Gambling Affiliates Trade Body Backs UKGC Proposal for Further Advertising Restrictions During Covid-19 Lockdown

The Responsible Affiliates in Gambling (RAiG) has welcomed the proposals that have recently been made by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) in terms of the affiliate advertising restrictions. The standards body, which has recently been established, has reiterated its support for the collaborative measures that were published by the key regulator of the British gambling sector.

As Casino Guardian has recently reported, the UKGC revealed a series of new measures and directives in collaboration with work-groups of industry officials, with the measures being coordinated by the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC). The move was made as part of the regulator’s strategy aimed at enhancing the existing UK gambling codes on high-roller customers’ programmes, product designs and protection regarding gambling advertising.

The Chairman of RAiG, Clive Hawkswood, confirmed that the standards body backs the collaborative approach of the gambling regulatory body on forming industry directives. Mr Hawswood shared that RAiG supports the introduction of the additional measures to protect the most vulnerable members of communities, including underage and socially or economically disadvantaged people, especially when it comes to gambling advertising.

RAiG’s Chairman further noted that the trade body believes that such proposals should be comfortably made alongside a number of initiatives that have already been undertaken by the standards body of the gambling affiliates in the UK.

Special Codes of Practice for Affiliates to Be Developed

Furthermore, Mr Hawkswood also revealed that RAiG has already started discussions with the Betting and Gaming Council to develop special codes of practice for affiliates. The project is currently gathering opinions and evidence which are the most critical marketing areas to address in the sector, but the standards body’s chairman urged both regulatory stakeholders and gambling operators to consider affiliates and the specific marketing services offered by them a critical component of the country’s gambling industry.

The chairman also revealed that some affiliates in the gambling sector could be worried about a code being forcibly imposed on them but they still try to remain hopeful that the move would turn out to be more of an opportunity rather than a danger to their performance.

So far, more than 20 Members of Parliament have insisted that the Government and the UKGC must unveil stricter measures in regard to the gambling industry at the time of the coronavirus lockdown. The MPs have insisted on implementing stricter measures on gambling advertising, saying that the voluntary measures of the betting industry were not strong enough.

Last week, the BGC issued a 10-point pledge, saying that it would take some further measures to make sure that gambling companies do not take advantage of vulnerable people, such as children or gambling addicts who may be at risk of finding it hard to control their gambling while staying at home for a long period of time.

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