Videoslots Affiliates Brings Stats Back to Meet Transparency Requirements

After a few months of efforts and expectation, things seem to be heading in the right direction for Videoslots Affiliates. At the beginning of August 2017, one of the brand’s senior affiliate managers revealed in a thread of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association (GPWA) forum that the brand added several transparency reports and explained that more were to come.

More than a month later, on September 12th, he came back to reveal that Videoslots Affiliates launched the deposit and withdrawal report in the morning, providing affiliates with the chance to see their deposits and withdrawals per payment provider since January 1st, 2017.

Steps Taken by Videoslots Affiliates towards Transparency

First, on August 1st, one of the senior affiliate managers of VideoSlots Affiliates shared that the new transparency report could be found under the Reports/Breakdown section and included all costs gross gaming revenue (GGR) and net gaming revenue (NGR). At this point, it was explained that deposits were still missing in the report, but the brand promised they will be added in its next report that was set to be releases in a few weeks, with August or September being announced as a release date.

Also, at the time when this was revealed, the senior affiliate manager further explained that Videoslots Affiliates brand intended to provide its affiliates with more details in comparison to other programs, so that it covers the transparency and fairness requirements of its partners.

In August, the brand’s representative also revealed to the users of the GPWA forum that the application program interface (API) and the Dynamic Tracking option were being tested. The brand was also focused to eliminate some bugs and a number of display issues at the time, with its senior affiliate manager confirming it was aimed at making transparency one of its paramount goals, as the issue had turned out to be critical for the business.

Yesterday, the senior affiliate manager revealed to GPWA forum users that the brand kept its promise to launch the deposit and withdrawal report, making its affiliates able to see all deposits and withdrawals per payment provider since the beginning of 2017. The report can be found on Reports/Deposit and Withdrawals section under every affiliate’s account. He confirmed that after the changes made, Videoslots Affiliates program became fully transparent and provided its partners with thorough and detailed information about their revenue and the way it was calculated.

How Did the Saga Start?

The saga started after the affiliate program of Video Slots Casino, Videoslots Affiliates, were put under strong criticism challenging its fairness and transparency. The platforms of both the Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD) ad GPWA saw angry and dissatisfied affiliates blaming the brand for not providing them with adequate, clear and detailed information about the way their revenue was calculated, as the rows of Active Players and Unique Depositors had been removed.

Things escalated quickly, with the Videoslots Affiliates program being called one of the worse ones ever released in the sector. The negative opinions towards the program raised some questions about the brand’s transparency policy, especially after its partners blamed it for not doing anything to make things right.

A fierce discussion has been formed on the Affiliate Guard Dog (AGD) forum, with the Head of the Acquisition department at Videoslots Affiliates, Ali Atam, taking part in the thread. At this time, the brand insisted that communication with customers were clear enough, but also promised to make certain changes as gesture of good will.

Now, it seems that the brand has finally seen that its reputation had been put on stake, so it kept is promise to bring further transparency to its affiliates’ statistics.

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