UK Betting Operators Boost Gambling TV Ads Spending to £500 Million Since 2012

According to a newly-published report, about half a billion pounds have been spent on TV adds by betting firms on the territory of the UK since 2012. The data, compiled by media analysts Nielsen especially for the Guardian, showed a massive increase in the investments made by betting firms in advertising in order to attract new customers.

The 2015 expenditures of the casino and betting operators who offer casino and poker games, bingo and sports betting options on TV adverts in 2015 were estimated to £118.5 million. In comparison, the the sum amounted to £81.2 million four years ago.

The annual spending over the period increased by 46%. According to analysts, this rise means that a combined £456 million have been spent since 2012, and if this period’s lottery firms’ expenditures are taken into account, the figure increases to £631 million.

Up to date, this year’s figures showed that betting operators in the country had spent a total of £51.4 million on gambling adverts on TV until the end of May 2016. These figures are expected to be even higher, because bookmaking operators are aimed at capitalising the results of the Euro 2016 tournament and UK’s EU referendum.

The Labour MP for Swansea East Carolyn Harris commented on the report, saying that the local gambling industry seems to be aware that it needs to improve its services. However, Mrs. Harris also shared that a large number of delegates at a Cardiff gambling addition conference that took part in June 2016 shared their concerns about the increasing number of gambling advertisements aired on TV.

Of course, she did not slashed the possibility for this to be result of the Euro 2016, but explained that the trend is undoubtedly a worrying one. According to her, gambling has been having serious negative effect in the country, but UK Government is still focused on more loose gambling regulation.

According to recent research made by media analysts Nielsen, the growth of the promotional gambling TV ads has continued since the official implementation of the Gambling Act in 2007, which was first introduced by the administration of Prime Minister Tony Blair. Before the Gambling Act came into force, only adverts for the National Lottery, bingo and football pools were allowed. The implementation of the Act permitted online casinos, poker and sports betting commercials to be broadcast on TV.

Still, there is a voluntary code that prohibits casino, poker and sports betting adds to be aired before 9pm, but the ban was temporarily dropped at the time of the Euro 2016 football tournament.

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Daniel Williams
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