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AstroPay is a UK company which operates in Latin America and provides its services for all the major markets where such payment solutions are not available. As a leading cross-border payment provider, the company gives its customers the opportunity to arrange online payments efficiently and securely. It was recognised by Forbes as one of the Top 15 global Fintech companies for 2015 and by Sunday Times as one of the top 25 Fintech companies.

AstroPay is one of the fastest growing online payment methods and it offers reliable payment solutions to many private and business customers. Many Latin American consumers use it on a regular basis due to the company’s reliability and professionalism. Initially, a payment solution provider to online merchants in Latin America, recently the company aims at expanding to other Emerging Makerts. AstroPay has now existing operations in the UK, China, Mexico, Brazil and others and would like to continue this tendency and have even larger coverage across the world.


AstroPay provides its customers with high quality payment services and its aim is to avoid any potential issues such as payment rejections, fraud, credit approval and local taxes. Its users can rest assured that their bank account funds are in good hands and that their financial information will be kept privately. It is extremely easy to arrange the payment with AstroPay as the whole process is very straightforward and quick. Moreover, the company also offers easy registration and usability to its new users as well as simple integration and operations for its merchants.

The company helps major Emerging Markets consumers to successfully process payments, using more than 130 diverse payment methods on online and mobile platforms. This gives its customers the incredible opportunity to decide in what way they can arrange the payment. Gamblers can now pay online regardless of their location, using their most preferred payment method.

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As a well-established company, AstroPay has made sure to provide its customers with high level of protection and it strictly monitors the safety of the transaction process. It offers both its private customers and merchants the needed security for complete peace of mind. AstroPay is in compliance with anti-money laundering laws and it always manages to provide complete security for its customers. This is the reason why it is extremely easy and efficient to make transactions and do it in multiple currencies.

The company gives the chance to its users to arrange the payment online not only easily but also securely. They can now make deposits or payments in their local currency without having to worry that their financial information might be exposed online. This is extremely convenient for online players as the number of potential threats is higher. AstroPay assures the needed high layer of protection for its customers and it takes great responsibility to secure their sensitive information. The company’s inner system allows users to pay online quickly and securely, knowing that their financial information is protected as well.


AstroPay offers its customers a variety of benefits worth mentioning. For instance, it is free to register and there are no hidden fees as everything is clearly stated. Both private customers and merchants can take advantage of this payment solution as it is especially designed to suit everyone’s needs. The whole registration process takes only a few minutes and it is extremely beneficial for gamblers as they can pay online now in a timely manner. Players can now enjoy their favourite games at the comfort of their home and at the same time pay online using this easy-to-understand and secure platform. If users would like to pay for digital services or products they would like use immediately, they can easily arrange that by the company’s instant payment confirmations. This is great news for online gamblers as they can now pay for their favourite games instantly and enjoy them right away.

The company is integrated with many of the most commonly used payment methods in every country to which it provides services to. This gives the incredible opportunity for customers to choose their most preferred way to arrange the payment, such as Debit Cards, Online Bank Payments and others and pay in their local currency. AstroPay provides services that are in accordance with every country’s banking regulations and laws.

Customers can now see real-time reports and statistics regarding their payment with just one click. For AstroPay’s users the chargeback risk is zero and there are no chances of legal issues. AstroPay is able to bill a wide range of different types of customers as clients who don’t have a local bank account or company can still take advantage of this reliable payment method.

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AstroPay Card

AstroPay card is a virtual type of card that is prepaid and can be used in a number of online shops integrated with AstroPay. If a new member would like to get such as card, all that it takes is to register for free and select the value of the card they would like to purchase. AstroPay card allows its users to pay in local currency and use their preferred payment method in their country. When a new member purchase the card, they will receive an email with their AstroCard details ready to use. This is all it takes in order to take advantage of the reliable and fast online payment solution of the company. Gamblers can easily create such a card and arrange the payment in a timely manner.

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If AstroPay’s customers have any inquires, before they contact the company, they can first have a look at the website’s FAQ section. This section not only covers most of the common questions but also gives its customers an idea how to reach in a specific situation. Its main purpose is to help its users find the answers to their question in the most efficient way. In case of any complaints, users can send an email to and AstroPay representatives will get back to them as soon as possible. For its customer’s convenience the company offers them support in the following languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese.


AstroPay has proven to be one of the fastest-growing online solutions on the current market. It gives its customers the needed security and it strictly protects their financial data. This payment method allows gamblers to pay online under the strict protection of the company and to process transactions instantly.

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Registered Office: 4 King’s Bench Walk, Temple EC4Y 7DL, London, United Kingdom

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