The Parlay Betting System

The Parlay system is commonly used in sports betting, but many casino players opt for incorporating it while betting on games like roulette, baccarat, and blackjack. In fact, this is among the most popular betting systems and most commonly-used betting methods by lovers of roulette.

Its origins can be traced back to the 16th century when aristocrats used to incorporate it in the then-popular card game basset. The latter was played against the banker, and according to its rules, players’ winnings needed to remain on the table, and they were doubled with each subsequent bet.

When a given player “parlays”, they wager their winnings in addition to their original stake. The system can be used by roulette novices as well since it is easy to learn and implement. The Parlay betting system is applicable to both inside and outside bets in roulette, which renders it suitable for risk-averse and more daring players alike.

How Does the Parlay System Work

Unlike the Martingale betting system that is employed predominantly by roulette novices, rather experienced lovers of the game are the ones that lean towards employing the Parlay betting system. It stands out as a go-with-the-flow method of betting on roulette as players can easily determine what amount they need to put on a stake on the next spin of the wheel.

The main reason why the Parlay betting system enjoys greater popularity among roulette fans is that it is not as aggressive as the Fibonacci betting system, for example. While players decide to put the Fibonacci betting system through its paces, they will see how their wagers rise steeply, which comes to explain why most of them prefer to steer clear of the betting method.

Most players advise against that betting system due to the fact that in most cases, what they will bump up against is ending up with an emptied bankroll or reaching the upper limit that is imposed on stakes. The same cannot be said about the Parlay betting system due to the fact that the staked amounts will not go through the roof in the twinkling of an eye.

The Parlay resembles the Paroli system and the reversed Labouchere as it is based on a positive betting progression meaning that players are expected to increase the amount of their stakes after each win and decrease it after a loss. Since roulette lovers will be required to reduce the amount they will put on the line each time they fail to make an accurate prediction of the winning number, this renders the Parlay betting system a relatively safer alternative when compared to other betting systems.

The Parlay system depends on players’ runs of success or in other words, on an imbalance in their favour, which allows them to enter a winning streak. Many players prefer to use this betting method because, with the Parlay betting system, they will not need to risk their own funds as in practice, they will bet using the winnings they have accumulated.

If you want to use the Parlay betting system in roulette, the first thing you need to do is decide how much your basic betting unit will be. It is also important for you to set a maximum win limit so that you could know when to take your winnings off the table. You can keep placing flat outside bets that pay even money until you register your first win. After that, you can double the size of your stake after each win and reduce it to the initial betting unit once you enter a losing streak.

It would be best to demonstrate how the Parlay works with an example. Let’s suppose you start with an initial betting unit of £10. You have set a maximum win limit of £240 for this session. You want to place an outside bet on Black, which has an even-money payout of 1 to 1. Your even-money bet on Black wins, so you double your stake and bet £20 on Black.

Your second bet also proves to be successful, so you are required to wager £40 on your third bet on Black. Luck is on your side, and you happen to win again. This time, you decide to wager the profit of £40 on a Dozen bet on the first 12 numbers. Number 8 is spun, and you win £120 this time. Next, you opt for betting the sum of £120 on Even. The ball lands on number 14, and you end up winning £240 since Odd/Even bets also pay even money.

At this point, it is recommendable to take your profit of £240 off the table because you have reached the maximum win limit you had set for yourself. But if your luck fails you prior to reaching the win limit, you will be required to go back to your initial betting unit of £10 and start the progression all over again.

Setting a maximum win limit is crucial as it serves to indicate at which stage of the game players need to collect their profit. Without settling on such a limit, players are risking to let their winnings ride for too long and potentially lose everything without turning any profit whatsoever. Even though players will be using their winnings for their further bets, not their funds, this does not mean that they should chunk the entire profit they have collected so far away.

Something important gambling aficionados should consider is that at the end of the Parlay betting system, they might be ahead, but if they are not, their net losses will be equivalent to the base bet unit they have originally chosen. That is the reason why it is advisable to pick and choose carefully.

In spite of the fact that scoring two successive wins seems like the main issue for gambling enthusiasts while employing other betting methods, with the Parlay betting system, this is not such a major issue.

While utilising the Parlay betting system, gambling enthusiasts will be looking to score two consecutive wins after they have augmented the staked amount because they have just won, instead of boosting the staked amount with the idea to recoup the losses they have incurred.

Although while utilising this betting system, placing one losing wager is unlikely to have such a detrimental effect on your bankroll, it can still presage a string of losing stakes during which players might see their winnings vanish.

Still, what poses as an issue for gambling enthusiasts is that most of them do not content themselves with the modest profit they have managed to accrue and eventually, lose to the casino.

While the Parlay betting system is not a never-failing way of generating profit while playing roulette, sometimes, it can aid casino enthusiasts to snatch big wins without assuming that big risk.

Of course, a good level of discipline is also required so as to enhance your chances to get ahead at the end of your betting session.

The Parlay System
Spin Bet (units) Outcome Total Profit
1 10 WIN 10
2 20 WIN 30
4 40 WIN 120
5 120 WIN 240
6 240 LOSS 0
7 10 LOSS -10
8 10 WIN 0
9 20 WIN 20
10 40 WIN 60
11 80 WIN 140
12 160 WIN 300

Less Aggressive Parlay Betting System

Much like the rest of the betting systems that can be employed in roulette, certain modifications can be made also to the Parlay betting system. Gambling aficionados who insist on making use of the betting system, but are on a tight budget or are simply risk-averse might be more comfortable with the idea to put on the line a single chip instead of starting their progression by staking two chips.

Thus, if players put a single chip on an even-money stake, and they lose, they will be just one chip behind. If their second stake of one chip also turns out to be losing one, players will be two chips behind. If players do not win on their third wager as well, they will have lost 3 chips so far. In the event that their fourth wager wins, they will compensate for some of the losses they have incurred during the first three spins of the wheel and will be only 2 chips behind.

The reason why some roulette players prefer to stick to this modified version of the betting system is that it allows them to preserve their bankroll longer than the original.

It is important to note that players can go for whatever base bet unit they prefer, but what is specific is that instead of doubling the amount they will stake, they need to hold it the same when a win occurs.

Of course, if players opt for this mild version of the progressive system, the profit they will walk away with during a favourable run will not be that impressive.

Yet, on the positive side of things, if players manage to score several wins in a row, they will be ahead, and even if they lose on their next wager, they will not need to part with all their winnings. This is exactly what makes this method of betting on roulette so popular with players.

Advantages of the Parlay Betting System

One of the biggest advantages of adopting the Parlay system in the game of roulette is its very simplicity. Players are not required to be rocket scientists in order to understand and master the system. Using it involves minimum decision making, which renders it suitable for less experienced players as well.

Then again, using the Parlay involves less risk for players since their bets remain relatively small. Furthermore, they are using their winnings when they increase their bet size after making a correct pick about the winning number. Practically, the funds do not come from their bankroll because they continue betting with house money they were awarded for their winning wagers, which is sometimes a double-edged sword as players become less careful with the decisions they make.

Also, using this system instills some degree of discipline in players since they are recommended to collect their profits as soon as their predetermined win limit is reached. Players need to decide at which point they should stop playing and leave with their profits intact so as to ensure that ultimately, they will not end up with emptied bankroll and no winnings at all. Often it is tempting to let your winnings ride, but it would be easier for you to leave the roulette table on profit when you have set a maximum win limit for yourself.

Last but not least, the Parlay is among the most flexible betting systems. While most systems are designed to be used predominantly on even-money bets, the Parlay can be applied to both outside and inside bets that have different payouts. Since gambling enthusiasts will not be prompted to stick to one and the same bet type again and again so as to keep on using the system, they will be less likely to get bored and abandon the betting system they follow.

Disadvantages of the Parlay Betting System

Compared to some other betting systems, the Parlay has relatively few disadvantages. One of the biggest downsides of using it results from the fact that there is no guarantee of consecutive wins. In order to turn a substantial profit with the Parley, players are required to win quite a few times in a row.

The system is deemed unsuitable for long-term play since those who fail to control themselves while on a winning streak, risk losing all their profits. It is important to remember that the casino’s built-in advantage remains the same regardless of which betting system players implement. Besides, using the Parlay system does not affect the outcome of each spin of the wheel.

Can the Parlay Betting System Bring Players Regular Wins

There is no denying that one of the biggest advantages of this roulette betting system is that while employing it, gambling aficionados will use the money they have got from the casino for their further wagers, instead of putting their own money on the line.

Although this is one of the most probable explanations of why many casino enthusiasts are intrigued by this betting system, they should not forget that roulette is a game that is based on pure chance, which is the reason why betting systems, the Parlay included, ultimately turn out to be ineffective.

Perhaps, some of you might be aware of what gamblers’ fallacy is, but if you are not, you need to know that this term is used to describe the understanding that if a specific event takes place recurrently, that same event becomes less likely to be repeated in the future, and vice versa.

Apparently, this is a widespread misconception among gambling enthusiasts, and roulette lovers, in particular, but what they fail to take into account is the fact that each spin of the roulette wheel is an independent trial of a random process, and viewing the different rounds as interrelated events will be a completely wrongful approach.

Such erroneous beliefs are often associated with the game of roulette as casino enthusiasts often fall prey to the idea that if a specific number has not become a winning one for some time, it will certainly do so soon.

While betting on roulette, players’ decisions should not be dictated by streaks for the simple reason that each spin of the wheel is unrelated to the previous or the next spins.

Betting systems neither succeed in decreasing the house advantage nor give players better chances of winning. No matter how you will adjust the wagers you make, whether you will expand or lessen them after a win or a loss, it is inevitable to lose to the casino. As often happens while using betting systems, players simply blow their bankroll, together with their winnings, if any.

Another detail that is of great significance about the Parlay betting system is that much like the other similar methods for betting on roulette, it turns out to be ineffective when it comes to acquiring long-term profit.

Still, if you are seeking to get small yet frequent wins, the Parlay betting system might be the way to go, especially if you apply it to even-money roulette stakes such as Red, Black, Odd, Even, High, and Low.