app boasts more than half a million downloads on Google Play and has a healthy consumer rating of 4.2 stars. Compatibility is the only drawback here as the studio is yet to release an iOS-friendly version of the app.

Mobile players who download Roulette Casino Royale on their Android-based devices can enjoy single-zero roulette only at the time of installation. A slot game titled Multi Joker becomes available once they reach level 6. Users must fill the progress bar by completing different quests to pocket extra-special rewards. Said quests can involve anything from winning twenty times in a row to winning straight up ten consecutive times.

The statistics panel provides exhaustive information about the payouts and winning probabilities of all outside and inside wagers the game supports. Players save a portion of the chips they have lost in a special piggy bank they can later break to collect more in-game currency. They collect pink diamonds throughout the gameplay to build cities, progress through the ranks, and bag more rewards. Different city settings are available, including Western, Chinatown, Futuristic, and Amusement Park.

Roulette Casino Royale by TINYSOFT
Roulette Casino Royale by TINYSOFT (4.2-star rating)

#20 – French Roulette

French Roulette App Details
Launch DateNovember 7, 2017
Number of DownloadsOver 10 million
Number of Reviews142 reviews
Size21.38 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.0
Starting Package100,000 free chips
App FeaturesPlayer avatars, racetrack betting, number statistics
Other GamesN/A
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Created by D.V.G., French Roulette offers high-quality roulette action to players looking to beat the single-zero wheel without risking their wallets. The app holds an average consumer rating of 4.2 stars on Google Play but is, unfortunately, incompatible with iOS devices for the time being. Players initially receive 100,000 free chips when they install the app and are then treated to more rewards for consistent play.

Similarly to D.V.G.’s American Roulette, French Roulette dazzles players with vivid three-dimensional graphics and alluring sound effects. There is a racetrack section located next to the main table layout where seasoned players can place more complex wagers that cover entire sectors of the single-zero wheel. The options include Serie 5/8, Orphelins, Zero, and Serie 0/2/3.

The app offers roughly the same functionalities as its double-zero counterpart, including accurate statistics of numbers that have previously hit. Players can also see the percentage of black, red, and green outcomes that have occurred within a given number of spins. Make sure you turn off the countdown timer by tapping the alarm clock icon if you require extra time to decide on your next bet.

Roulette Casino Royale by TINYSOFT
French Roulette by D.V.G. (4.2-star rating)

#21 – Roulette Arena

Roulette Arena App Details
Launch DateJanuary 28, 2015
Number of DownloadsOver 100,000
Number of Reviews2,010 reviews
Size76.8 MB on iOS, 39.51 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.0, iOS 8.0, macOS 11.0
Starting Package1,000 free chips
App FeaturesA bonus wheel, daily chip bundles, dealer tipping, Hall of Fame leaderboard
Other GamesScratchcards
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Roulette Arena caters to players with an interesting blend of roulette variations and scratchcards. It offers a somewhat underwhelming welcome package of 1,000 free chips but users who connect the app to their Facebook accounts are rewarded with 150 bonus credits on top of that. Winnings from scratchcards are awarded in the form of green diamonds players can later use for power-ups and other boosts.

The lobby is home to six roulette variations and each one unfolds in a specific setting. You start in Atlantic City where you get to play against a double-zero wheel, with table limits between 10 and 1,000 chips per round. As is usually the case with most freemium apps, you must attain a higher level to access more locations and games. The other five rooms include Las Vegas (level 5), Connecticut (level 17), Macao (level 32), Singapore (level 47), and Monte Carlo (level 67).

Players can pick up trophies for completing different achievements like scoring consecutive wins and winning with bets on zero. Each trophy rewards them with extra points and free chips. The harder a given achievement is to complete, the greater the rewards associated with it. The Hall of Fame section gives you a glimpse of the top-performing players for the day or week. Filtering the leaderboards based on country is also an option.

Roulette Arena by LazyLand
Roulette Arena by LazyLand (4.1-star rating)

#22 – Roulette Billionaire Casino

Roulette Billionaire Casino App Details
Launch DateApril 14, 2022
Number of DownloadsOver 10,000
Number of Reviews153 reviews
Size231 MB on iOS, 49.66 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 5.0, iOS 12.0, macOS 11.0
Starting Package5,000 free chips
App FeaturesEuropean and American table layouts, avatars, statistics, strategies, Piggy Bank feature, autospin, multiplayer tournaments, a Millionaire Club
Other GamesN/A
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Roulette Billionaire Casino is relatively new to the market but has already captured the attention of thousands of fans of the Devil’s wheel. New users start with a reward of 5,000 free chips they can use to build their balance. Purchasing chips is another option, with the cheapest microtransactions starting at £0.79 on Google Play and £3.49 at the App Store.

Your current level in the Millionaire Club is shown in the upper right corner of your touchscreen when you play in landscape mode. Below there is a progress bar where you can track your progress and see how far away you are from reaching the next level. Millionaire Club levels borrow their names from different types of eating establishments and buildings like Night Club, Fancy Italian Restaurant, Supermarket, and more. New players start at the Hot Dog Stand and are showered with bigger and better rewards each time they climb to a new level.

One of the coolest features of this app is that it enables you to test different roulette strategies like the Martingale or Andrucci without risking real money. You can play solo in the London, Las Vegas, and Singapore rooms or head over to Monte Carlo, Macau, or Reno for a multiplayer roulette tourney. Tournament entry fees range from 2,500 to 5,000,000 chips.

Roulette Billionaire Casino
Roulette Billionaire Casino (4.1-star rating)

#23 – Roulette Casino Royale

Roulette Casino Royale App Details
Launch DateMarch 10, 2017
Number of DownloadsOver 500,000
Number of ReviewsOver 2,000 reviews on Google Play
Size11.31 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.0
Starting Package2,000 free chips
App FeaturesStatistics, a bonus wheel, daily bonuses, avatars
Other GamesN/A
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Roulette Casino Royale is an Android-friendly app released by MGGAMES in 2017. Upon joining, you get 2,000 free chips to bet with but can accrue extra in-game currency by claiming your daily bonuses. Spinning the bonus wheel will reward you with additional chips. Only double-zero roulette is available upon installing the app and you need to grow your chip stack to unlock the remaining tables.

The Omni Palace table requires 5,000 chips, whereas the Planet 9 and Gold Finger tables call for a balance of 10,000 and 15,000 in-game credits. The app lacks in the features department, offering a limited set of functionalities like statistics and previous results. Players can personalise their profiles by selecting one of the nine available avatars.

The gameplay itself is uncomplicated and effortless even if you install the app on older devices. The app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets that run on Android 4.0 or higher. Users accustomed to gaming in portrait mode may frown at the fact Roulette Casino Royale supports horizontal play only. The app’s description claims not to feature annoying ads but we regret to say this is a slight overstatement. It prompts you to watch a short ad each time you attempt to leave a table and go back to the main lobby (pictured below).

Roulette Casino Royale by MGGAMES
Roulette Casino Royale by MGGAMES (4.1-star rating)

#24 – Roulette Casino

Roulette Casino App Details
Launch DateNovember 27, 2016
Number of DownloadsOver 50,000
Number of Reviews237 reviews
Size13.47 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 4.0
Starting Package10,000 chips
App FeaturesStatistics, bet timer
Other GamesN/A
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Roulette Casino was launched in 2016 by Edisoft, a company that specialises in the development of social gaming apps for Android-based smartphones and tablets. Unlike the bulk of apps on our list of recommendations, this one is entirely free to use and does not involve any microtransactions. The absence of in-app purchases comes at the expense of ads that will occasionally interrupt your gameplay.

The app gives you a starting stack of 10,000 virtual credits you can use for inside and outside betting. It’s all good if you drain your entire balance during a bad run. Just relaunch the application and you will get another batch of 10,000 chips to bet with.

Roulette Casino has a single roulette game on offer and it follows the European set of rules. The wheel features a single zero pocket plus numbers 1 through 36 in alternating red and black colours. You can bet on number properties like parity or colour, dozens, columns, corners, splits, single and double streets, and individual numbers.

Racetrack betting is not supported which takes away from the app’s appeal and contributes to its lower rating of 4.1 stars. The statistics section gives you a glimpse at the winning frequencies of the green zero, red and black numbers.

DoubleDown Casino
Roulette Casino by Edisoft (4.1-star rating)

#25 – DoubleDown Casino

DoubleDown Casino App Details
PublisherDoubleDown Interactive
Launch DateApril 27, 2012
Number of DownloadsOver 10 million
Number of Reviews457,000 reviews on Google Play, 6,500 ratings on the App Store
Size117.8 MB on iOS, 37.15 MB on Android
Minimum System RequirementsAndroid 8.0, iOS 9.0, macOS 11.0
Starting Package1 million free chips
App FeaturesSDiamond Club for loyal players, autospin, VIP races, daily missions, a high-limit room, collectibles
Other GamesVideo and classic slots, video poker, blackjack
Download Here

DoubleDown Casino is one of the biggest and oldest social gaming platforms in the world, with over 7.2 million followers on Facebook and more than 10 million downloads on Google Play. The South Korean company DoubleDown Interactive launched a dedicated app back in 2012 and has since garnered thousands of positive consumer reviews for the excellence of its product.

The app provides a fantastic assortment of social gaming options to smartphone users from all walks of life. There is a preponderance of video and classic slots in the lobby, most of which have been adapted for mobile play from popular real-money releases by IGT. Some of the most prominent slot titles you can play for free within the app include Cats, Pixies of the Forest, Cleopatra Gold, and Siberian Storm.

Players keen on video poker can have a go at Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, or Double Double Bonus Poker. Blackjack and roulette are also housed in the lobby of DoubleDown Casino but we suggest you refrain from setting your expectations too high. A single variation of each is available. The roulette variation uses a single-zero wheel, with limits ranging from 10,000 to 1 million chips.

New players who subscribe to the DoubleDown Casino newsletter can claim up to 10 million in in-game currency each week. There are plenty of other ways to give your virtual balance a good boost, including participating in sweepstakes, entering the VIP races, and completing various missions and quests.

DoubleDown Casino
DoubleDown Casino (4.0-star rating)

FAQs about Best Roulette Apps for iOS and Android

What are the most common roulette variations I can play through your recommended apps?

European Roulette is the most common variety of the game you will come across. It gives you better odds of winning since it plays on a single-zero wheel containing 37 numbered pockets in total. You stand better chances of winning with outside wagers on colour, parity, and range when you have only one zero working against you. American Roulette is the second most widespread variation in our featured apps. It plays similarly to the European variety but uses a wheel with two green zero pockets, which leads to a slight reduction in the winning odds.

Are there more exotic roulette variations I can try within your shortlisted apps?

Yes, there are! We recommend you download Ultra Roulette by Ultrasimon for this purpose. This app is suitable for roulette fans with more unorthodox preferences as it features games that play with four balls. Extended Roulette is another thrilling unconventional variant featured within the app. The number of pockets on the wheel increases to 73, resulting in more betting opportunities. Finally, you have Micro Roulette which utilises a mini wheel with seven numbered pockets. This variant is perfect for players who are still mastering the game and learning to distinguish between the different wager types.

Do social roulette games offer jackpots?

Some of them do. One example is Lucky Roulette in the Lucky North Casino app where players can win one of three jackpots – Mega, Major, and Mini. Rather than triggering randomly, the jackpot game requires you to pay 100 virtual chips to gain entry. It plays on a mini wheel with ten pockets, some of which contain fixed prizes in the form of in-game currency. It should be noted these are virtual rather than real-money jackpots and as such, have no value whatsoever in the real world. You can use the jackpot monies for betting within the app but cannot withdraw them.

Are your recommended apps limited to roulette games only?

Not necessarily. We have several recommendations on our list that allow you to play video slots, scratchcards, video poker, blackjack, craps, and house-banked poker. Some offer keno and bingo as well. Typically, these are not roulette apps per se but rather social casino apps that provide users with a plethora of gaming options. We suggest you try Big Fish Casino by Big Fish Games if you insist on a more versatile gaming experience. The app has a solid user score of 4.3 stars and offers a nice blend of slots and table games, roulette included.

What happens if I drain my balance while playing social roulette games?

You face several options if a bad losing streak eats up all your virtual credits. The quickest way to replenish your balance is to purchase a virtual credit package by initiating a nominal microtransaction. The prices of the chip packages in some apps start at £0.79 only. If you are reluctant to spend any real money on in-app purchases, you can usually watch ads to earn more free chips. Another viable course of action is to wait and log in on the following day when you can claim your daily bonus of in-game credits.

Do I have to sign up to play roulette through your recommended apps?

Creating an account is not a prerequisite for playing roulette within the apps listed at the beginning of this page. Most allow you to join the action as a guest without registering. With that in mind, registered users tend to benefit from more perks and larger daily bundles of virtual chips. Signing up is fairly hassle-free and will take less than a minute of your time, not to mention the benefits of registering greatly outweigh the negatives. In some cases, you can even bag extra credits for subscribing to weekly newsletters or connecting a roulette app to your social-media account.

Can I exchange the virtual credits I have accumulated for real cash?

We regret to inform you the answer to this question is no. It is impossible to redeem or exchange your in-game credits for money or anything of real value. The virtual chips you accrue can only be used to play roulette and other social casino games, if available. The social roulette apps we have shortlisted above are intended solely for entertainment purposes. Keep in mind that your success at the social roulette tables by no means implies success at real-money gambling.

Do all roulette apps support microtransactions?

Some of the roulette apps we have picked for you are entirely free to download and do not require any microtransactions whatsoever. One example is Roulette Casino by Edisoft where your depleted balance resets to 10,000 chips when you close and relaunch the app. On the downside, the developers of fully freemium apps generate revenue through advertising. You will have to watch unskippable ads in some cases or settle for occasional pop-up ads appearing on your screen.

The app restricts my access to some of the available games. Why is that?

The vast majority of freemium roulette apps initially grant you limited access to one or two games. You must collect virtual chips by playing regularly and advance through the ranks to unlock more games. Purchasing bundles of in-game currency will speed up your progress in some cases but can get rather costly over time. We recommend you set some sort of a spending limit if you intend to dabble in microtransactions. The expenses associated with them will gradually add up if you are not careful.

Are there any minimum age requirements to download your recommended roulette apps?

Some of the apps we have shortlisted have content ratings of 17+ or 18+. Please note that the terms ‘content rating’ and ‘minimum age requirement’ do not hold equal weight. A content rating is merely an indicator of the minimum maturity level of the content incorporated within a given app. It is assigned based on multiple factors, including profane speech, the depiction of violence, and intense gambling. Most apps that made the cut on this page feature intense simulated gambling, hence their 17+ and 18+ content ratings.