Kieran Trippier’s WhatsApp Messages Could Have Encouraged His Friends to Bet on His Atletico Madrid Move

Newly-unveiled WhatsApp group messages have shown that the English football player Kieran John Trippier told some of his friends to “lump on” his negotiated move to Atletico Madrid a few days before he left Tottenham F.C.

Furthermore, it was revealed that the 30-year-old Trippier rejected the offer for a delay of his personal hearing over the betting charges he faced from the Football Association (FA). This decision was the reason why he missed England’s match against Denmark in October 2020.

In December, Kieran Trippier faced a 10-week worldwide ban from playing football for violating the betting regulations of the Football Association at the time he moved to Atletico Madrid from Tottenham in July 2019.

The FA has published the written reasoning for the defender’s charge and subsequent ban from participating in football matches that had been imposed by FIFA pending an appeal of the Atletico Madrid club. The move could cause the player to miss the European Championship in the summer.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the football player informed some of his friends on WhatsApp messages, prompting a string of bets from them.

Trippier Told a Friend He Could “Lump On” the Move to Atletico Madrid

As it was revealed, on July 14th, which is only three days before his move to Atletico Madrid was confirmed, a friend of Trippier asked him whether he should “lump on” him going to AM. The player’s answer was “Can do mate.”

The footballer’s friend then asked him if the move was 100% sure, and Trippier confirmed that before adding another message saying “Lump on if you want mate.”

The details about the conversation on WhatsApp were revealed as part of the 46-page document which the Football Association published yesterday. The regulatory commission of the FA also shared that the messages very strongly suggested that Trippier’s friend would bet on the player’s move to the Spanish football club. The commission further noted that it does not accept that these messages would be considered by Trippier as a simple exchange of remarks.

It is believed that the conversation resulted in further bets, including one worth £300, which was made on the day preceding the defender’s exit from Tottenham F.C.

The manager of England’s national team Gareth Southgate, the team’s captain Harry Kane, as well as the boss of Burnley F.C. Sean Dyche, all took part in the hearing to provide character references for the 30-year-old footballer. As confirmed by the FA, Trippier would face a monetary fine of £70,000, as well as a 10-week ban for breaking the Association’s betting rules that forbid football players to bet on sports events and to provide any internal information that could be used for making bets to third parties.

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