Previously Discussed Super-Casino Could Finally Be Brought to Seaside Town of Blackpool

The Northern Powerhouse minister Jake Berry has recently hinted of a move to revive plans for a Las Vegas-style super casino situated in Blackpool. Minister Berry has explained that such a large gambling venue could bring a new life to the seaside town.

The proposal for a super casino is not a new idea. Plans to build 16 super casinos in the UK appeared in 2007 but were then defeated in the House of Lords. For the time being, local politicians and anti-gambling campaigners have remained sceptical about Blackpool super-casino project. Plans for the casino were proposed as part of the large expansion of the British casino industry which was considered by the Government of Prime Minister Tony Blair but eventually came to an unsuccessful end after a massive wave of public criticism.

Now, Minister Berry has shared that the project for super casino in Blackpool is something worth reaching for. He further noted that he had held a discussion with the Blackpool Council’s leader, as well as with the Council, to check on the prospects of removing the stoppage on legislation which has still not gotten any traction.

Previously, Jake Berry has described Blackpool as a “phenomenal resort” with a massive potential for further growth. According to him, the possible establishment of the discussed super-casino could create a world-class attraction. Mr Berry also noted that the casino project would be a massive investment in the area that is very likely to bring additional visitors to Blackpool.

The super-casino scheme, which unsuccessful establishment was seen as a disaster twelve years ago, could now be revived, with about 3,400 jobs set to be created in Blackpool.

Negotiations about First-Ever Super-Casino Have Reportedly Started

Reports that Blackpool has been chosen by the Government to become home of the first-ever super-casino in the UK emerged a few months ago. Should the location get the approval of the competent authorities, the seaside resort of Blackpool could become a large gambling centre.

According to some media reports, the negotiations between the UK Government and local council leaders regarding the establishment of a super-casino and leisure complex in the Lancashire-based party town have already started. As The Sun has reported, investors who are willing to operate the casino would be required to become part of a “social wealth fund” as a condition be given an operating licence. The aforementioned fund would bring millions of pounds into education and skills training programs in the region.

More than a decade after the initial discussions about Blackpool becoming the home of the first mega-casino in the UK were turned down, the talks seem to be back on the agenda. Back in 2007, the Casino Advisory Panel which was created by the New Labour Party to decide which is the most appropriate location for the first mega-casino in the nation chose Manchester. However, these plans never took off, leaving the project for a super-casino on the shelf.

Blackpool, on the other hand, has been a popular seaside resort for British residents, being a desired location for weekend getaways and summer holidays. Unfortunately, local people have shifted their preferences to going on holiday abroad, a trend which has led to a decline not only in Lancashire-based town’s popularity but also in the revenue generated. For the time being, there much smaller casinos which serve Blackpool, not to mention a large number of amusement arcades in its famous Golden Mile, features which, according to some analysts, only prove that there is already a market place which is large enough for a Super Casino in the town.

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