IBIA Insists on In-Play Betting Features Addition in Australian Gambling Market

The leading global representative for the licensed betting industry’s integrity, the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA), has warned that Australia’s Sports Wagering Scheme (ASWS) would have to consider adding in-play betting and bolster racing wagering regulation.

The IBIA has cited high intensity of live sports betting, especially in the online gambling segment, as a reason for its appeal for in-play betting features on the territory of Australia. The betting industry’s integrity body has reported a considerable growth registered in the overall sports handle placed on live sports events on the Internet during the past few months.

Now, the IBIA is focused on the establishment of a potential sports integrity framework called Australian Sports Wagering Scheme. The association has taken into consideration market conditions and has called for the country’s authorities and regulators to help increase the integrity of sports competitions in Australia. The move takes place shortly after the local Parliament has revealed that it might suspend social casino games.

As the International Betting Integrity Association explained, it is willing to bring more sports betting opportunities to Australian customers. The association’s actions have come as a direct response to the public discussion regarding sports betting that was unveiled by the Sports Integrity Taskforce. Prior to that, the so-called Wood Review was carried out by watchdogs in 2018 – a report that was aimed at checking the integrity of Australian sports at the time.

Previous Report Suggested More Sports Betting Options When There Is No Risk of Match-Fixing

The IBIA explained that its proposal has been based on facts. A proposed regulatory body, called Sports Integrity Australia (SIA), would be overseeing sportsbooks that offer in-play betting in the country in case the proposal is given federal approval.

Apart from that, the international association proposed the establishment of a real-time national platform that would permit SIA to access data from sportsbooks in order to check for any match-fixing patterns.

Previously, the Wood Review called for more sports betting options to be provided to Australian customers, except for some competitions that feature high risk of match-fixing. However, according to the report, certain competitions should be suspended only in terms of specific events, matches and games, when the risk of fraud is too high.

In the above-mentioned review, a list of potential changes in Australian legislation to ensure improved customer protection, improved financial results and better sports business integrity was included. Eventually, in its final decision, the Sports Integrity Taskforce remained silent in regard to the feasibility of in-play feature introduction.

Now, the IBIA has made more than 52 recommendations, including the addition of in-play betting in Australia. The association has also shared it was disappointed that two years after the review no in-play betting options were available in the country. Apart from that, the IBIA also revealed it disagrees with a proposal to make one single body responsible for the regulation of all sports betting activities in Australia. According to the association, the proposed taxes and fees amounting to between 20% and 30% of the country’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) were too high and made it much more difficult for licensed gambling companies to establish their presence in the Australian gambling sector.

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