Paroli Betting System

The Paroli is one of the progressive betting systems that enjoy a great popularity among roulette players. Its success can be attributed to its simplicity – the system is easy to learn and is suitable for less experienced roulette players as well.

The name of the system is derived from the word “par” (Latin – “one that is equal”). The Paroli is basically the opposite of the Martingale system as it is based on a positive betting progression and has fixed limits for players’ maximum bets. The Paroli calls for increasing the size of the bets after a win and decreasing it after a loss. The system allows players to consistently turn small profits and avoid the risk of sustaining substantial losses.

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How Does the Paroli Betting System Work

The Paroli system is designed for games like craps and roulette where it is possible to place even-money bets. In order to use this system, players are required to first choose a fixed betting unit which is the amount they put on stake at the start of each gaming session. The size of your betting unit should not exceed 5% of your overall bankroll. Ideally, the betting unit should amount to about 2% of the sum players have set aside for their gaming session. For example, if you join the game with a bankroll of £250, your betting unit should not exceed the sum of £5.

Let’s assume you bet £5 on Red and win. In this case, you need to double up your next bet to £10. If you make another even-money bet on Red and win again, your third wager should be £20.

If you happen to lose a bet, you are required to go back to your initial betting unit of £5. Yet, if your luck fails you at the very first spin of the ball, you are expected to place level or flat bets until you register your first win and then double up your next wager.

The Paroli system dictates that players should never increase their stakes after a loss. It matters not how many consecutive times you happen to lose – your next bet should always be the size of your initial betting unit.

One very important aspect of the Paroli system is that it requires players to stop increasing the size of their bets as soon as they register three wins in a row. After three consecutive wins, players need to go back to their initial betting unit which in our case is £5. After all, winning three times in a row with even-money bets on Red/Black, High/Low or Odd/Even is not that uncommon but winning four, five or six times in a row is less likely – if you keep increasing your stakes after your third consecutive win, you are risking to lose the profits you have generated so far.

From this, it follows that the Paroli progression ends either in a loss or in three winning bets in a row. That is why the Paroli system would be easier to comprehend if players are thinking of wagering in groups consisting of three bets each.

What is the logic behind the Paroli system? This approach relies on the premise that winning and losing bets typically come in streaks. By doubling their bets while on a winning streak and reducing the size of their wagers after a loss, players are granted an opportunity to accumulate greater profits.

Then again, the system prevents players from sustaining considerable losses since they never risk more than their initial betting unit when on a losing streak. Even more so, if we consider the fact players make larger bets using the money they have won from the house. Each time three wins occur in a row, the player collects a profit of seven units which will suffice to compensate for the smaller losses they have sustained.

The Paroli System
Spin Bet (units) Outcome Total Profit
1 5 WIN 5
2 10 WIN 15
3 20 LOSS -5
4 5 WIN 0
5 10 WIN 10
6 20 WIN 30
7 5 LOSS 25
8 5 WIN 30
9 10 WIN 40
10 20 WIN 60
11 5 WIN 65
12 10 WIN 75
13 20 LOSS 55

Advantages of the Paroli Betting System

Without a doubt, one of the biggest advantages of this system is its simplicity as it requires little time to learn and is quite simple to incorporate at the roulette table. There is no need to write down anything, which is not the case with some other systems such as the Labouchere.

Another advantage stems from the fact a relatively small degree of risk is involved, so players are granted the opportunity to generate consistent, although small profits. If three consecutive wins occur, the profit of seven betting units will be enough to offset the smaller losses.

Also, the Paroli is deemed much more stable, especially when compared to systems like the Martingale, which are based on negative betting progressions. Players, who use the Paroli, are less likely to sustain considerable losses and deplete their bankrolls unless of course, they experience a very lengthy losing streak. The Paroli allows for an adequate bankroll management and prevents players from chasing down their losses. Letting it ride on a longer winning streak is rendered impossible since players are required to go back to their initial betting unit after three wins in a row.

Those, who choose to adopt the Paroli system, will not have to worry about reaching the table limit prior to successfully completing their progression of three consecutive winning bets. And finally, boasting a sizable bankroll is not a requirement if you wish to give this system a try.

Disadvantages of the Paroli Betting System

Like all betting systems, the Paroli also has its faults. Its greatest disadvantage is that it requires a winning streak in order for players to generate profits. Sometimes it is not possible to win three times in a row even with even-money bets. Players may win once or twice, but if they happen to lose their third bet, they will be forced to start all over again with their initial betting unit. The Paroli system may help you generate smaller short-term profits, but you are unlikely to walk away from the table with a life-changing prize.

Also, the system does nothing to turn the odds in your favour. Like all other betting systems, the Paroli does not affect the outcome of the spins and cannot influence the built-in house advantage. Hence, the chances of losing with even-money bets slightly exceed their probability of winning. Even more so in a game of American roulette where the house has an even bigger advantage over players because of the additional double-zero pocket on the wheel.