Playtech Roulette

Playtech is among the leading developers of online gambling solutions and boasts an impressive gaming collection, which spans over 500 enticing slots, table games, video poker variants, scratch cards and live casino offerings. The basis of the company’s success lies in the long-standing partnerships it has built with some of the leading online casino operators in the industry, including brands like Paddy Power, bet365, Ladbrokes and Mr Green. It goes without saying casino operators running on Playtech’s software are highly regarded for their reliability, integrity and diverse gaming portfolios.

Each title on Playtech’s catalogue is a feast for the eyes and impresses with various helpful and convenient features. The same is valid for the developer’s selection of bespoke roulette variations – their authenticity often leaves fans of the classic game with the impression they are playing in an actual, brick-and-mortar casino.

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Features of Playtech Roulette Games

The roulette games on Playtech’s gaming catalogue stand out with crystal-clear, detailed graphics and realistic sounds one would expect to hear in a landbased gambling venue. The interface of the games is extremely intuitive, so it matters not whether you are a novice or an experienced roulette player – either way, you will hardly experience difficulties in finding your way around. Many of the variations available have the wheel positioned in the upper left corner of the screen. The betting grid encompasses the rest of the screen.

Each roulette title that carries the name of Playtech boasts a number of great features. For instance, players can modify the tables and change the felt colour on the betting area according to their personal preferences. Changing the camera angle so that the wheel is positioned above the betting area is also possible. On some roulette variations, developed by Playtech, there is also the option to change the direction in which the wheel spins.

Playtech has also considered the needs of roulette players, who incorporate betting systems into their gameplay. The roulette variations feature statistics with graphical representations of the hot and cold numbers.

Cross compatibility is another important trait of Playtech roulette variations. In recent years, Playtech has started to develop their games using the HTML5 mark-up language. Thus, the roulette titles the company offers can be played on all platforms, mobile and desktop, without installing any specific software.

Playtech Roulette Features

Popular Playtech Roulette Variations

The renowned gaming software developer has produced several bespoke variants of roulette and each one stands out with utmost quality in terms of visuals, sounds and gameplay. The games have their own unique features. Below, you will find more detailed information on some of the most popular roulette variations, developed by Playtech.

European Roulette

Playtech’s Premium European Roulette is a favourite of many fans of the game, which is hardly surprising considering the fact the variation is tough to match in terms of visual design and gameplay. The game is played on the standard single-zero wheel and offers a reduced house edge of 2.70%. The interface is very sleek and user-friendly so you will not experience difficulties in playing, even if you are new to roulette.

Roulette players will benefit from a number of handy features. For example, there is a History board located at the upper right corner of the screen, where the numbers that have come up on previous spins are displayed. By opening the Statistics menu, players can keep track of the hot and cold numbers. You can place the same bet again with a single click of the Rebet and Spin button. Similarly, the Double and Spin button automatically doubles your bet.

Thanks to the Autoplay feature, the ball is automatically spun several times in a row. You can adjust the settings so that Autoplay stops when your balance exceeds a specific sum. It is possible to change the camera angle and reverse the wheel’s spinning direction. The table’s felt is available in red, blue and green.

European Roulette by Playtech

French Roulette

Players who prefer playing more traditional roulette variations will certainly find Playtech’s French Roulette appealing. The game resembles to a great degree the European variation in terms of features and design. Again, it is possible to change the colour of the felt, the camera angle and the spinning direction of the wheel. If the ambient sounds and the dealer’s voice distract you, you can easily turn them off.

The Fast-Play functionality allows for a more dynamic game. Statistics on previous winning numbers as well as on hot and cold numbers are also available. The French variation allows players to make Call bets like final bets, Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre and Voisins du Zero.

French Roulette by Playtech

3D Roulette

Saying that Playtech’s 3D Roulette is a feast for the eyes would hardly be an overstatement. Apart from being packed with fantastic features, this vibrant roulette game stands out with unprecedented visual depth and enhanced animations. It would be fair to say Playtech really outdid themselves when it comes to graphics design – you can even see the reflection of the turret arms on the metal section of the wheel. The game stands out with improved physics, so the ball reacts better when it bounces off the single-zero wheel and lands in a given pocket.

The wheel is huge in this roulette variation and is situated in the centre of the screen, below the betting layout. Players are again given the opportunity to customise the game since there is the option to remove the turret arms and the numbers’ shading. Numbers which have come up on previous spins are displayed in the Past Numbers board below the wheel. Similarly to other Playtech roulette titles, its 3D offering provides players with statistics on hot and cold numbers. Thanks to the Breakdown feature, the amount players have won on any given spin is automatically displayed in the centre of the screen.

3D Roulette by Playtech

Premium Roulette Pro

Premium Roulette Pro is hugely popular among fans of the classic casino game due to its enhanced visuals and user-friendly interface. The game is played on a standard, single-zero wheel and provides players with various options to customise it so that it suits their individual preferences.

The Favourite Bets functionality is among the most useful features of the game. Players can save up to four of their favourite bets for a quick and easy access. Of course, statistics regarding hot and cold numbers are available which is good news for those, who follow a specific betting strategy. Other useful functionalities include Rebet and Spin and Double Bet and Spin. The latter can be especially helpful to players, who incorporate the Martingale betting system in their gameplay.

Premium Roulette Pro by Playtech

Marvel Roulette

If you are a fan of the classic Marvel comic series, Playtech’s Marvel Roulette will greatly appeal to you. As a matter of fact, the series’ popular characters like Iron Man and Hulk inspired this game. For the most part, the table layout resembles that of the traditional European variation as the game is played on a standard single-zero wheel with 37 pockets. Also, the game has a progressive jackpot attached to it.

However, there is one additional pocket on the wheel which is coloured in blue and is situated between numbers 0 and 32. Therefore, there is one extra blue box on the betting area. This blue pocket is reserved for the so-called Marvel Bonus. If you bet on blue and the ball ends up in the corresponding blue pocket, a special Marvel Mystery bonus game gets activated. The bonus game resembles a slot and players are guaranteed to win a prize when they activate it.

Marvel Roulette by Playtech

Mini Roulette

Playtech has produced one bespoke variation of roulette, known as Mini Roulette. The game utilises a wheel which contains only 13 pockets with numbers 0 through 12. The same, of course, applies to the betting area.

Players can make bets on Odd/Even, Red/Black and Half Dozens as well as on individual numbers. Since there are only 13 pockets on the wheel, the payouts for this game are adjusted to fit this mini format. More importantly, the La Partage rule is in force in this roulette variation. Whenever the ball lands in the zero pocket, players have half of their original stakes returned. Unless they have bet on zero, of course. Winning bets on individual numbers pay out 11 to 1 instead of 35 to 1. Split and Street bets have payouts of 5 to 1 and 3 to 1, respectively.