Casino Games with Best Odds

Online Casino Guide PhotoNowadays more and more players opt for online casinos as they offer them the chance to play their favourite casino game and get the same high level of entertainment from the comfort of their home. All reputable online casinos are convenient and secure which is the reason why this type of virtual entertainment is on the rise. Moreover, most of them have teamed up with various software suppliers in an attempt to provide a broad selection of top-quality online games. As a result, presently you can play a staggering number of variations which can greatly diversify your online gambling experience.

Since every game offers different rules and house edge, your chances of winning greatly depend on the variation of your choice. Some casino games simply offer better odds than others which make them worth playing. If you want to manage to make a profit while enjoying an exciting casino game, it is best to take into account several important factors such as the house edge and the Return to Player.

The Important Role of the House Edge

If you are new to casinos, one of the first terms which you should get familiar with is the house edge. Your chances of winning greatly depend on this aspect and thus, in order to determine the games with the best odds, you should consider it. In general, the games which offer a high house edge are not beneficial as they don’t give you many chances of winning. The house edge basically indicates the built-in advantage all casino games have thanks to which all casinos are able to operate and make a profit.

It is also worth mentioning that you should take into account the Return to Player percentage which shows the expected return from a particular casino game. You should know that the most advantageous casino games are the ones that offer a high percentage return. Usually, you are able to find out this valuable information on the casino website so make sure to check this aspect.

Casino Games with Best Odds

In general, the casino games that have the best odds are the ones that feature a skill element. These games give you the chance to influence their outcome by simply applying a strategy. This way, you can improve your game, make better choices and gain an advantage over the casino. This is the reason why games such as blackjack and video poker have gained in popularity even more in the past few years. However, it should be noted that games of chance such as roulette and craps can also be quite beneficial if you play the right variation.


Blackjack ScreenshotWhen it comes to blackjack, you should know that the classic game offers one of the lowest house edges in the gambling industry, if not the lowest. Most blackjack games offer a payback percentage of 99% which gives you a decent chance of making a profit in the long term, providing that you apply the basic strategy. Some of the most beneficial variations include Blackjack Switch, Spanish 21, European Blackjack, Pontoon, Atlantic City Blackjack and others. However, bear in mind that since every variation offers different rules, the house edge won’t be the same.

Video Poker & Slots

Jacks or Better Video Poker ScreenshotVideo poker is another game that offers decent odds since you will be highly rewarded if you apply skills. The expected return in some of the best video poker variations such as 9/6 Jacks or Better is approximately 99%, providing that you apply a reliable strategy. Video poker is often compared to slots as in land-based casinos the latter game is played on almost the same machines.

However, these two games are quite different in a lot of aspects and one of the things that set them apart is the payback percentage. In the best-case scenario, slots offer a payback percentage of 95%. In most cases, the percentage in these games varies from 75% to 80%, whereas even the video poker games with the worst odds offer approximately 94%. If you want to manage to make a profit, you are better off playing video poker rather than slots.


Playtech's Craps ScreenshotAnother very popular casino game which is worth mentioning is craps. While it is true that some of the bets in this dice game offer the worst odds as their house edge is as high as 10%, you should know that craps also features a bet whose house edge is zero. The latter is referred to as odds bet and it is perhaps your best option whenever you play craps. In this sense, the higher the amount you are allowed to wager on this bet, the better odds of winning you have.

When it comes to craps, it is advisable to mainly place money on the simple bets such as come/don’t come, pass/don’t pass, odd bets and others as in such cases, the Return to Player percentage will be around 99% or even more. This game offers an excellent house edge, providing that you choose to stick to the simple bets only.


European Roulette Netent ScreenshotRoulette is one of the all-time favourites which offers fairly favourable odds. However, when it comes to this casino game, you should know that there are many variations which have a high house edge. One of them is American Roulette in which the wheel features two green zero pockets. As a result, this version offers a house edge of 5.26% which is not so favourable. This is the reason why you are better off playing European Roulette in which the RTP is 97.30%.


Baccarat Netent ScreenshotLast but not least, baccarat is also among the games which are most famous for offering decent odds, regardless of the fact that it is a game of chance. In this game, you can choose from three bets and in order to manage to increase your chances of winning, you should wager on the bet that offers the best odds. Statistically speaking, the bet that offers the lowest house edge is the Banker one – 1.06% and thus, it is best to opt for it whenever you play baccarat. The second best is the player bet whose house edge is estimated to be 1.36%.


The bottom line is that no matter which casino game you play, it will always have a built-in advantage that will prevent you more or less of making a profit. Therefore, it is best to view online casinos as a great source of entertainment which gives you the opportunity to win some extra cash from time to time. In order to do so, you should opt for the games that have the best odds.


Which is the most important factor that you need to consider prior to playing?

If you want to not only enjoy a casino game but also make a profit from it at the same time, it is essential to consider its house edge beforehand. The house edge indicates the built-in advantage all casino games have and it is expressed as a percentage for easier comprehension. It basically shows the profit that the casinos are expected to make in the long run from the bets that players place. The house edge directly influences your chances of winning which is the reason why this is the most important aspect that you should take into account before you wager your money.

In this sense, the higher the house edge is, the worse the odds are. Every casino game has a different house edge which changes every time the rules are altered. In other words, if you decide to try a new variation of a particular casino game, you should know that the house edge won’t be the same as in the original game.

How are the house edge and the RTP percentage linked?

The house edge and the RTP are two dynamic measurements which are expressed as percentages. They are interdependent and every time one of them changes, it directly influences the other one. These figures can be viewed as two sides of the same coin. The house edge represents a percentage from the casinos’ point of view, whereas the RTP is the same proportion but from players’ point of view. For instance, the variation Double Exposure Blackjack has a house edge of 0.69% which means that the RTP percentage is 31%.

Which are the best casino games in terms of odds?

Generally speaking, the casino games which offer the most beneficial odds are the skill-based ones because, in them, you have the power to influence the outcome of every round or hand. Games such as video poker and blackjack give you the chance to apply a strategy and improve your moves by using your own skills and knowledge. Blackjack can be very profitable, especially if you are a card counter who knows the basic strategy backwards and forwards. If you are a video poker fan, you should search for full-pay machines since they offer the best odds.

Is there a bet whose house edge is zero?

As surprising as it may sound, yes, there is. Craps feature a side bet called the Odds bet whose house edge is as low as 0%. It is considered to be one of the most beneficial bets in craps and not only, due to the practically non-existent house edge. In fact, its house edge is always zero, regardless of whether it is estimated per roll or per bet resolved. On the other hand, the bet which offers the worst odds in craps is Big Red 7 as its house edge is 16.67%. Thanks to it, the casinos are able to generate massive profits in short periods of time.