Multi Hand Blackjack

One of the most enticing card games is Blackjack which is the reason why almost every casino offers it. It has been a centre of attention for many years due to the challenging nature of its rules. Nowadays players have the chance to enjoy not only the classic game but also its many variations which are available in a number of casinos as some of them have become just as popular as the classic Blackjack.

This impressive number of versions gives players the opportunity to play their favourite card game every time in a different form which guarantees high level of excitement and challenge. However, it is worth mentioning that they should always prepare themselves for a particular version accordingly by adjusting the basic strategy to the game and the casino rules and getting familiar with its subtleties and specifications. This way they will reduce their money losses to minimum and will be able to completely enjoy the new version.

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One very famous variation among fans of the game is the Multi hand Blackjack due to the fact that it allows players to play more than one hand which makes the game even more enticing. It is perfect for adventurous gamblers who love playing the classic game but want to try something new, more interesting and exciting. Even though this version can be found in some brick and mortar casinos, it is most often played online due to the fact that players can take their time to consider their moves without rushing, something which is impossible in a casino setting.

Rules of Multi Hand Blackjack

The major rules and principles of Multi Hand Blackjack are the same as in the classic Blackjack which works in favour of the players as there is no need to learn new rules from scratch. The objective is to form a total as close as possible to twenty one without surpassing this number and the cards are valued in the same way as they are in the classic game. Players compete against the dealer and should make their decisions in accordance with his up card and the total of a particular hand.

The major difference in this version is that players have the chance to make different moves and place more bets by playing more than one hand. This variation allows them to have a maximum of five hands instead of one and players are given the power to decide exactly how many at the beginning of the game. During the session, all of them are played individually and players’ wagers are not required to be equal to one another. Each hand is a separate one and should be treated as such, regardless of the number of hands involved.

In most casinos, the additional rules of this version deprive players of the option to surrender but they allow them to take insurance against the dealer’s ace. Usually, two decks are involved in the game and the payout for Blackjack is the standard one of 3/2. The rules enforce the dealer to hit on soft 17 and peek for Blackjack as this version is a hole card game. Doubling down can be made on any hand and splitting is allowed up to three times. As previously indicated, these rules can vary especially if the game is played online which is the reason why it is always best to double check them prior to playing.

Advantages of Multi Hand Blackjack

On the one hand, one of the advantages of Multi Hand Blackjack is that it allows players to make bigger profit as they will be able to wager more by placing separate bets on each hand. Moreover, doubling down is also permitted which increases their chances of achieving the desired result significantly, providing that the move is made at the appropriate time. This is the reason why this variation grew in popularity so much over the years as it makes the game much more exciting by giving players a variety of moves to choose from. Moreover, when the game is played online they can take their time to make the best possible move for every hand without feeling pressured by the dealer or the rest of the participants on the table.

Also, playing online gives them the opportunity to enjoy Blackjack whenever and wherever they want which is great news for dedicated players who want to practise and improve their game. Having more than one hand to deal with allows them to experience a whole new way of playing their favourite game and it gives them opportunities which they don’t have when playing the classic game. They can also reduce their chances of losing money by playing multiple hands at once. For instance, if they play four hands and two of them win, they will make up for the rest.

Disadvantages of Multi Hand Blackjack

On the other hand, one major drawback for the card counters when Multi Hand Blackjack is played online is that it is simply not possible to apply their chosen system any more. Whereas in brick and mortar casinos the card counting process can be hard to conduct, online it’s practically impossible because after every hand is played the cards in the shoe are shuffled. Card counters should simply take into consideration the fact that they will be no longer capable of applying their system correctly.

As already mentioned, by playing multiple hands gamblers have the chance to make better profit as they place different wagers on each one of them. However, this is a double-edged sword and as such, players can find themselves in a situation in which they are losing more. It all depends on their choices and if they want to make this version work in their favour, it is compulsory to learn a reliable strategy how to play more than one hand and make the needed adjustments to the basic strategy. Not to mention the fact that if this variations is played in brick and mortar casinos, the chances that players can get confused are very high due to the factors that influence their performance directly such as the casino setting.


The bottom line is that Multi Hand Blackjack can be very beneficial for the players on the condition that they take their time to observe its subtleties and specifications. It is a variation which allows them to make the game more interesting and fast-paced by playing more than one hand. This version can be found in most online casinos which make it extremely convenient for players who like to play on the go. However, prior to playing online, it is essential to double check the rules in order to make sure that there aren’t any additional changes added which might favour the casino.