Kieran Trippier Resumes Playing in Spain Despite FA Gambling Ban

The Football Association (FA) has failed to extend the 10-week ban on Kieran Trippier, which could have made the player’s availability for the European Championships. The FA did not manage to revise the dates of his punishment for the defender’s violations of the existing betting regulations.

As Casino Guardian reported, the football governing body suspended the 30-year-old player for 10 weeks following some findings that Mr Trippier had encouraged his friends to wager on his transfer from Tottenham F.C. to Atlético Madrid in the summer of 2019.

On December 23rd, 2020, FIFA confirmed that the punishment imposed by the Football Association on the player would apply worldwide, which meant that Mr Trippier would have been unable to participate in any Atlético Madrid’s matches until February 28th, or at least 13 matches.

The player accepted the imposed punishment and decided not to appeal. However, the Spanish club appealed the worldwide aspect of the sanction because the Football Association does not have jurisdiction in Spain. The appeal, actually, succeeded and FIFA ruled that Mr Trippier could start playing in Spain again while his club’s appeal is pending a result. For the time being, it remains unclear when it will be unveiled.

FIFA Says Delay of Player’s Suspension from Football Would Come with Unknown Period of Uncertainty

The FA applied to the independent panel and asked it to delay the ban enforcement procedure until FIFA makes a decision on the appeal of Atlético Madrid or the player returned to England and fall under the country’s jurisdiction. Yesterday, it became clear that the request had been rejected by the panel, mostly because such a delay would have put the defender into an unspecified period of uncertainty.

The situation basically means that the punishment of Mr Trippier is effectively reduced as he continues to play for this Spanish club. Reportedly, Atlético Madrid is preparing to take their appeal to the CAS – Court of Arbitration for Sport – in case the FIFA decision was against the club. If the Spanish club does this, such a move would potentially give them more time to use Trippier in matches.

Of course, it is still possible that FIFA or the CAS decide to uphold the independent panel’s original decision and impose the full length of the ban on the defender minus the time that he has already served. Unfortunately, this would fully oppose the reasoning that has already been given to the FA by the independent panel that has blamed the Association for not revising the ban’s dates.

As explained by the panel, the effect of the revisions that the Football Association pursue would postpone the beginning of Kieran Trippier’s suspension to an unknown date, which could be significantly into the future.

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