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Boku is a reliable carrier billing payment system that enables customers to pay for online purchases via their portable devices by using phone bill depositing. Boku is also among the most popular intermediaries of Payforit, which is a set of established guidelines defining the secure transfer of money between customers and online merchants.

Thus, Boku follows Payforit’s set of rules and is responsible for setting up the billing engine and processing the transactions from customers’ mobile phone credit to the merchants. There are many Payforit intermediaries but Boku is among the leading players in the field of mobile phone payments.

This method is growing in popularity among gambling enthusiasts as well since more and more online casinos have added it to their list of accepted payment solutions. Processing deposits via this payment system is quick, easy, convenient and secure as the deposited sum is simply charged to one’s phone bill as if a call has been made. Read on to find a more detailed information on how this payment system works when used as an online casino deposit method.

How Boku Works

Boku functions on the principle of mobile phone billing since it allows payments to be charged to players’ monthly phone bills. The deposited amount is added to the phone bill at the end of the month for customers, who have signed a contract with a given mobile network provider.

Those, who use Pay as You Go, will have the deposited amount deducted from their available mobile credit. In other words, Boku charges the mobile network provider the money you want to deposit and passes the sum to the online casino. What further contributes to Boku’s convenience is the fact one is not expected to use credit/debit cards or have a bank account.

Boku payments are processed via the sophisticated direct carrier billing technology, which is an improvement of the PSMS technology that allowed customers to pay for ringtones or make donations via text messages. However, direct carrier billing is much more reliable, easy to implement and suitable for customers, who are weary of sharing their banking details online.

Having a mobile number and sufficient mobile credit are the only requirements if you want to deposit with Boku. It matters not which mobile network operator you are using the services of – Boku works with all major mobile network operators in the United Kingdom and 250 foreign operators in 68 countries around the globe.

Some of the countries Boku is available in include Japan, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Australia, the United States, Italy and Denmark. The payment system supports about 32 different languages and works with 40 currencies.

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Depositing at Online Casinos with Boku

Processing a deposit with Boku is easy and quick. Players should first log into their online casino accounts and head to the cashier section where they need to select the “Pay by Mobile” deposit option. They will be automatically redirected to Boku’s payment panel where they should confirm the amount they wish to deposit and enter their mobile number.

Players will receive a text message from Boku and should text back “Y” in order to authenticate the transaction. Please note that texting back for payment confirmation is free of charge. Once the deposit has been confirmed, the funds will be instantly added to the casino account balance. As soon as the deposit goes through, Boku will send a receipt in the form of another text message.

If players have any questions regarding the transaction, they can always contact a customer service representative by dialling the number listed in the text message. If the payment has failed, you will again be notified by a text message. Typically, payments are not processed only when the customer has reached their mobile credit limit for the month. Once players have processed their first deposit with Boku, their mobile numbers will be detected automatically, so that their portable devices will be recognised by all online casinos that accept this method.

Depositing with Boku

Fees Associated with Boku

Boku is becoming a preferred deposit method among casino players because it is quite budget-friendly. As a matter of fact, depositing with Boku does not involve any fees whatsoever. The deposited amount is either deducted from your current mobile credit or is added to your phone bill at the end of the month. What is more, even the text message you send as authentication of the payment will not cost you a penny.

Boku and Security

Security should be the least of your concerns if you opt for depositing at online casinos with Boku. There is no need to disclose any sensitive banking information regarding bank account or card numbers in the process. Practically, the only information you share with Boku is your mobile phone number.

Even if a third-party gains access to your phone number, they cannot use it to cause any harm. Besides, in order to complete the transaction, you need to confirm it yourself by sending a text message, which means that third-parties cannot process payments on your behalf even if they know your phone number.

In addition, Boku is regulated by mobile network providers that support it as well as by three stringent regulatory bodies, responsible for mobile payments – Ofcom, PhonepayPlus and AIME (Association for Interactive Media and Entertainment). If any issues with payments ensue, players can always seek legal recourse.

Boku and Security

Advantages of Depositing via Boku

As you have probably noticed already, there are plenty of perks Boku has to offer. It is safe to use and extremely well regulated by the above-mentioned authorities, which means that your deposit funds are in good hands. The risks of identity thefts, misappropriation and other fraudulent activities are reduced to zero since you are not required to disclose any sensitive personal or banking details.

Depositing with Boku is exceptionally easy and quick – as a matter of fact, processing a deposit takes less than half a minute to complete. There is no need to enter long card or bank account numbers in the process. In comparison, players, who use prepaid vouchers like Paysafecard are expected to enter 19-digit codes each time they try to initiate a transaction. After your first deposit with Boku goes through, you will not even be required to enter your mobile phone number on subsequent transactions – it will be detected automatically.

Advantages of Depositing via Boku

Disadvantages of Using Boku as a Casino Deposit Method

Boku almost sounds too good to be true, but this does not mean it is a perfect deposit method. Boku is suitable for players on a budget because it is designed for smaller transactions since it comes with a daily credit limit of £30 only. Furthermore, even if you are a loyal customer and your daily credit limit is increased by your mobile network operator, Boku will still not let you deposit over £30, which obviously renders it unsuitable for high-rollers. Boku will recognise you by your phone number and will prevent you from exceeding the £30 daily limit even if you try to deposit at a different online casino.

Also, it is important to consider that many casinos allow only payments in fixed amounts with Boku. While with other payment methods players can fund their accounts with £5, £15 or £27, for example, some online casinos require players to deposit averages like £10 or £20 with Boku.

Another major disadvantage results from the fact Boku can only be used as a casino deposit method and does not allow withdrawals because the deposited sum is charged to the player’s mobile phone bill. Those, who deposit with Boku resort to using alternative methods, like cheques or bank transfers to cash out their winnings.

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telephone: +1-415-375-3160

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 4 reviews
 by Harold Blake

Recently I started using Boku for small purchases online and then I found out some online casinos accepted it as a deposit method. It is extremely simple to use, in my opinion, and it would be suitable even to first-time gamblers who are still unfamiliar with the cashier systems at online casinos. You don’t need cash, a credit card, or a bank account – the deposit you make into the casino is added to your mobile phone bill. And you pay it at the end of the month, without any additional fees or hidden charges. Unfortunately, many UK casinos still don’t offer this payment method. Besides, you cannot use it if you want to cash out.

 by Sienna Owens

I prefer this payment method because deposits through it are processed within a minute. It is even easier than paying with a prepaid card. All you need to do is enter your phone number the first time you are using Boku. Then, all the needed data is saved and you only fill in the field with the amount of the deposit you want to make. However, on two separate occasions, they charged me more than they should have – I keep track of all payments that I make, including the deposits into online casinos. I found out they overcharged me £26 the first time and another £35 the second time, which was very frustrating. I contacted Boku’s customer support several times and I had to send at least 10 emails until they finally admitted their mistake and offered a refund.

 by Elizabeth Cole

I haven’t experienced any problems when using Boku for online gambling. It is a fast, safe and reliable method for loading funds into your casino balance, which is why it’s so widely used among players in the UK. It doesn’t work with withdrawals, though, which is a huge disadvantage, at least for me. Another issue I need to point out is that it is useless if you love higher stakes. Boku has a daily credit limit of £30 which is simply not enough if you are a high-roller or simply in a mood to bet more. Still, it is the perfect solution for those who are on a budget and frankly speaking, most players in online casinos fall under this exact category.

 by Samuel Harper

I started using Boku for making deposits into online casinos very recently, although the service has been here for several years. I used to deposit via credit cards, but Boku is much safer and easier to use. It is a mobile phone billing service, which means that I can deposit a particular amount of money into my casino balance by providing only my phone number. The deposited sum is then added to my monthly phone bill, so I don’t need to worry about handling credit cards, bank accounts or e-wallets. The best thing about Boku is the lack of any processing fees and the speed of the transaction – the deposit appears into my casino account almost immediately. It was great I could still use Boku when I shifted to another mobile operator a few months ago. The mobile payment company actually works with almost all major operators in the UK.