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Mastercard is one of the most famous and reliable payment methods globally.The company provides services to consumers and businesses in over 210 countries.

It was established in 1966 when four financial institutions, Wells Fargo, The United California Bank, Crocker National Bank and The Bank of California, gathered together in order to set up the Interbank Card Association (ICA).


Master card is one of the most preferred payment methods chosen by gamblers as many of them are familiar with it and use its services on a daily basis. For casino players who prefer to play on the go, Master card is one of the best choices for them as the firm offers online payment methods. Moreover, the company’s advanced inner system allows it to identify your mobile device as yours so that others cannot make purchases through it. This is extremely convenient and it gives Mastercard users the needed peace of mind.

Throughout the years, the company’s been using the highest quality technologies and expertise which contributed to the development of its inner system and services. Mastercard’s first priority is to make online payments as safe as possible. This is especially convenient for casino players around the world as one of their biggest concerns when they play is always regarding the payment method they are going to use. Players can finally rest assured that they won’t be held responsible for any unauthorised purchases as the company has Zero Liability policy. Mastercard’s advanced inner system will monitor, detect and eliminate any suspicious activities on its users’ accounts.

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Mastercard Security

For people who gamble on a regular basis, it is of a great importance to make sure the payment method they choose is reliable and secure enough. Mastercard undoubtedly meets these requirements as it has proven itself to be one of the most trustworthy payment methods used for gambling. Over the course of the years, it has improved its control and security greatly which makes it perfect for every gambler. Players surely know the importance of having a reliable payment method as some days they can make transactions of significant amount of money which certainly requires a lot of security and verifications.

Interchange Fees & Currencies

Mastercard offers its customers the so-called Interchange fees. This is a small fee paid by a retailer’s bank to a cardholder’s bank and its purpose is to compensate the issuer for the value and benefits the retailers have when an electronic payments are made. This gives the bank the opportunity to easily arrange electronic payments and deliver high value to all stakeholders. Consumers can greatly benefit from these electronic payments. With Mastercard, it is so convenient, easy and secure to pay online. Moreover, the company operates with a huge number of currencies, including GBP, CZK, EUR, NOK, RUB and many more.

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Mobile payments & Masterpass

Mastercard undoubtedly has proven to be one of the most reliable payment methods on the online market. It is incredibly secure as well as efficient and it is first-choice for many people. As already mentioned, it gives it customers many advantages and one of them is that the payment can be arranged online using any mobile device. This is probably one of their best assets as it gives its customers the opportunity to choose how and when they want to arrange the payment. Currently, there are available mobile solutions for Android and Apple. Paying via your mobile device is just as reliable and efficient as paying in the shop as Mastercard has secured digital payments greatly.

Mastercard also offers the so-called Masterpass which is a trusted digital wallet for easier online purchases. Customers can shop online without any concerns as it offers multi-tiered security and it is protected with the Mastercard global payment network.

Using Master card, customers can deposit money but they cannot withdraw them. In order to do that, they need to select another payment method. Up to this moment, this is probably one of the biggest disadvantages of the card.


Mastercard offers its customers efficient assistance day and night. Customer support team will readily help with any urgent matters and will do it in a timely manner. The service is available in any language so that people from all over the world can receive the needed help from the company. This is great news for players as it is really important to be able to get in touch with a representative of the company in any time in case of any problems when arranging the payment.

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Master Card is one of the most popular and reliable online methods for arranging the payment. It gives its customers the needed security and convenience. It is available in every language as it is used by people worldwide and it gives its customers a number of advantages they can benefit from.

Contact details

Telephone Number: 0800-96-4767 for residents in the UK; 001-636-722-7111 for the rest of the world
Registered Office: 10 Upper Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London, United Kingdom E14 5NP

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 4 reviews
Sherry Nickolls
Jul 19, 2017
 by Sherry Nickolls

Having a good MasterCard is a great convenience, especially for online gambling, because my card is accepted by every casino I’ve played at. It is probably one of safest methods for depositing, as well. I have tried several prepaid cards and they were problematic, to say the least. The casinos also never charge the deposits with my MasterCard, although the card issuer has some pretty high fees. There was an incidence when they asked me to pay £25 for a processing fee, which was ridiculous, as the sum I deposited was only £150. I had to call the support team and eventually, the problem was solved, but it was quite frustrating at the moment. Still, it’s much more important that my deposits are instant and that I can rely on my MasterCard. So far, there haven’t been any other serious issues, so I’ll keep using my card for playing in online casinos.

George Bennett
Jul 14, 2017
 by George Bennett

I always use MasterCard when making deposits into online casinos and I’m perfectly satisfied because, for me, it is extremely convenient. Besides, there are no fees and I can deposit larger amounts of money for free. And the funds are in my casino balance almost immediately. I can’t use my card for withdrawals, but it’s fine, I have an e-wallet for that. It is linked with my MasterCard, which is even better. But there is another reason why I always deposit with my card – with it, I receive all kinds of bonuses. Usually, you won’t be eligible for the casino’s welcome bonus if you deposit with a prepaid card or a digital wallet, for instance.

Evan Harding
Jul 12, 2017
 by Evan Harding

My MasterCard credit card was issued by my bank and not by a retailer or some other financial institution. That’s why my annual fee is small and the card has never been rejected, as it’s virtually universal. I use it regularly for shopping, paying utility bills, and plenty of other stuff. However, I also don’t get points, which is really disappointing. When it comes to online gambling, MasterCard is just as convenient in some cases, as it is almost useless in others. You can make deposits with it, but withdrawals aren’t transferred because of the company’s strict policy against gambling. I would recommend it to anyone who looks for a fast, safe and reliable method for depositing in casinos. There are usually no processing fees and some casinos have even offered me various bonuses for making deposits with MasterCard.

Jerry Palmer
Jul 5, 2017
 by Jerry Palmer

I have been using MasterCard for many years for one major reason – that their branded cards are accepted almost anywhere, including in online casinos. The deposits from my credit card appear almost immediately in my casino balance, which is great. However, the fact that I cannot withdraw my winnings to it is really frustrating because I always need to register at least one more payment method when I open an account at a gambling site. It is extremely inconvenient, so recently I started using another card (I will not mention its name here) when playing for real money online. I’m much more satisfied because most casinos process withdrawals to it.