Two Gambling Operators Escape ASA Backlash Despite Questionable Gambling Ads

Two gambling operators managed to escape a possible backlash from the Advertising Standards Commission (ASA) after certain adverts of the companies were accused of being irresponsible and misleading to customers by complainants.

However, after investigation and review of the adverts and the complaints, the ASA did not find any signs that BCAP Code rules were breached and did not find it necessary to prescribe any further actions.

32Red’s Advert Does Not Breach any BCAP Code Rules, ASA Says

One individual filed a complaint against a TV ad for the online casino offered by 32Red challenging whether the advert was irresponsible. According to the complainant, in its TV advert, the gambling operator linked gambling activities with the “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” which could make it particularly attractive to under-aged individuals.

32Red Ltd responded to the accusations, saying that Saturday Night Takeaway did not target any under-18s as the programme had a wide audience profile in which under-aged persons were under-represented as a proportion of the overall audience. According to the gambling operator, “Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway” was more aimed at the middle-aged audience rather than under-18s.

The ASA investigated the accusations and found that the ad in question was promoting an online slot game named after the above-mentioned programme. It also used figures taken from BARB data and found that many under-aged individuals watched the TV show in question but they were not the main audience of the programme. According to the Advertising Standards Authority, both the generic and the more specific features of the programme were not likely to be found particularly appealing to under-aged individuals.

The ASA investigated the ad under BCAP Code rule 17.4.5 but did not find any breaches made by the gambling operator, therefore no further action was necessary.

No Action Necessary against LeoVegas’ Ads as Well

A complaint was filed against a TV advert for, an online gambling site owned by LeoVegas, with the complainant challenging whether the ad portrayed gambling in a context of toughness.

The gambling operator responded to the accusations saying that the TV advert was produced to address the concerns raised in a previous complaint and ruling on the same matter. The company explained that the questionable voice-over which had previously provoked the concerns was now removed from the advert in order to eliminate the suggestion that gambling was portrayed as a sign of mental toughness.

The Advertising Standards Authority investigated the TV advert and found that it featured dramatic effects because of which customers could be expected to experience excitement. The ASA, however, did not focus on the stakes which the individual displayed in the ad was betting on the hand. The Authority concluded that the commercial did not portray gambling in a context of toughness and therefore no rules of the BCAP Code were breached. The BCAP Code rule 17.3.8 was not violated by LeoVegas’ ad, so no further action against it was necessary.

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