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EcoPayz is a leading company which provides payment services to businesses and customers all over the world. Years of expertise and dedication allowed the company to successfully develop its payment products in order to meet its customers needs. In 2000, the so-called EcoCard was established which made it one of the few digital wallets in the world.

In November, 2014, ecoPayz offered its customers the opportunity to securely retrieve their EcoCard PIN on the company’s website. This useful feature saved its new users both time and efforts and helped them get started with their card a lot easier.


EcoPayz first priority is to make sure it delivers top quality service which the customers are satisfied with. This is the reason why the company is famous for its great customer care and incredibly secure payment services. It offers safe,fast and instant money transfers to people all over the world.

EcoPayz provides services globally in 159 countries and has proven to be one of the fastest-growing companies on the market. It gives its users the opportunity to send and receive money all around the world under the strict protection of the company. The whole payment process is very straightforward and it gives its customers the needed privacy and security. Every client has an online private account which allows them to pay online, without entering any personal financial details.

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EcoCard & EcoVirtualCard

EcoCard gives its users the chance to monitor their spending regardless of their location. It is available in 3 currencies and one customer can get up to 3 different EcoCards, one in USD, GBP and Euro. It also allows them to control their money very easily as they can only spend what they have available in the card. Its customers can access their ecoAccount and use the funds in it at any time. Moreover, the card is accepted all over the world and it gives its users the needed security that their money and personal data are safe. This is extremely convenient for passionate players who would like to set a limit to their spending and at the same time they can continue having fun without any financial concerns.

It is extremely easy and quick to apply for such a card. All that is required for someone who wishes to have an EcoCard is to log in their ecoAccount or create a new one. The EcoCard will be posted within a few days to the given address and once the new user log in to the ecoAccount, the card is ready to be used instantly.

EcoVirtualCard is a one-use payment card that is linked directly to the users’ ecoAccount and it gives them the chance to arrange payments online or over the phone, without displaying any private data. This card is entirely virtual and expires after one use. Users do not have to worry anymore that their card might get stolen or be lost which makes online paying much more pleasant and preferred payment method.

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EcoPayz Security

EcoPayz provides its customers with the opportunity to easily arrange payments online and at the same time it gives them the needed peace of mind as it has a very reliable and advanced inner system. The company takes great responsibility for its customer’s personal data and information and it uses the latest technologies in order to provide them with secure and efficient payment system. Its advanced network allows the company to protect its customers personal financial information which is not shared with anyone else and their chosen payment method is not revealed. This is especially useful for online casino players as the possibility of their personal information to be exposed online is significantly high and hides many potential threats. They can now pay online and rest assured as they will be protected against spyware, viruses and cyber attacks.

Moreover, Ecopayz’s developed inner system automatically encrypts all transactions, using the Secure Sockets Layers or Transport Layer Security protocol. The data that comes from the customer’s browser to the company’s website is always kept privately and it is not shared anywhere. The website of the firm has also been developed greatly and it is certified by the Certification Authority which is an indicator on itself that all of the information is held securely. The company is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which is a proof that its client’s information and money are safe and in good hands. Also, the latest modern fraud solutions are being used which are in accordance with the Data Security Standards and the Payment Card Industry (DSS and PCI). All of these regulations and measures are being imposed in order to protect the customers data and personal information in the best possible way.

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Apart from being extremely reliable and secure, ecoPayz also offers its customers a variety of other advantages. It supports over 45 currencies and users can instantly send and receive money globally. The company offers competitive prices which correspond to the high quality service that is provided every time. With ecoPayz, every customer has access to their funds at any time and can make secure online payments without any worries regarding the level of privacy they receive. Every user can top up their account whenever and transfer funds safely.

Moreover, to open an account is completely free and effortless. Once activated, it can be used immediately and there is no need to add a bank account. Also, its users have the chance to win great prizes and take advantage of the many promotions the company offers.

Help & Support

EcoPayz website is especially designed to ease its customers life and to help them find the answers to their questions in the fastest possible way. This is the reason why users should have a look at the FAQ section as the company has divided it according to its customers types and needs. In case of further inquires or urgent matters, a customer support team operates 24/7 and can be contacted by email or live chat.

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EcoPayz is one of the most secure and reliable payment methods available on the current market. The company’s first priority is to make sure that every customer’s data is protected and that every customer can access and use their funds at any time they need. It is accepted worldwide and it allows people from all over the world to exhange money without any concerns and worries.

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