Splitting Pairs

Knowing the basic terms and rules is crucial when it comes to playing Blackjack as this is a game that requires skills and knowledge more than luck. If players’ first priority is to win then they should get familiar with all of them in order to understand how the game works and gain advantage over the casino.

This way players will truly increase their chances of winning as they will be able to grasp the true meaning of the game. This is the reason why every term should be understood and comprehended very well because during the course of the game, gamblers need to make their decisions in the blink of an eye.

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Definition of Splitting Pairs

One of the moves players have the opportunity to perform while playing is called splitting. It can be applied when players are dealt with two cards which have the same value. In this case, gamblers have the chance to split them and form two separate hands as well as get a new card dealt by the dealer for each hand. After that, a bet which is the same as the players’ initial wager needs to be placed next to the new hands. In most casinos, they are treated independently which means that players can lose the first hand and win the second one. Splitting gives gamblers the opportunity to create two potential winning hands out of a losing one and also in cases where the dealer busts, they can double their bet.

Splitting Pairs Signal

Even though many gamblers are familiar with most of the basic rules and terms, they don’t know what is the correct way to indicate them. The importance of the appropriate gesture shouldn’t be underestimated in any case as it can cause lots of misunderstandings and future loses for the players who misled the dealer, even unintentionally. Not to mention that not only it looks bad but also it shows the attitude of the players towards the game and their own money. These gamblers don’t go to the casino to play but to give away their money.

The correct gesture and action players should perform if they would like to make such a move, is to simply place a bet at the same amount of the initial wager next to it. Also, gamblers should form their fingers in the letter V and point out the chips with them. Another alternative way that will do the job is to simply say ‘Split’ to dealer. Just make sure to say it loud and clear enough in order to avoid any misunderstanding. Something that is forbidden for players is to touch the initial bet or the cards on the table.

The reason behind this is that the casino might perceive it as an intention to cheat by changing the initial amount of the bet or mixing up the cards. Different casinos accept and prefer different gestures, however, some would allow only particular ones. Thus, players should get familiar with the casino’s rules beforehand to make sure they are using the right ones.

Reasons to Split

The time when players should split is the same as when they should double down – whenever the dealer is in disadvantageous position. As the same rule applies for both moves, they are often confused and many gamblers struggle to make up their minds. Just like any other move, splitting doesn’t guarantee players that the dealer will inevitably deal them with a good card but that they have the chance to make a better profit and use of the situation.

Nowadays, most casinos allow a lot of splitting moves and it is really important for players to know exactly when to take an action as it can place them in a disadvantageous position if they don’t use the right strategy. Gamblers should only split when the split hand has a higher chance to end up with a better total than the two cards the players initially got.

The Right Strategy For Splitting

It is essential for players to know when to take advantage of this move and when to avoid it. In order to provide a better understanding of it and to show how it can be applied, we will have a look at different situations where it is recommended for players to take the chance to split.

For instance, splitting is an option when players have a pair of 2s and 3s in their hand and the dealer has a two through seven. Another case is when players have a pair of 6s and the dealer has a three through six and when their hand is a pair of 7s and the dealer shows a two through seven. The same goes to gamblers who have a pair of 9s in their hand and the dealer has a three through nine. Players need to pay special attention when they have a pair of 5s or 10s in their hand as they need to avoid splitting in such cases.

Player is dealt a pair of 9s. Dealer’s Up card is 3. Player should Split.


In most casinos, players can re-split without any restrictions regardless the number of times they want to take advantage of this move. However, it is recommended for gamblers to get familiar with the casino rules beforehand as some places allow players to perform only a certain number of splitting. If players are deprived of the right to re-split, this puts them in a disadvantageous position and decreases their edge over the casino by 0.4%. It is also estimated that the restriction on re-splits costs players about a dollar for every 100 hands. In this sense, it is advisable to find a casino that allows re-splits.

When players would like to re-split, they should apply the same strategy and rules. Whenever it is correct to split in the first place, it will be also convenient for players to re-split. They just need to make sure that they follow their strategy precisely and understand the reason why splitting should be done.


Splitting is one of the most common moves that players perform every time they play. This is the reason why they should know when to split and when to avoid it. Due to the overextended options of this move, many gamblers get confused and struggle to make up their mind. Splitting is a great chance for them to increase their profit during the game as long as they know when to take advantage of it. Gamblers should remember to only split when the dealer is in an unfavourable position.