NSW Crime Commission Suggests Cashless Gambling Cards to Combat Money Laundering

The New South Wales (NSW) Crime Commission has found that billions in “dirty” money have been used yearly for gambling in pubs and clubs located in the state. In response, the body suggested the implementation of cashless gambling cards for pokies, which can put an end to money laundering through gambling in the state.

On Wednesday, a final report on money laundering cases in NSW was published after a joint law enforcement agency inquiry. The report revealed that concerning amounts of money earned from criminal activities were used for gambling in pubs and clubs in NSW. By gambling with dirty money, criminals are encouraging crime in the NSW community.

Money Laundering Inquiry Reveals Billions of Dollars Going into Gambling Black Hole Every Year

Following the results of the report, the NSW Crime Commission also called for the implementation of cashless cards at gambling venues in the state. The said tool is supposed to help the state combat money laundering, which was described in the report as a “black hole” where $95 billion were disappearing every year.

The findings from the inquiry would most likely pressure the NSW premier, Dominic Perrottet, to implement cashless cards for gambling in the state. The Commission believed that the introduction of the cashless payment solution would help combat organised crime, which is currently connected to gaming machines in the state.

The cashless gambling card was first introduced by Victor Dominello, former gaming minister, who was stripped from the liquor and gaming portfolio last year. The said payment tool, however, did not receive the approval of the gambling sector’s head lobby group, Clubs NSW. Instead, the gambling representative body suggested the introduction of facial recognition in NSW pubs and clubs as a tool to reduce gambling harm.

NSW Crime Commission Pushes for Introduction of Cashless Gambling Cards

Last December, the state’s Crime Commission announced its inquiry into money laundering cases related to NSW pokies. The state’s authority had previously noted that some of the gambling laws in NSW were encouraging money laundering through pokies in local pubs and clubs.

According to commissioner Michael Barnes, the review revealed that poker machines in the state were giving criminals a safe tool to launder money without facing any legal consequences. He added that currently, there are no laws that could stop serious offenders from entering NSW pubs and clubs and “clean” their dirty money through gambling on pokies.

Currently, the government is testing voluntary cashless gambling cards in Newcastle, which came as a result of an agreement made with the gambling industry. However, the “voluntary” part suggests that criminals will still have the option to choose to gamble with real cash, with the measure having no significant impact on money laundering. A hybrid payment system used in gambling facilities could help criminals to launder money in a much easier way, stated the report.

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