New York’s Resorts World Catskills to Feature Charters for High Rollers

New York is going to welcome thousands of new gambling enthusiasts ready to participate in gambling activities thanks to the new fly-in casino which is soon to open its doors to the players in the region. The new venue is going to be located near Monticello and according to the information issued by the casino operator, it is going to feature the special offering of air charters which will transport players to the gaming facility in an attempt to make their experience premium and more convenient.

As it is known, the state of New York is going to soon welcome its fourth casino venue and this is going to be the Resorts World Catskills one, which is currently being built. It was reported that the construction is going according to the appointed schedule and the new resort is going to open for business earlier than planned. The newest chime in by the casino operator brought the news that the high-roller players will now have the chance to fly in in order to participate in the gaming activities.

In a similar to the Asian junkets manner, where the high-roller players travel by ship to the integrated resort they want to visit, Resorts World Catskills is going to utilize aircrafts. Both charter and private planes will transport them via Stewart International Airport, which is located about 50 miles away in Newburgh. The spokesperson at Resorts World, Charles Degliomini, stated that the casino is planning to utilize wide-body charters for the VIP customers willing to play at the casino venue and spend quality time at the resort.

Resorts World Changes the Local Gambling Industry

This is only one of the ways in which the casino industry in the region is set to move ahead in its development. The casino operator is part of the Malaysian-listed Genting, an internationally known casino developer which has its own aircrafts. They are often used for gaming enthusiasts which travel to some of the locations where Genting operates. For the time being it is not clear whether the casino developer is going to use Stewart International Airport or the local Sullivan County International Airport which is located in Bethel. This move is expected to change the way players travel in the area and it also has the potential to impact the transportation patterns in the skies above upstate New York.

One of the ways in which high-rollers from near and far are able to benefit from the experience at a casino such as Resorts World Catskills is through the complimentary rooms and various accommodations they receive since the amount of money they spend usually is quite generous. Since the database of the gambling operator stores the information about all players, the marketers will most likely look through the frequent visitors of the casino venue as well and they will also have the opportunity to experience the private jet transportation. This February is going to see the final stages of the project being finished, followed by an official launch.

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