UKGC Claims No Increase in Complaints about Illegal Gambling Websites Is Registered During Covid-19 Lockdown

The UK Gambling Commission revealed that according to new data released on May 19th, no increase in the number of complaints about unlawful gambling websites was registered during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in the country.

The data shows that there has been no increase in the reports to the gambling regulatory body since March 23rd. According to records, there were a total of 12 complaints regarding nine gambling websites in March 2020, while in April there were 11 complaints regarding 11 gambling websites. The number of reports has remained stable over the past 12 months.

Image Credit: UK Gambling Commission

The Executive Director of the UKGC, Richard Watson, confirmed that, according to the Commission’s data, there were no indications for an increase in the illegal gambling on the territory of the country during the coronavirus lockdown. Mr Watson further revealed that online gambling and the legality of websites operating within the sector is an area that is being strictly monitored by the gambling watchdog, and the UKGC use its power to investigate software providers, hosting companies and payment businesses whenever it finds a problem.

The Number of Complaints Regarding Unlawful Gambling Websites Remains Stable

As also explained by the UKGC’s Executive Director, tackling the operation of illegal gambling websites and gambling operators that offer their services without a licence in the country is not an easy task. Furthermore, it is a job that requires a lot of resources but the Commission remains devoted to its work in order to make sure British customers are well-protected against possible harm associated with illegal gambling activities.

At the UK gambling watchdog, there is a team of specialists, who are engaged with monitoring of illegal gambling reports. They also have the right to use various tools to fight such unlawful online gambling operators and make sure such websites are not providing British customers with their services. In addition, the regulatory body collaborates with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in efforts aimed at raising public awareness about the risks associated with illegal gambling activity.

Only a week ago, the UK gambling watchdog released some new data regarding the impact that the coronavirus pandemic is having on the local gambling sector and consumers and promised to soon provide further information on the matter.

As long as the recent complaints about illegal gambling websites are concerned, their number has remained pretty much stable over the past 12 months. There was a peak in the number of complaints in January 2020 that was associated with some gambling enterprises based in Curacao that were trying to lure British customers that have already signed into the country’s self-exclusion scheme. Also, some of the complaints filed to the watchdog were about referral websites lining to gambling sites operating without a licence issued by the UKGC.

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