UKGC Takes the Regulation of Gambling Incentives into Consideration Amid Wave of Public Criticism

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) is preparing to address the subject of bonuses and other enticements used by the gambling industry to attract customers as a part of a more complex review of the sector. As previously reported, the country’s Government has been aiming at completing an overhaul of the sector, so at the end of April, it published its long-awaited White Paper on gambling.

The plans remain on track even though some recommendations have been facing growing public resistance.

When speaking at the British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) last week, the Director of Compliance at the UK gambling regulatory body, Mandy Gill, shared more information about the consultation on bonuses and various enticements used by the sector. She explained that the use of various incentives, including free bets, and the role they play when it comes to the provision of a socially responsible gaming experience has been the major focus of the consultation.

As Casino Guardian reported previously, the White Paper issued by the Government introduced a number of recommendations that could bring significant changes to the country’s gambling sector. Not all of these changes, however, have been welcome and proposed affordability checks have been among the measures that have not received as much support as some lawmakers and anti-gambling campaigners have been hoping for.

UK Government and Gambling Watchdog Face Backlash from the Wider Public

The UK Gambling Commission has been accepting feedback from gambling operators across the country on how they currently address the connection between incentives and social responsibility. Furthermore, they will be given the chance to supply input on how the enticements can be adjusted in the future so that the sector is in line with the gambling reforms planned by the Government.

So far, the Government and the country’s gambling watchdog have introduced limits on how the incentives could be used to attract more customers. Further restrictions could be introduced by the white paper, and this has raised concerns that such a policy could only help the black unregulated market gain strength.

During her speech at the BACTA, Ms Gill shared that the regulator and government officials are set to talk about gambling management tools during the UKGC’s latest consultation. Part of that will be focused on whether the sector should face stricter online deposit limits or not.

Apart from that, the Gambling Commission is expecting to receive some feedback on regulatory returns, or the self-supplied audit from gambling companies that provide official data about their activities on a daily basis. That information is being used by the sector’s regulatory body to help ensure that each operator is compliant with its license terms.

That is exactly the reason why the UKGC has taken the potential increase in the frequency with which regulatory returns are collected into consideration. For the time being, most gambling companies in the country provide quarterly and annual returns.

As explained by the watchdog, it would also discuss the potential removal of a significant number of regulatory items that are not useful or have been outdated.

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