Casino Games Selection

Online Casino Guide PhotoIf you were to do a quick research on online casinos, you will be most likely amazed at the impressive number of available casino websites on the Internet. When it comes to online casinos, you are spoilt for choice as long as the country you reside in permits this type of entertainment. However, this wasn’t always the case as when the online casinos first emerged in the 1990s, they weren’t so widely accepted. Back then, not many players opted for playing online as the diversity and the quality of the games just wasn’t satisfactory.

As a result, the online casinos searched for various different ways to improve their online gambling business so that the available online games can meet players’ needs and requirements. Nowadays every leading online casino is in partnership with at least one reputable software supplier in order to manage to provide high-quality games. Without some of the most prominent software providers, the online gambling industry certainly would have been very different. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of both the online casinos and the software providers, presently you are able to enjoy a wide range of online games at the comfort of your home.

Game Categories

If you wonder what game categories are available in the majority of online casinos, you should know that most of them offer the same diversity of games as their land-based counterparts. The only difference is that this time you will play your favourite games virtually. The online games can be divided into several groups, depending on their basic features – slots, table games, video poker, specialty games and arcade games. Sometimes besides the main game categories, you can also find a section dedicated to the most played games or favourite games of all time.

The slots group features all types of slot games, including 3D and progressive jackpot slots. Card games such as baccarat and blackjack belong to the table games and sometimes craps and roulette can be also found in this category. The video poker group includes mainly video poker variations which in land-based casinos you can play on a video poker machine that resembles the slots one.

All other games that simply don’t belong to any other group such as bingo, keno, scratch tickets and lottery fall under the category of specialty games. It should be noted that some online casinos categorise roulette and craps as specialty games. Bingo and scratch cards are also among the games which can be found under a different category – arcade games. In case that you are not sure where to find your favourite game, you can simply type its name in the search bar which most casinos offer. This way the game of your choice will be instantly located and you won’t have to waste any time seeking it.

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Most Popular Games

It is observable that most online casinos offer a huge diversity of online games which you can enjoy at any place and time. No matter whether you are a fan of games of chance or skill-based ones, you will be able to find the variant that suits your personal preferences best. What is more, besides the classic games, most online casinos also offer a wide range of variations thanks to which you can significantly diversify your gambling experience. It should be noted that since every version features different rules and sometimes gameplay, it is essential to get familiar with these aspects in advance.

One of the most popular casino games of all time that is played online by a number of players is Blackjack. It is no wonder that it is among the most loved casino games since, besides luck, it also requires skills. Its house edge is fairly low in comparison to some other casino games, meaning that if you apply a strategy, you have very realistic chances of winning. Its rules are very straightforward and easy to learn which makes it perfect for all types of players. Some of the most popular variations of this card game include Blackjack Switch, Super Fun 21, European Blackjack, Pontoon, Perfect Pairs, Spanish 21, Atlantic City Blackjack and others.

Roulette is another casino game that seems to appeal to players from all over the world. It is a game of chance which makes it perfect for players who love the feeling of anticipation. However, even though there is no way to predict or influence its outcome, you can learn a betting system and this way place wiser wagers. Some of the most popular variations that are available in a number of online casinos are French Roulette, European Roulette, Multi-Ball Roulette, 3D Roulette, American Roulette and others. It should be noted that some versions such as American Roulette feature different wheel which significantly increases the house edge.

Video poker and slots are also among the online games which attract players on a regular basis. Even though in land-based casinos both are played on seemingly identical machines, they are very different in nature. In slot games, you rely entirely on luck, whereas in video poker, you can influence the outcome of every hand to a great extent by using a strategy. When it comes to the latter, you can enjoy Jacks or Better, Double Jackpot Poker, Deuces Wild, Bonus Deuces Wild, Tens or Better and others. Some of the popular slot games include 3D Slots, Fruit machines, Video Slots, Progressive Jackpot Slots, 3-reel and 5-reel Slots and others.

Live Dealer Games

Another well-known type of online games which deserves mentioning is live dealer games. These games have become extremely popular as they give players the chance to experience their favourite game as if they were at an actual land-based casino. They are usually streamed from a studio which successfully recreates the casino ambiance. The live games are operated in real time by a well-presented dealer who conducts the gaming process in a professional manner.

What is more, you are able to communicate with the rest of the players involved in the game and with the dealer by using the live chat feature. This way you can still experience the social aspect of the casinos and have fun. Some of the live dealer games which are offered by the majority of the online casinos are Live Dealer Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Hold ‘Em Poker and occasionally Craps. Some of the online casinos which have teamed up with the prominent software provider Microgaming offer live games in which the attractive dealers wear Playboy-branded outfits.

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Progressive Jackpot Games

A very popular type of online games which gained in popularity significantly is Progressive Jackpot games. They feature a jackpot whose amount increases constantly as every time someone plays, a part of his/her bet contributes to the sum. Usually, in order to be able to win the jackpot, you need to place a separate side bet and wager the maximum amount. When it comes to progressive jackpot games, undoubtedly the most popular one is slots as it was among the first games to ever feature such an ever-increasing amount. Some of the most popular such exciting games include Mega Fortune Dreams by NetEnt, Age of Gods by Playtech, Mega Moolah by Microgaming and others.

However, nowadays there are various online games which offer you the chance to win big. They are provided by some of the leading software suppliers in the current online gambling industry. Video poker is another game which has several progressive jackpot variations such as SupaJax and Jackpot Deuces both by Microgaming. Roulette enthusiasts can win a life-changing amount by playing Roulette Royal by Microgaming, Triple Bonus Spin Roulette by IGT or Marvel Roulette by Playtech. If you are more of a blackjack fan, then you can try variations such as Triple Sevens Blackjack by Microgaming which also feature progressive jackpots.


Which are the casino games that have the best odds?

Your chances of winning strictly depend on the house edge and the variation you are playing. In general, the more skills a particular game requires, the lower the house edge is. In this sense, Blackjack is considered to be one of the games that offer the best odds since its house edge is less than 1%.

Another game which offers fairly good odds is Video Poker, providing that you play on a full pay 9/6 machine. Roulette can be also quite beneficial as long as you stick to the variations which feature only one green pocket such as European Roulette. Craps and Baccarat are also considered games with decent odds, however only on the condition that you place your bets on respectively the Odds bet and the Banker bet.

What types of games are available on mobile?

Most mobile casinos offer various game types, including specialty games, slots, video poker, table games and arcade games, to the players who wish to gamble on the go. You are usually given two options when it comes to playing on your mobile device – to access the mobile version of the respective casino through your browser or to download its app. The available options depend on the casino of your choice as well as on the mobile device you possess.

For instance, Android users are deprived of the opportunity to download real-money apps directly from the official virtual market of the company. However, if a particular casino offers an app suitable for such devices, they can download it directly from its website.

How do progressive jackpot games work?

Progressive jackpot games offer a life-changing prize because every time a player places a bet, a small part of it goes straight to it. This way, the jackpot increases at a very fast pace until a lucky player wins it. After that, it is reset to a predetermined amount from which the accumulating process starts again.

What is the difference between online games and live dealer games?

Online games feature a RNG which determines the outcome of every round, hand or spin, whereas live dealer games are conducted in the same manner as their land-based counterparts. They are hosted by well-versed dealers who operate the game in real time. You are able to witness the gaming process from the beginning to the end thanks to the live streaming technology in use. Also, live games have a live chat feature which gives you the chance to talk to the rest of the players or with the dealer which makes your online gambling experience even more authentic.