Australian State Government Considers Measures for Dealing with Lottoland

The State Government of Australia is pushing to suspend so-called “rogue” lottery operators such as Lottoland at a time when the office of the country’s Attorney-General is organising a series of high-level meetings in order to discuss various options to handle the issue.

It came to Casino Guardian’s knowledge that members of the state Attorney-General’s office had already have meetings with the National Newsagents Association, as well as with the local gambling operator Tatts Group to talk about the possible ways that could be used by it to ban the practice.

Reportedly, for the time being, the country’s authorities seem to prefer to see new piece of legislation rolled out at a federal level in order for the problem with “rogue” lotto operators to be resolved. Such an approach could be chosen because of increased concerns of a possible legal challenge that could be addressed to the High Court by lottery operator such as Lottoland.

Lottoland Faces Nationwide Campaign

This happens after the beginning of October saw the New South Wales (NSW) Government making plans to ban Lottoland, a lottery company based in Gibraltar, from operating there. Recently, the foreign betting operator has been facing a large nationwide campaign, since it does not pay taxes to any state government except for the one of the Northern Territory.

The government of South Australia has already banned Lottoland from operation there. The company could soon be suspended in the state of Victoria, since the territory has been making plans to introduce a piece of legislation that would ban the operator from offering its services there. As part of the nationwide campaign, the Government of Western Australia has also been considering to suspend the operator’s services, with the move being confirmed by the Premier Mark McGowan back in September.

As reported by Casino Guardian last week, the Premier of Western Australia once again reiterated the state Government’s intentions to impose a nationwide ban on the lottery betting company in order to stop it from targeting local customers.

New Legislation Aimed to Improve Customer Protection

The betting company provides its local customers with the opportunity to bet on the result of a lottery draw instead of the traditional method. This type of betting is believed to be more favourable to the operator, since it provides it with a large insurance policy that can be used to pay out the potential winnings generated.

According to Yvette D’Ath, the Attorney-General, Lottoland’s performance could actually hurt other Queensland businesses or lotto players. Ms. D’Ath further explained that the Attorney-General office is working together with the country’s states and territories in order to improve customer protection when it comes to gambling and ensure that minimum national standards are set.

The Chief Executive Officer of Lottoland Australia Luke Brill commented on the issue, saying that the company was ready to pay a point-of-consumption tax to each state in the country to make sure that its operations would not be suspended. He confirmed that the company is currently legally operating in Australia under its Northern Territory license and shared that the company would look at all options in case a legislation aimed to ban Lottoland was rolled out.

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