Blackjack Casinos

As one of the most famous casino games, Blackjack is played by hundreds of players worldwide. Gamblers compete against the dealer and their main objective is to reach twenty-one without surpassing it. What makes it so attractive is the fact that it is a game of skills and as such, it can be won with an appropriate strategy and solid knowledge.

Many other factors such as discipline, decent bankroll and money management also play a crucial role for the players’ performance. Blackjack is one of the few card games which gives the players the opportunity to gain advantage over the casino by using their skills and knowledge. It has many different variations which makes it very interesting as well as challenging.

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Blackjack Variations

Blackjack and many of its versions are offered by a great number of casinos worldwide which is extremely convenient for players as they can enjoy them everywhere they travel. Apart from going to the traditional brick and mortar casinos, nowadays they have the chance to play their favourite game online at the most convenient time and place for them. It has never been so easy to enjoy Blackjack under high level of protection and security.

As one of the most played card games, it has around 100 different variations which players can choose from. This huge diversity gives them the opportunity to try out new ones and enjoy the additional rules of the game. However, it is worth mentioning that the house edge varies depending on the different variations of the game. This is the reason why it is recommended that players should get familiar with them beforehand as every unconsidered decision can cost them dear.

Double Exposure Blackjack

Double Exposure Blackjack is a popular variation of the game which offers moderately good chances of winning. The difference from the classic Blackjack is that this time the cards of the dealer are not hidden from the players involved in the game. Understandably, this gives them a huge edge over the casino as this way they can make wiser choices for their moves and bets since they are aware of the dealer’s total beforehand.

This is the reason why this variation is usually played with at least six decks in order to prevent card counters from successfully keeping track of the cards. Moreover, players are also deprived of the chance to take insurance as well as to surrender, providing that they are able to see the cards of the dealer. Also, when it comes to splitting pairs, they are allowed to do so only once and the rules of the game enforces the dealer to hit soft 17. If players come across to this variation, they can give it a shot as it works in their favour.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is a variation of the game which offers players the chance to place a side bet. This means that they are allowed to make an additional bet from their initial one which gives them the opportunity to get a bonus in certain situations. It is worth mentioning that this kind of side bet requires a particular minimum amount and it is best to to have a look at it beforehand in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Other than that, the rules and the allowed moves are the same as in the classic Blackjack which makes it very convenient for players who would like to give it a shot. The odds for the side bets are in favour of the casino which is the reason why they should be extra cautious when playing this variation and try not be tempted by the huge payouts it offers. Prior to playing, it is compulsory to get familiar with all of the requirements regarding the side bet in order to avoid losing any money.

Buster Blackjack

This is a variation which is similar to the Perfect Pairs Blackjack as the only difference between this version and the classic Blackjack is in the option to place a side bet. This time, if players decide to take advantage of it, they will be paid whenever the dealer goes bust. Moreover, every time the dealer doesn’t bust, the pay out for the players is getting higher which is the reason why this variation is very exciting to play.

The side bet is a separate one and it doesn’t matter whether the players will win or lose their hand. Prior to playing this version, it is best to have a look at all of the subtleties and requirements of this bet in order to decide whether it is beneficial or not to place it. Other than that the game rules are the same as the rules for the classic Blackjack which is good news for players who are willing to try out something new but at the same time want to stick to the classic game.

Match Play 21

Match Play 21 is one very interesting variation of the game which is growing in popularity more and more due to the fact that it provides players with the opportunity to win big. This version has a special bonus scheme which pays out differently depending on the particular hand. However, players need to be extra cautious when they try to improve their hand in attempt to take advantage of these bonuses as sometimes this might not be their best option. It is best to stick to their chosen strategy and refrain themselves from any deviations of it.

Match Play 21 resembles another famous variation of Blackjack – Spanish 21 which makes it perfect for gamblers who are already familiar with it. In general, the rules of this variation are in favour of the players as the house edge is moderately low in comparison to the rest of the versions. One specification of Match Play 21 is that all tens are not involved in the game which is the reason why players should take their time to adjust their strategy accordingly.

Blackjack Casinos

As already mentioned, Blackjack is offered in a number of casinos as it is one of the most played games of all times. Its many variations can be also found in most places as they have been a centre of attention for a great number of players as well. It is worth mentioning that the main objective and the rules of the game always remain the same, however many casinos impose certain restrictions on particular moves and options. This is the reason why players should always make sure that they are familiar with them in order to decrease their chances of losing money.


Betway Casino offers its customers the opportunity to enjoy Blackjack and put their skills and knowledge to the test. It has licences all across Europe, including the United Kingdom and it is one of the most trusted casinos. It provides players with the chance to experience many of the most famous variations of the game such as European Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack and many more.

As online casinos are in demand worldwide, Betway provides Blackjack and its many variations online in order to keep up with the fast growing world. Its website is very easy to navigate and players have the unique opportunity to enjoy their favourite game of all times at the comfort of their home. Many of the variations in the website have two options – practice play or real play which is very convenient for them as they are offered the chance to get a general idea of a particular variation before risking their money.

William Hill

William Hill was established in 1934 which places it among one of the oldest gambling companies in the United Kingdom. Over the years it has proven to be very trustworthy and its name is well-known in the gambling world. Since its foundation, William Hill has been developing and improving its many services in order to manage to provide players with world-class experience.

They can now enjoy Blackjack and twenty of its variations online whenever and wherever they want.

With such a huge diversity, the online casino is the first-choice to many passionate players who like to enjoy the game at the comfort of their home. The software provider of the games is Playtech which is one of the best ones on the current market. Players can experience world-class quality Blackjack thanks to the advanced software the company uses. William Hill’s website is very user-friendly and provides its customers with the needed security all the time. They can play their favourite game and its many variations without any concerns regarding their personal data and sensitive information.


32Red is a fully licensed British company whose first priority is to deliver services which are second-to-none in terms of quality and entertainment. Its online casino is one of the most popular ones in the United Kingdom and not only as it provides players with a wide range of games, among which is Blackjack. Every time, the company manages to deliver the most exciting and thrilling experience its users get possibly get from an online game which is the reason for its huge success and its many awards.

Its website is not only very straightforward but also very well organised, containing useful information about the company. Players will be able to find everything needed very easily and for any urgent inquires they can always contact a customer support representative. Gamblers can now play live Blackjack and classic Blackjack, including its many variations online and take advantage of the company’s promotions and special offers. Moreover, one of the main priorities of 32Red is to process payments in a timely manner by using cutting-edge technology. 32Red is one of the best online casinos to enjoy Blackjack as it aims at providing players with world-class experience and protection.

Gala Casino

Gala online casino is famous in the gambling world for its high-quality games and high level of security. It provides players with an extremely authentic experience which is the reason why many of them use the website on a daily basis. Gala online casino offers its users the opportunity to enjoy classic Blackjack and twelve of its most famous versions at the comfort of their home. Gala casino is a very reputable and reliable casino which is one of the most important factors when it comes to gambling.

The company always strive to provide players with high level of protection so that they can enjoy their favourite game without any concerns regarding their data. Blackjack fans can now play any time they like and take advantage of the many special offers the company has. This is also great news for busy players who would like to try out their new strategy and improve their game as they can practise it in the most convenient for them time and place. For any inquires, the company has a call centre which works around to clock for its customers’ convenience.

Genting Casino

Genting casino has been in the gambling business for over 50 years and it has more than 40 casinos in the United Kingdom. Thanks to its rich experience and expertise the company has become a leading casino operator as it has proven to be extremely reliable. Genting casino is another famous online casino where players can enjoy playing Blackjack and some of its interesting versions. It also offers them exclusive deals and promotions which they can greatly benefit from.

Genting casino has everything players need in order to enjoy their favourite game. It protects their sensitive information and it gives them the chance to contact a customer support representative if needed at the most convenient for them time. They can do so by email,telephone or using the live chat feature as one of the company’s priorities is to make sure its users are satisfied with the overall experience from the games.


Blackjack is renowned for its many variations and its interesting game rules. It is a casino game and as such, it has a built-in advantage which favours the casinos. However, it is also a game of skills and knowledge, meaning that players can turn the tables and win by using an appropriate strategy. This is the reason why this game is so challenging, enticing and entertaining as its final result can be influenced with the right amount of knowledge. Nowadays almost every casino offers the classic Blackjack as well as some of its variations due to the fact that it is among the most played games of all times.