Western Australia Rolls Out New Online Campaign to Deal with Problem Gambling

The Australian Racing and Gaming Minister Paul Papalia revealed that the number of players who gamble online is constantly rising. This is the reason why the authorities in Western Australia have been planning to release a new online campaign that would especially target the younger people.

As reported by 9News, Minister Papalia revealed that the new program is set to reach primarily the latest generation of gamblers, as well as to the ones who are dealing with problem gambling behaviour or the consequences from it. The campaign would point such players’ attention towards the services which they would find available to seek help. Minister Papalia shared that the campaign is set to encourage people suffering from gambling addictions to seek help, but to also allow them to come to such a decision themselves without being too much in their way.

According to Mr. Papalia, problem gambling in the Western part of the country has still not risen to an extent it has been faced at other Australian states. He said that the state was “far better off” in comparison to the rest of the country’s jurisdictions because the number of poker machines there has been much smaller than pokies’ number in other states. Currently, there is one “responsible casino” in the state, too.

The online campaign aimed at problem gamblers in Western Australia is also to be available into the social media platforms. According to the Racing and Gaming Minister, the new initiative aimed at helping problem gamblers would also provide the competent authorities with the chance to gather a lot of data and to focus on potential demographics in order to find out which people have the highest rates of problem gambling.

In addition, the authorities have been considering online gambling regulations in order to address various problems associated with gambling which have been having a negative impact on the society and some long-term operators.

Gambling Advertising Exposure

Minister Papalia may claim that Western Australia does not face problem gambling to the extent that other country’s states have been dealing with, but only a few days ago anti-gambling campaigners raised a red flag about the larger exposure to gambling adverts. According to campaigners, the time difference between the Eastern and the Western states could have increased the exposure of children and more vulnerable people to gambling advertising.

In 2017, a media law reform package was introduced by the Australian Government, with the local broadcasting groups having agreed to reduce the amount of gambling commercials aired on TV. These measures have been undertaken in order for the possible negative impact that gambling could have on local residents, to be reduced.

The pay-TV industry association ASTRA has insisted that the Australian Eastern Time should be used in terms of the gambling adverts’ time restriction. Anti-gambling campaigners have also commented on the problem, saying that the same level of protection should be available for people in all parts of the country.

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