ROI and Return to Player

Blackjack is one of the most played casino games all over the world as it offers players the chance to apply their skills and knowledge, turn the tables and win. Throughout the years a number of strategies have been developed, especially designed to help them gain advantage over the casino. However, in order to achieve this result there are many important factors which should be taken into account. When it comes to playing Blackjack, every small detail matters and can make the difference between winning and losing.

If players want to become consistent winners, they need to understand the major role of their bankroll as well as their money management skills. The only way to make a profit and successfully keep it is to be aware of the percentage return the game has and know how to benefit from it. This is really important due to the fact that the casino always has a built-in advantage and the odds are not in favour of the players before they have even started playing. This is the reason why they need to be disciplined enough to leave the table when they are ahead.

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What is ROI

In the gambling world, the abbreviation ROI stands for Return On Investment which as the name hints is an indicator for the success and the loss of a particular amount of wagered money for each hand. Thanks to it, they are able to figure out the efficiency of their invested money during the game and therefore, it is considered to be a very useful tool. Knowing the ROI in advance, they will be able to make wiser choices for their bankroll and even moves. It is another subtlety which is closely related to money management as well as discipline.

Expected Return to Players

The expected return is a little bit different than the ROI as it is the average money players lose or win each hand they play. The expected return varies, depending on the game rules and its many variations. Important factors such as whether the dealer hits or stands on soft 17, whether doubling down soft hands is allowed or not, whether re-splitting is an option are essential to be taken into account. They influence directly the players’ odds and probabilities and can worsen or improve their expected return.

Understandably, when players are deprived from the option to double down in certain cases or re-split, their expected return will be decreased. This is the reason why it is recommended when they choose a casino and a table to look for rules and variations of the game which favours them. For instance, if there is single-deck Blackjack available, it is a variation which is considered to be very advantageous for the players, however they should always have a look in advance at the payout of this version as more and more casinos start to pay 6/5. If this is the case, they need to refrain themselves from playing as their chances of making a profit are significantly decreased.

Setting Appropriate Win Goals Is the Key to Winning

Blackjack is a casino game and as such, it always has a built-in advantage, regardless of its variations and rules. If players want to make a profit, they need to have good money management skills and discipline. One of the most important things is to set a realistic and achievable percentage return for every game which is in accordance with their bankroll and play till they reach it. For instance, if players bring $300 to the casino table, their win goal should be around $60. The only way to make a profit and manage to keep it is if they are content with winning small amounts every time rather than win big once.

As already indicated, it is not a game which favours the players, even if they know the basic strategy and a card counting system backwards and forwards, have the needed discipline and skills their chances of winning each hand will be always 50/50. This is the reason why they should set small win goals and withdraw when they reach them. This way they will be able to not only enjoy the game but also make a profit in the long term.

Importance of the Bankroll

The bankroll plays a crucial role as it directly influences the players choices during the course of the game. Every time they go to a casino, they can afford to bring different amount of money which is the reason why their win goals and loss limits should be set before every day. Moreover, this eliminates the chances that their bets and moves will be influenced by their current feelings or emotions. In order to prevent themselves from losing all of their bankroll in one go, players need to divide it according to the sessions they would like to take part in.

Understandably, the bigger their bankroll is, the higher their win goals can be. However, this strategy might draw any unwanted attention from the casino and cause them troubles. This doesn’t mean that players shouldn’t bring a decent bankroll if they could as they can greatly benefit from it. Thanks to it, they will be able to achieve their win goals faster and play according to the basic strategy without any concerns that they won’t be able to bet enough.

Moreover, not bringing enough money will inevitably result in losing all of them. Before players sit on a table, they should make sure their bankroll is in accordance with the table minimums and is sufficient to allow them to stay in the game long enough to get ahead. If this is not the case, they should refrain themselves from playing as the result will be always the same – a certain loss. The best possible approach if they want to make a profit out of this game, is to be content with small expected returns and achieve them as often as possible.


The bottom line is that if players want to become consistent winners and beat the casino, they should strive for small returns rather than big ones. It is worth mentioning that their bankroll plays a crucial role as their loss limits and win goals are determined according to it. If players don’t have enough money to meet the minimum table requirements, they should refrain themselves from going to the casino as they are doomed to a certain loss. The expected return and ROI change according to the game rules and its variations and this is the reason why they should pay extra attention to them prior to sitting on a table.