UKGC Remains Committed to Fair and Safe Gambling Market with Its 2018/2021 Strategy

As Casino Guardian reported yesterday, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) revealed the UK gambling industry statistics, publishing the latest details about each one of the sectors it currently regulates. Apart from that, the UK gambling regulatory body also published its strategy for the period 2018/2021.

UKGC’s paramount goal has always been making gambling fairer and safer, by keeping crime away from the local gambling market. In its 2018/2021 the Commission once again reiterated its commitment to safeguard both local consumers and the wider public from possible gambling-related harm. According to the Commission’s statement, consumer choice and enjoyment need to be balanced in order to minimise risks that could be created by gambling.

The strategy of the UK Gambling Commission for the period from 2018 to 2021 presents the regulatory body’s vision for keeping a well-regulated gambling market in which players could be confident for their safety.

The Commission revealed five strategic priorities that have been set for the next three-year period, including protection of consumers’ interests, prevention of gambling-related harm and unfavourable consequences that could be inflicted to both players and the wider public, improving its own regulation, raising the overall standards in the UK gambling market and optimising the returns from lotteries to good causes.

According to data revealed by the UK Gambling Commission, the total net spending on the local gambling industry amounted to £13.8 billion, with online gambling bets accounting for 31% of the spending. Sports betting represented a total of 25% of this expenditures, while 24% of the entire amount were spent on the National Lottery.

Spending on casinos represented only 9% of the total amount spent on the British gambling industry, with bingo spending representing another 5%, while arcades and large society lotteries both accounted for 3% of the £13.8 billion which local players spent.

Keeping the UK Gambling Market Safe and Fair

The UK Gambling Commission shared that it wants local customers to be able to make informed choices about gambling, being aware of the risks associated with gambling and also to be given the chance to use their rights. Also, the regulator explained that in its opinion, players should enjoy gambling, but they need to also feel confident that they will get fair treatment.

In addition, the UKGC believes that customers must be able to seek and receive adequate help when it comes to gambling and problem gambling behaviour. The watchdog revealed that one of its priorities would be also to keep the wider public well-informed about the great potential of gambling and lotteries and the possible contribution it could make to society and of course, about the harms it could cause to individuals, families and society as a whole.

In terms of gambling businesses and their core management, the UK gambling regulatory body wants them to make sure they comply with the policy of customer protection and remain committed to the obligation to treat their customers in a fair and transparent manner and to continuously raise their standards. The UKGC wants gambling operators to invest more efforts in minimising the risks of gambling-related harm and use data, technology and measures that would help them identify problem gambling and would give them the chance to take measures against negative consequences and gambling-related crime prevention.

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