Are Live Casino Games Getting More Popular than RNG Games

live casino gamesBack in the 90s, when the first online casino was launched, no one had any high expectations for the games that were going to be available online. As the iGaming industry started developing at a rapid rate, the games quickly became more visually pleasing as well as more innovative in the ways they award payouts.

Nowadays, interactive casinos have reached a point where they can offer exciting games, which cannot be found at any brick-and-mortar casino. From video slots to classic table games, online casinos can offer their members a wide range of options that any casino fan could appreciate.

Even though virtual games became the favourite pastime of many casino fans, there were still players who preferred playing with real dealers at brick-and-mortar casinos. With software providers getting more innovative, however, online casinos started offering games that came as close to the land-based experience as no other online games ever did before. Live-dealer solutions started offering virtual players to bet against real dealers, in real-time, with table games being conducted right before their eyes.

Like other casino games, live-dealer options also started evolving, providing players with newer innovations like side bets, higher betting limits, VIP tables, and many more. As live casino variations are getting more popular, the question of whether this type of game would replace virtual RNG casino games arises.

Common Features of Live Casino and RNG Games

Common FeaturesBefore we can determine whether live-dealer games have the potential to get more popular than RNG casino games, we might want to compare them and see their similarities. As both types of casino software solutions provide certain perks to players, they are getting preferred by many casino enthusiasts.

One of the biggest common conveniences of both types of casino games is that they are available online. That means players can stay in the comfort of their homes and still enjoy a variety of casino games, both virtual and live-dealer ones. While RNG games may be more suitable for first-time players, as soon as they get used to the online gaming experience, they can enjoy even more immersive casino gaming sessions with live casino options.

Socialising with other players is another fun feature of both types of online casino games. Many online casinos have a strong community of players who often share with each other their experiences and help each other out. Some virtual casino games might even feature an online chat, which can be used by all players who have joined the game at the same time. When it comes to socialising, however, live-dealer games have the upper hand as all of them allow chat communication with the dealer and other players.

As mentioned earlier, RNG games may be more suitable for first-time players. They also offer significantly lower betting minimums, allowing casual players to have a great time. Meanwhile, high-rollers will appreciate the live-dealer section of an online casino more as live games tend to have higher betting limits.

When it comes to gaming variety, RNG games most definitely have a lot more options to offer. However, innovative live casino software companies are constantly working on adding new and more enticing titles to their portfolios. In addition to classic table games, live casino studios also stream show games that offer a very unique and entertaining casino experience. To further expand their product selection, live casino providers have also started streaming slot variation, making one’s gaming experience complete.

Why Live Casino Games Have the Potential to Overshadow RNG Games?

Live Casino Games vs RNGWhile at the dawn of online casinos there were only RNG games, with the launch of the first live-dealer games, the iGaming scene took a shift towards an extremely realistic casino experience. As this niche is constantly developing, modern live casinos have a variety of gaming options to offer and can provide something for every taste.

With live-dealer games offering players a great casino time, there are several factors that make these gaming options very popular.

Very realistic experience

realistic experienceWithout any doubt, one of the biggest advantages of live-dealer games is the authenticity of the experience. Since live casino games are streamed in real-time, you can play with real professional dealers and see the game unfold before your eyes. Such experience is inching closer to the gaming time you would have at classy brick-and-mortar casinos.

Results of games unfold in real-time

Results of games unfold in real-timeWhile RNG games are always fair thanks to the software used to determine the result of every gaming round, many players still prefer the standard way to play the games. Since live casino options are played with real professional dealers who handle the cards, roulette wheel or any other device included in the respective table game. That way players can be sure that the result of every gaming round will be revealed in real-time before their eyes and will be just as fair as the games played at land-based casinos.

Very interactive casino experience

Very interactive casino experienceOne of the biggest perks that live casino games are offering is the interaction between the various players who have joined the same live table. Thanks to the chat feature, plates can communicate with each other as well as with the dealer who is currently conducting the game. That way, the gaming session will be very similar to the atmosphere at brick-and-mortar casinos.

The same immersive experience is available on mobile

available on mobileAs live casino software providers have improved their games tremendously throughout the years, live-dealer games can now easily be enjoyed on the go. As live casino games are compatible with almost any mobile device, as long as you have a stable Internet connection, you can load any live game and revel in an authentic gaming time while playing on your phone.

Diverse gaming options

Diverse gaming optionsWith live casino software providers constantly expanding their portfolios, online players can enjoy a vast variety of games when they launch the lobby of most live casinos. When live-dealer options were first introduced to players, there were just a few live tables that one can join to play roulette, blackjack, or some other types of card games. Nowadays, live casinos offer numerous live tables with fun bonus features, ranging betting limits, automatic roulette wheels, and many other cool options.

So much more than classic table games

classic table gamesThis advantage of live casino games is closely tied up to the gaming diversity mentioned above. In addition to offering players a myriad of classic table games, live casinos also cater to different types of gaming enthusiasts. Many software providers have developed gaming shows, reminiscent of the games we are used to seeing on TV. That way, one’s live casino experience can be a lot more entertaining and diverse. Moreover, gaming companies started offering live slot variations of popular RNG slots. That allows players a plethora of gaming options they can enjoy once they head to the lobby of the live casino where they play.

Should You Choose Live Casino Games Over RNG Options?

Should You Choose Live Casino GamesWhen comparing the two types of casino games, we can see that both types can offer a great gaming experience to casino fans. With the increasing popularity of live-dealer games, however, many believed live casinos are the future of the iGaming industry, having the potential to overshadow RNG games.

If you are still wondering which type of casino game is better to play, we cannot give you a specific answer. Whether live-casino games or RNG options offer a better gaming experience depends entirely on the players’ preferences. Although live casino games are getting extremely widespread, we cannot be certain that they will get more popular than RNG games as many players still prefer virtual games offered by online casinos.

If you are new to online casinos, we recommend choosing RNG games as they are often available in fun mode. That means that you can wager demo money and learn how to play certain games before you start wagering with your real funds. With live-dealer games, you do not have the fun mode option as it is extremely expensive for live casino studios to stream games in real-time only to have players wager demo money. Once you get confident in your play, you can test the waters by playing a few live table games or game shows.

Betting limits will also play an important role in the choice between RNG and live-dealer games. Virtual casino games often have much lower betting limits, sometimes allowing players to wager as little as 20p per roulette betting round. Meanwhile, live casino games often have higher betting limits, making them more suitable for players with bigger budgets. The reason for that is yet again the cost of streaming live casino games of such a high quality and offering a realistic casino experience online.

If you want to play games with real professional dealers in an authentic casino environment, with professional casino equipment, then live casino games are the better choice for you. The results of every game are revealed in real-time, before your eyes, just like in every land-based casino, making the entire experience very true to the classic gaming experience.

The thrill of interactions with other players and the dealers is also mainly possible with live casino games. Thanks to the chat feature of most live-dealer games, players are free to communicate with others who have joined live tables and the dealers who are currently conducting the games.


Closing ThoughtsWith newer innovations added to the live casino software platforms of most iGaming companies, live-dealer games are getting extremely popular among many players. In addition to a wide range of classic table games, live casino options also include fun variety shows that offer a different type of gaming experience. Moreover, with many software companies developing live slots, the options that one can play in real-time at a live casino continue to grow.

While live-dealer games offer many perks that their RNG counterparts cannot provide, many players still prefer virtual casino games. Since RNG options often have demo versions, they are more suitable for inexperienced players. What is more, the betting limits of virtual casino games are often more acceptable, offering recreational players much lower limits than live casino games.

We cannot say for sure that live-casino variations will soon surpass RNG games in popularity as virtual games are still more suitable for some players. At the end of the day, it is up to the players to decide whether RNG or live-dealer casino games will be the better choice for them.

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