Fish Casino Table Games – What Are They and How to Play Them?

fish table gamesIf you have experience playing at brick-and-mortar casinos, you may often hear the phrase “beat the fish”, especially if you have joined a poker table. The meaning of this phrase is to beat a less experienced player on the table. This saying was probably the inspiration behind the brand new category of games that are slowly appearing at more online casinos.

Fish table games are getting quite popular with some casino enthusiasts as they offer a brand new spin on online gambling. As fish table games require some skills, they appeal to players who prefer games of skills to chance-based options. Another element of fish table games that many find entertaining is the opportunity to play against other casino players.

With fish table games, you and other casino members are competing against each other, with players who manage to survive longer in the game taking the big prize. If you want to learn more about the history of fish games and how they have been recently integrated into online gambling, we suggest you keep on reading.

How Fish Table Games Came to Be

Fish Table Games historyWhile fish table games have started appearing at virtual casinos pretty recently, the first game of this type appeared for the first time in China, back in 2005. Many find fish table games entertaining as they allow people to play in large groups and make the whole experience more exciting. As more people find fish table games very intriguing and fun, they quickly spread across casinos all over the world.

Despite many enjoying fish table games, they have become a subject of heated disagreements, especially in regions where gambling is illegal. Even though this type of casino entertainment has been categorised as a game of skill, many authorities are hesitant to acknowledge it as such. Due to the issues with fish table games, they have been operating mainly in underground brick-and-mortar casinos.

As this type of casino game has gained huge popularity among players, many online casinos have started offering this genre. You may need to review several online casinos before you find a trustworthy website where you can play fish table games. Despite the game being very fun, it is still not as common as other online casino games.

How Fish Table Games Are Played

How Fish Table Games Are PlayedAs we have already mentioned, fish table games are based on skills shown while you play with other people who have joined the same game. If you have ever heard of redemption games, you will have an easier time understanding how fish table games are played.

Redemption games typically offer players different payouts that correspond to each player’s score. You can also compare fish table games to the experience you may have at carnivals where you receive tickets whenever you beat a game, with tickets being redeemable for a certain prize. The same rewarding system is also applied to fish table games, however, players receive real money instead of prize tickets.

If you see the game at a land-based casino, you will see a large tabletop covered with a screen. Players sit around the table, with each player having a designated station on the screen. The screen will show fish of different sizes swimming hectically across the screen. The goal of the game is to shoot the fish and win the payout it represents.

To participate in the game, you need to deposit money into your account. Depending on the amount you have deposited, you will be provided with various weapons to catch the fish. The weapons will have different strengths, with more expensive weapons ensuring more accurate shots and better chances to catch high-value fish. Just as it is with other casino games, the greater the amount you wager is, the higher your winning chances will be.

Fish Table Games at Online Casinos

Fish Table Games at Online CasinosNot that long ago, some online casinos started offering players the chance to play fish table games. If you have played this type of casino game at a land-based casino, you will have no trouble understanding the online variations of fish table gambling. Just like in a brick-and-mortar casino, you must start by depositing funds to your gaming balance.

After you launch the game, you will need to choose the size of your bet and pick your weapon. As soon as the new gaming session starts, you will see various fish swimming on the screen, with your goal being to score as many catches as possible. Every fish will have a different value attached to it and you will see the respective amount appearing in your balance whenever you kill a fish. Once the gaming round is over, the cumulative amount of the fish you have killed will be credited to your casino account.

As you can see, the same rules apply to the online versions of fish table games. The best part about playing these gaming options online is that you will often be allowed to test the same for free, wagering play money. This will allow you to practice your shooting skills and wager real money once you are confident in your technique.

Virtual Fish Table Games to Try at Online Casinos

Virtual Fish Table Games to Try at Online CasinosWith this variation of casino games getting more extensive recognition, more software developers are starting to create fish table gaming variations. You can compare for yourself the various options available online and pick the one you find most entertaining. While fish-themed games are still not as common as other games of skills, we believe more software companies will start developing similar games as they can offer a different, yet very entertaining gambling experience.

Fish Catch

Fish CatchThis variation of fish table games is developed by RealTime Gaming and offers a brand new way to enjoy your time at your favourite online casino. You start by choosing your bet size, with each wager corresponding to a different sea creature. Once you start a gaming session, you will be able to choose your weapon, with weapons carrying a 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, or 10x multiplier that applies to your bet size. Of course, the more expensive the weapon, the more precise it will be, with some cannons even having special features to make your catch more successful.

One of the most exciting features of Fish Catch is called Mermaid Luck and it can be triggered randomly. This will display a wheel on the screen that will spin and award a random prize. Once the time is over, you will be transferred to another scene where there will be plenty of other fish to catch. The biggest payout you can land while playing Fish Catch is 250x your bet.

Fu Fish

Fu FishAnother fun variation of fish table games that you can find at different virtual casinos is Fu Fish by Skywind Groups. With 97% RTP, you have a potential return that is even slightly better than the usual 96% that most slots offer. Staying true to this game genre, Fu Fish allows you to play against other players and fight for the same fish in the sea.

You start the game by choosing your bet size, with the game offering three different levels of bets. To make the game even more interesting and rewarding, the sea bottom of Fu Fish may even feature special golden objects that can bring you great cash prizes.

Make sure to keep an eye for the random golden sharks and golden dragons that may also appear and bring you a random high payout. The special sharks and dragons can award between up to 500x and up to 888x your bet respectively. If you manage to shoot a mine, you will clear all the fish on the screen, collecting a very generous payout.

As you can see, Fu Fish has plenty of fun bonus features that can lead to bigger wins and more enjoyable gaming time at your favourite online casino.

Tips and Tricks to Apply While Playing Fish Table Games

Tips and Tricks to Apply While Playing Fish Table GamesFish table games are just like other casino options, requiring a large dose of luck to bring you successful results. However, this type of casino game is also based on skills and you have the opportunity to improve your chances for big wins if you know how to play fish table games the right way. If you want to enjoy successful gaming sessions, we suggest you keep in mind the following tips and tricks:

Don’t necessarily aim for big catches

Don’t necessarily aim for big catchesIt is natural to wish to catch the biggest fish and collect a more generous payout but a strategic play would require you to be more careful with your wagers. You will quickly notice that big fish is usually very difficult to catch as it is rarely easily hit. That is why it is a waste of ammunition and money to try and catch big fish at all costs. You will be much better off aiming for smaller catches which are easily shot, bringing you a bigger number of tinier payouts. Once you have collected more money, you can change to a more expensive weapon and riks a bigger bet to try catching the bigger fish.

Choose the right weapon

Choose the right weaponDepending on the fish table game variation you play, there might be different weapons at your disposal. Of course, the more precise the aim of the weapon is, the higher stake it will cost you to play. However, you do not always need the most expensive cannon to catch the biggest sea creatures that will bring generous payouts. Make sure to explore all weapons and pick the ones that have the best features and can help you catch bigger prizes. One great way to explore the different weapons is to play the game for free in fun mode. Once you have analysed your best options for a bigger catch, you can start betting real money.

Do not forget to use your skills

Do not forget to use your skillsSince fish table games offer a brand new and exciting way of wagering, players may often forget that they are spending real money and they should be focused on playing using skills. Many players tend to get carried away and start to aimlessly shoot any bigger fish on the screen. However, if you want to actually improve your winning chances, you should not forget to play by using your shooting skills.

Inspect the paytable

Inspect the paytableNaturally, many players might think that bigger fish will most definitely offer the biggest payouts in the game. However, this is not always the case as some fish table games feature smaller sea creatures that bring bonus payouts. Moreover, some variations of the game also use other items that can also be shot and bring you bigger rewards. That is why it is important to inspect the paytable to know where to aim while playing.

Closing Thoughts on Fish Table Games

ConclusionFish table games are fairly new, especially to online casino players. Despite that, many gambling enthusiasts find them entertaining as they can play alongside fellow players and compete for the biggest prizes of the game. Offering a new type of casino entertainment, fish table games are starting to appear at more interactive casinos.

While these games seem like yet another variation of games of chance, fish table gambling actually requires some skills. This is yet another reason why some players enjoy playing these games as they can improve their winning chances when they use their skills to play.

Even though fish table games are still not that common at virtual casinos, they have the potential to become the favourite gaming option of many more casino enthusiasts. Combining the thrill of competing against other players with the chance to actually use skills in the game makes fish table gambling a great option for many casino aficionados.

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