How to Register at an Online Casino

Video Poker Machine PhotoThe online casinos have become so popular all over the world that there is hardly any player who hasn’t considered gambling virtually at least once. The advancement of the modern technologies made it possible for a number of web-based casinos to improve their gaming services and take advantage of some of the available cutting-edge security systems in order to assure a high level of protection to its players’ data. Nowadays there are quite a few online casinos which have an impeccable reputation on the online gambling market.

Furthermore, over the past few years, many regulatory gaming bodies were created in various parts of the world so that the gambling industry can be regulated properly. This encouraged many players to play online and find out what the online casinos have to offer. Even some of the most traditional players who love going to land-based casinos because of the many flashing lights and vivid atmosphere have decided to give the online casinos a try.

Some online casinos offer practice mode or also known as fun play mode, meaning that you can enjoy a particular game without wagering your own funds. However, if you want to get real money every time you win, you need to open an account. In general, registering at an online casino is very easy, but if you are new to online casinos, there are several important things which it is best to consider beforehand.

Eligibility Requirements and Prohibited Practices

Reading the terms and conditions is the first thing you should do before you initiate registration at any online casino. Each gambling operator publishes the terms of using its services in the footer of its website. Getting acquainted with the terms of use will allow you to figure out in advance whether you are eligible for registration in the first place. Here are the most important eligibility criteria UK players must meet.

Players must meet the minimum age requirements

Underage gambling is strictly prohibited under sections 45 through 47 of the Gambling Act of 2005. Only individuals aged 18 or older can legally participate in online casino gaming. We suggest you refrain from making any attempts at registration if you do not meet the minimum age requirements. You will be unable to pass the verification checks and will have your newly registered account closed down by the operator.

Players must not have existing accounts

All UK-facing online casinos have adopted a practice that restricts customers to a single registered account per person, household, mobile number, email, and IP address. Make sure you have no existing account with the online casino you wish to sign up with and do not attempt to create a new one if so. Players who violate this rule typically have their duplicate accounts suspended and their winnings confiscated.

Players cannot create new accounts if they have self-excluded

Customers who have previously excluded themselves from gambling of their own volition are prohibited from registering new accounts. The UK is home to several multi-operator self-exclusion schemes, GAMSTOP being the most prominent example. Brits who have registered with one such scheme are prevented from playing at all gambling sites licensed to operate in the country. They can regain access to their accounts once the self-exclusion period of their choosing expires. It would be best to refrain from creating new accounts if you have registered with a national exclusion scheme. This is a stark violation of the rules and you will inevitably get caught.

Registration Process

In most online casinos you should be able to easily find the registration section. Depending on the layout of the website, it can be located either at the top or at the bottom of the home page. In some online casinos the second you access their website, a pop-up window shows thanks to which you can join the platform instantly. Usually, the whole registration process can be completed within several minutes as all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps. Sometimes you can even sign up by using the account you have in some popular social networks.

However, bear in mind that the registration process also involves several security steps which cannot be skipped. You should take your time to fill out all of the needed information as accurate as possible. If you fail to provide the required information correctly, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. You will have to fill out a registration form in which you are required to write down some personal details, including full name, full current address, email address, telephone number and security question.

It is essential to create a memorable security question so that you can easily recover your password if needed. Moreover, if you write down a question whose answer is only known by you, you can add an extra layer of protection to your data.

The security question is quite important as it is sometimes also used as an alternative way for your identity to be authenticated. You are also required to choose a username and a currency in which you would like to place your bets. Thus, it is very important to play at an online casino that supports the currency of your country. This way, there won’t be any need for a currency conversion and you won’t lose any money in the process.

Depending on the online casino, the content of the actual form you are required to fill out can slightly vary. There might be also some optional fields which you can choose not to fill out. For instance, sometimes you are given the opportunity to set a limit on your deposits so that you can manage your funds better. If you are a new user, bear in mind that after you register you can take advantage of a welcome bonus which varies, depending on the casino of your choice. Also, make sure to check its wagering requirements and terms and conditions in order to know what to expect.

Registering at Online Casino Photo

Setting Up Your Online Casino Account in 5 Simple Steps

There is no need to worry if you are a first-timer. Registering at an online casino is a very straightforward process that involves several simple steps and we cover them comprehensively below so that you can have an easy time. Our step-by-step registration guide also includes screenshots to further simplify things for you.

  • Step #1 – Assuming you already have a preferred online casino in mind, you must open its official website in your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Step #2 – Open the registration form by clicking or tapping the sign-up button, which is usually located in the top right corner of the screen.
    Registering at Online Casino step 1
  • Step #3 – Fill in the blanks with your personal information. Make sure you pick a strong enough password for your account during this step. It is recommended to use a combination of numbers, special symbols, and uppercase and lowercase letters for maximum protection. UK-friendly online casinos generally ask their soon-to-be customers to provide the details outlined below.
    • First and last name as they appear on your passport or ID card
    • Valid email address
    • Password and username
    • Valid mobile number
    • Date of birth and gender (gender is optional in some cases)
    • Postcode and valid residential address (street name, house or apartment number, city, and country)

    Registering at Online Casino step 2

  • Step #4 – Tick off the checkboxes to confirm you are of legal age to gamble and agree with the terms of use and the privacy policy. Some online casinos enable new players to opt in for the welcome bonus at this stage.
    Registering at Online Casino step 3
  • Step #5 – Click or tap the ‘Create Account’ button to finalise the registration process and proceed with account verification. Customers are able to set daily, weekly, or monthly deposit limits during the last stages of the registration process in some cases. The player’s professional occupation and monthly income are often required as per UKGC guidance.

Important to Know

Most online casinos licenced by the UK Gambling Commission accept deposits and withdrawals in Pound Sterling only. Once the operator detects someone is accessing their website from Great Britain, the customer’s account will be automatically set up in GBP after they initiate the registration process. Switching to another base currency is impossible in such cases.

It is of utmost importance to enter your email address and mobile number correctly during the sign-up process. Most online casinos send activation links to the email addresses new customers have signed up with as registration confirmation. In some cases, new players receive verification codes via text messages and must enter them to successfully complete the registration.

Registering at Online Casino step 4

Identity Verification

As already mentioned, during the registration process you will be required to write down your personal details. After that, in order for the online casino to verify your account, you have to provide a valid document which supports the written data. This verification process is mandatory as there is simply no other way that you can prove your identity.

Another thing that you are required to confirm is your email address. Usually, in order to do that, you should simply check the inbox as there you should be able to find an email sent by the respective casino. To further verify your account, you have to click on a link which will instantly redirect you to the casino website.

It should be noted that some online casinos also require a verification when it comes to your phone number. In such cases, you can expect a text message from the respective online casino with further instructions on the matter.

In case that you feel somehow uncertain about your privacy and security, you should know that every reputable online casino uses a SSL Encryption technology which has proven to be highly efficient and reliable. This is also the main reason why it is compulsory to only play in well-established online casinos which have an impeccable reputation in the online gambling industry. This way you will prevent yourself from any potential threats and you will have the needed peace of mind that your data is in good hands.

Every leading casino has a license issued by an independent authority which has checked thoroughly all of its aspects, including fairness, security and responsibility. The casino operators are required to adhere to various strict rules in order to manage to assure a high level of protection.

Most online casinos offer a dedicated section on their privacy policy which it is always a good idea to have a look at. Furthermore, bear in mind that only players who comply with the established minimum gambling age will be able to open a real-money account. It is entirely forbidden for minors to gamble online and to open a real-money account.

Identity Verification Photo

Complete Guide to Identity and Age Verification

All registered players from Great Britain must undergo obligatory verification before they can start transacting with authorised gambling businesses. This is a standard practice at all UK-licensed online casinos. Said verification checks serve a multi-fold purpose as they help establish the age of the registrants, confirm their identities, and prevent self-excluded individuals from gambling. Additionally, verification enables remote gambling operators to more effectively combat money laundering, terrorist financing, and other fraudulent activities.

Customers based in the UK must pass verification before they can initiate deposits, request withdrawals, gamble with real money, or gain access to the demo versions of the available casino games. The verification process involves sending documents as proof of age and identity, address, and payment method. Here is a rundown of the full set of documents they will ask you to provide.

Proof of Age and Identity
  • Government-issued identity card (ID card)
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport

Any of the three types of documents will do and you can upload the copy directly from your new account’s dashboard. Some gambling operators decline documents sent via email for security reasons. Just sign into your casino account and navigate to the ‘Upload Documents’ tab where you can choose the files you want to attach. These can be scans or photos taken with your smartphone camera, for example. Your documents must meet certain criteria or else they might get rejected.

Registering at Online Casino step 5
Uploading documents from the account’s dashboard

The exact requirements are casino-specific but most gambling operators request colour copies. The identification document must contain a clear photograph of the owner, along with their signature. Some operators reject players who send copies or scans where the edges of the documents have been cut off. The casino’s team will process and verify your information faster if everything is in good order.

Registering at Online Casino step 6
Example of proof of age and identity
Proof of Address
  • A recent utility bill (electricity, water, gas heating, landline telephone, or satellite television bills are typically accepted)
  • A bank statement

The online casino must also confirm your permanent residence address during the verification process. For this purpose, you can supply the operator with any of the above-listed utility bills or a recent bank statement. We intentionally emphasise the word ‘recent’. The documents confirming your residence must not be older than three months or else they will get rejected.

Only colour copies of bills in your name are accepted. Your current address should be legible and the copy must clearly show the name/logo of the bank or the company supplying the respective utility service. You must send a copy of a full page without any cropped edges. The address on the bill or bank statement must coincide with the address the new customer has entered during the registration process.

Registering at Online Casino step 7
Example of proof of address
Proof of Payment Method

All registered customers must provide proof of payment method to successfully complete their account verification. This practice is part of the UK-licensed casinos’ anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. It enables the operators to track the source of funds of each depositing customer and ensure the money they gamble with has been obtained in a legal manner. In turn, this helps prevent terrorist financing and gambling with stolen funds. You must upload legible copies of one of the following documents for this purpose.

  • Scans or photos of the front and back of a debit card
  • A bank account statement
  • Unredacted screenshots of an e-wallet account

Again, you must meet certain requirements for your documents to be accepted. The screenshots, photos, or scans should be in colour. A real-money player can only deposit with a valid debit card registered in their name. Another requirement stipulates that you must cover the eight middle digits of the card’s number so that only the first four and the last four digits are visible.

Registering at Online Casino step 8
Example of proof of payment with a debit card

Here it is worth mentioning that British players cannot use credit cards when transacting with locally licensed gambling operators. Debit and prepaid cards pose a viable alternative as long as they are not registered in someone else’s name. UK-friendly online casinos also tend to accept Paysafecard, Trustly, and PayPal. PayPal deposits are possible but only on condition your digital wallet account is not linked to or directly funded through a credit card.

Important to Know

Depending on where you register, the casino might also ask you to take a selfie holding your identification documents and upload it from your account’s dashboard. Selfie requests may sometimes be triggered after the operator notices suspicious account activities and wants to check for potential identity theft. By rule of thumb, online casinos should not ask for selfies when a player attempts to make a withdrawal if they could have obtained this information sooner. Some businesses prefer to play it safe and request selfies in advance. This way, they can ensure beforehand that a new player is indeed in possession of their identity documents.

There is no concrete timescale for the verification procedure as the length often varies from one licensed gambling operator to the next. Trusted online casinos strive to complete the checks as quickly as possible. If all your documents are in good order, the entire process may take no more than half a day. We recommend you contact the support crew of your casino if your account verification has not been completed within two business days.

Payment Options

After you have successfully verified your account, you will be required to choose a payment method. Depending on the online casino, the available payment solutions might vary. However, most online casinos offer a wide range of payment options or at least, the most popular ones such as credit and debit cards. In general, the more options you have, the better. Also, bear in mind that some payment methods allow you to both make deposits and withdraw money, whereas others might deprive you of one of the options.

After you have completed all of the necessary steps, you can make your first deposit and take advantage of the welcome bonus the respective online casino offers you. Some online casinos will provide you with a special code which you will be required to enter in your profile. It should be noted that some bonuses require a minimum amount to be deposited in order for them to be activated.

This is the reason why you should consider the terms and conditions beforehand so that you can avoid any misunderstandings. It is also worth mentioning that some online casinos offer a welcome bonus that applies on your first three or four deposits which is another reason to check its requirements in advance.

Funding Evidence

Funding Evidence

Players who transfer significant amounts to their balance are very likely to trigger a ‘funding evidence’ prompt on behalf of their online casino. This normally happens whenever a customer reaches a specific deposit or activity level. Licensed gambling operators are required by law to verify the source of the funds customers use for gambling.

Whenever this happens, they ask you to upload a new set of documents to adequately track where your gambling budget comes from. Some players frown at this practice and consider it an invasion of their privacy. Nonetheless, this is a standard procedure under the regulatory framework of the UK Gambling Commission that aims to safeguard consumers and prevent money laundering.

All the financial information you share with UKGC licensees is heavily encrypted and remains strictly confidential. Keep in mind that more stringent gambling operators might request you to supply them with documents that carry the signature of a registered notary. As for the exact documents they might ask you to send, you can use any of the following to confirm your source of funds.

  • Recent payslips or pension statements can prove your employment or retirement income. If a player is self-employed, they can attach their most recent tax declarations.
  • Copies of relevant sale contracts can be attached by customers who have recently sold their property or business. Those who are letting properties can upload copies of the lease agreements their tenants have signed.
  • Bank statements are accepted to prove your current savings status and bank account balance.
  • Tax declaration forms or dividend distribution information may be necessary if a player is a shareholder at a given company.
  • A copy of an inheritance will may be used to prove someone has recently bequeathed money, real estate, or something else of value to the player.
  • Gambling winnings must also be confirmed by the relevant gambling website where the windfall has occurred.
  • Letters from donors are attached provided that someone has gifted you a large amount of money. The letter must outline the reason for the donation in detail and provide information about the donor’s source of wealth.


Is it necessary to register at an online casino in order to play for real money?

Yes, it is. Unless you are logged into your profile, you won’t be able to either wager or win real money. Most online casinos offer two options – practice mode and real-money mode, which gives you the freedom to choose the best one for you. If you are about to play a skill-based game such as Blackjack or Video Poker, it is a good idea to first try your strategy in fun play before you risk your own funds.

How long does it take to register at an online casino?

In general, the whole registration process is a standard one and it can be done within a few minutes. However, this aspect greatly depends on the online casino of your choice as some websites have additional steps which you will be required to complete. They add an extra layer of protection to your personal data which is the reason why you should take your time to meet all of the set requirements. In most cases, once you have filled out all of your details, you have to verify your identity. For this purpose, you will be most likely asked to provide a valid document which supports the data you have submitted.

Is it safe to register at an online casino?

Whether or not it is safe to register and play at a particular online casino entirely depends on the website of your choice. If you stick to fully-licensed online casinos which have proven to be fair and reputable, you don’t have to worry about anything. Most of the leading online casinos use a 128-bit SSL encryption which assures a high level of protection of your data straight after you have registered. In fact, this technology is even used by many banking institutions which is the proof that it is indeed highly-efficient.

Is there an age limit for registering at an online casino?

Yes, there is. In most cases, you need to be at least 18 years old in order to be able to register at an online casino and place real-money bets. However, it should be noted that the age limit also differs from one country to another which is the reason why it is best to check this aspect in advance. On the other hand, all games which can be played in practice mode have no age restrictions.

Are there any incentives to register at an online casino?

Yes, there are. Most online casinos offer a Welcome bonus which applies to new users only. Usually, it requires a minimum deposit, meaning that in order to qualify for it, you need to fund your casino account with a particular amount which is predetermined. These types of bonuses differ from one online casino to another and they are usually expressed in percentage. Therefore, it is possible to figure out how much your funds will increase if you take advantage of the bonus.

The Sign-up bonus also has a set limit which indicates the maximum amount of money you can get from it. Welcome bonuses are among the best incentives online casinos offer and they can enhance your online gambling experience significantly. However, it should be noted that these bonuses have wagering requirements which you have to meet in order to be able to claim them.