Western Sydney Wanderers Football Club Extending Its GambleAware Partnership after Cutting Ties with Gambling Companies

The Western Sydney Wanderers remain devoted to the responsible gambling messages promotion by extending their partnership with one of the largest charity organisations in the UK – GambleAware – through the 2022/2023 season. Earlier in 2021, the Australian professional football club agreed to discontinue any partnerships with gambling companies that they had in place.

The beginning of the week saw them making a commitment to stick to responsible gambling promotion so that sports remain safe and free from association with the gambling industry. The Western Sydney Wanderers are to take part in the “Reclaim the Game” campaign of GambleAware that is aimed at attracting consumers’ attention to the normalization of gambling advertising during sports events and to shifting their focus on the game rather than on gambling and gambling promotion.

The Western Sydney Wanderers has joined forces with creative company Chisel to create a number of YouTube videos and adverts that feature soccer players urging their fans to stay away from gambling and avoid temptations associated with gambling and betting during sports events.

The newly-established partnership was confirmed by the gambling director of GambleAware, Natalie Wright, who described the collaboration as a successful one. Ms Wright said that everyone at the British problem gambling and gambling awareness organisation is thrilled to be working with the Australian professional football club for another season, explaining that would provide the charity with the chance to continue to educate sports fans, players, staff and community about the risks associated with gambling and the importance of the “Reclaim the Game” campaign.

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John Tsatsimas, CEO of the Australian professional football club, has said the promotion of safer gambling and ensuring protection for sports fans was the right course for the future of the team. He further noted that the Western Sydney Wanderers are willing to assist with some gambling-related issues faced by the local community.

Furthermore, Tsatsimas shared he remains hopeful that the aforementioned campaign will be successful in educating fans about the dangers associated with gambling and will teach them to be extra cautious when interacting with sports betting products during live sports events or basing their experience entirely on sports betting.

The Western Sydney Wanderers became the first club from the Australian A-League that joined forces with GambleAware, providing the British charity organisation with a boost in a new market.

So far, sports clubs in Australia have been more proactive when it comes to responsible gambling measures. Since the beginning of 2021, sports clubs in the country have been choosing to cut their ties with Australian gambling companies in order to become part of various initiatives promoting safe and transparent gambling, as well as raising their fans’ awareness of possible negative consequences that could occur from gambling. Most of the clubs that cut their connections with existing gambling operators have done that as part of an agreement with the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling.

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