Cambridge and Welsh Betting Shops Actively Participate in GambleAware Week

This week is dedicated to responsible gambling and it seems Cambridge and Wales-based betting shops are among the most active conveyors of the responsible gambling message.

It was announced that posters emphasizing the importance of responsible gambling will be put up on betting shops across Cambridge and Wales. They will pass on clear messages related to setting betting limits and sticking to them, taking regular breaks from placing bets and last but not least, seeking a professional advice if a problem gambling issues encounter.

New alerts intended to remind the player of the time spent in gambling activities and the total amount of money lost on gambling are also to be introduced during the week.

Apart from posters, Cambridge and Wales-based players will also find in-shop leaflets containing information about the institutions where they can seek help from if they consider they tend to engage in excessively long gambling sessions.

From this week on, alerts will pop up on the screen if the player has spent more than £150 or they have been playing for more than 20 minutes. In comparison, players were previously notified after 30 minutes of play and £250 spent on electronic gambling machines.

The CEO of the Association of British Bookmakers, Malcolm George commented on the activities scheduled to take place during the GambleAware Week and added that bookmakers were glad that this year’s event puts such a strong emphasis on the safe and responsible betting.

He also added that betting shops are considered the safest place to wager and gambling should be associated with excitement and well-spent leisure time. In this aspect, the GambleAware campaign was about to help players realize the importance of “never betting more than what they can afford to lose”.

Mr. George also said that the staff working in Cambridge and Welsh betting shops was dedicated to conveying the responsible gambling message to as many players as possible and did not miss to mention the importance of the GambleAware Week for achieving that goal. The drop-in sessions that are to be held in Cardiff are also said to be a key activity promoting responsible gambling during the week.

ABB CEO was quoted as saying that the new alerts were main factor for increasing the awareness about the consequences irresponsible gambling can lead to. They would make it easier for players to strike a balance between leisure, entertainment, and responsible gambling.

In conclusion, Mr. George said that the new alert system was intended to showcase bookmakers’ commitment towards responsible gambling.

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Daniel Williams
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