Most Profitable Casino Games

Online Casino Guide PhotoAll casino games are undoubtedly a great way to entertain yourself and get a high level of excitement. Thanks to the many available online casinos, you can play some of the casino classics as well as a number of exclusive variations at the most comfortable spot for you. The most reputable online casinos offer high-quality games whose graphics and sound effects are just impeccable. It is possible to play online the same wide range of exciting games that are offered at every land-based casino.

There are various different types of online games which you can enjoy at any time and place, including table games, slots, video poker, roulette, arcade games, live dealer games and others. The live games are the most popular ones since they are streamed in real time by a well-presented dealer with whom you can chat. They give you the opportunity to get a very realistic experience as if you were playing at a land-based casino. However, the high level of excitement is not the only thing that allures players from all over the world.

House Edge & Return to Player

Besides entertainment, many players also seek a way to make a profit while playing their favourite game. In this sense, every game offers different house edge or in other words, the built-in advantage the casinos have. Your chances of winning greatly depend on this factor and therefore, in order to determine which games are the most profitable, you need to take into account the house edge.

Another important factor that has to be considered is the Return to Player (RTP) which is a term that is used to indicate the expected return percentage in the long run. For instance, since European Roulette offers a house edge of 2,70%, the RTP will be 97,30%. In this sense, the higher the RTP, the better. Therefore, you should look for games which offer the lowest house edge. In such games, you will be able to play for much longer as your funds won’t be consumed at once.

Casino Games House Edge
Casino GameHouse Edge (%)
Blackjack0.80 – 2.27
Roulette2.70 – 5.26
Slots1.00 – 15.00

Most Profitable Casino Games

Since every casino game offers different payout and house edge, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that your odds of winning are not the same. Therefore, if you want to not only have fun but also make a profit while gambling, you should get familiar with the games that offer the best house edge and payout percentage. Generally speaking, the casino games which give you the best chances of winning are the ones that require skills as in them, you can influence the outcome to a great extent.

It should be noted that in order to win in these games, you need to learn a reliable strategy which you can apply successfully throughout the game. The main difference between games of chance and skilled-based ones is that the former are completely random, meaning that you can’t do much in order to make an impact on their outcome. The players who don’t use a strategy while playing don’t realise that they simply turn the skilled-based game of their choice into a game of chance.

The most popular game of this type is Slots as in it all you need to do is to simply pull the lever or click on the respective button if you play online and hope for the best. In general, not many games offer you the chance to become a consistent winner and make a profit as in most of them, you are bound to lose more money in the long term. Now, let’s have a look at some of the most favourable casino games from which you can make a profit while enjoying yourself.


Blackjack is a skilled-based card game which is famous for having a fairly low house edge. Many players opt for it since it offers them the opportunity to influence the outcome of every hand by applying a strategy. For this purpose when it comes to blackjack, there are various available strategies which can help you decrease the house edge even more and make a profit in the long term. Most variations offer a house edge which is lower than 1%. One of the most beneficial games in this aspect is Blackjack Switch as due to its extraordinary rules, it offers a house edge of 0.17%. Two other advantageous games are Spanish 21 and Atlantic City Blackjack as they offer a house edge of respectively 0.38% and 0.35%.

If you are new to blackjack, you can start off by learning the basic strategy. Once you fully master it, you can try to improve your game even more by using a card counting system. Contrary to the popular belief that the card counting systems can be used only by skilled mathematicians, nowadays there are various systems which are perfect for novice players.

A number of such systems have a plan that is very simple and straightforward which make them suitable for even inexperienced players. All card counting systems differ from one another in their level of difficulty so it is best to check this aspect in advance. Some of the most popular such systems are Hi-Lo, Red Seven, Zen Count, Wong Halves, Omega II, Hi-Opt, K-O and others.

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Video Poker

Video poker is often viewed as a game of chance due to the fact that in land-based casinos, it is played on a machine that is almost identical to the slots one. However, what sets this game apart from slots is the fact that if you apply a strategy, you can influence the outcome of every hand. Furthermore, some variations of video poker can be quite beneficial for players as they have a moderately low house edge. In fact, there are some versions such as Aces and Eights by Realtime Gaming and Jacks or Better by NetEnt whose house edge is lower than 1%.

In general, the most beneficial video poker games are the 9/6 games which are played on full pay machines. The reason why they are called 9/6 games is that in them, the winning combination Full House pays out 9 to 1 and Flush pays out 6 to 1. Some of the most profitable video poker games are 9/6 Deuces Wild, 9/6 Jacks or Better, 9/6 Double Double Bonus Poker and others.

Also, bear in mind that your chances of forming a particular winning combination are always the same, meaning that you can get a Flush twice in a row or don’t get it at all during your session. The reason why is that every time the outcome of the game is determined by a RNG which deals the cards in a completely random manner.

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Even though roulette is regarded predominantly as a game of chance, you can learn a number of betting systems which can help you make wiser decisions for your wagers. Thanks to them, it is possible to make a profit while enjoying this casino classic. However, it is important to make sure that the betting system of your choice is suitable for your bankroll. In general, if you are a novice player, it is best to avoid the negative progression betting systems as they can damage your bankroll significantly. Also, it should be noted that most betting systems are only efficient over a short period of time, meaning that they are not suitable for long sessions.

Moreover, when it comes to roulette, there are various online games which feature different wheels. The particular wheel that is included in the game determines to a great extent your chances of winning. For instance, the wheel in American Roulette features a double-zero pocket, meaning that on it you will be able to see not one but two green pockets. This amendment works in favour of the casinos as in this variation the house edge is increased to 5.26%. The variation which you should seek is European or French Roulette as both feature only one-zero pocket thanks to which the house edge is 2.70%.

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What types of games can be played for real money?

Every online casino which partners with a leading software provider offers several types such as specialty, arcade and table games. Some of the most popular games which you can play for real money online are Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Slots and Craps. Most of them have many different variations which are even more popular than the original games. If you are among the adventurous players who always seek new ways to diversify their lives, you should try some of the most played variations as they will definitely give you the thrill you are searching for.

What is a house edge?

Every casino game has a house edge which works entirely in favour of the casinos. It is measured in percentage and it indicates the built-in advantage all casinos possess in a particular game. From a statistical point of view, it is a calculation which shows the statistical advantage that a given game has by taking into account the odds of winning and the odds of losing. In other words, the house edge indicates the average profit the casinos are expected to make from all bets in the long term. For instance, if you play a Blackjack variation which has a house edge of 1% and you have placed bets which amount to £100, the casino is expected to get £1 on average.

What is a RTP percentage?

A Return to Player percentage indicates the theoretical payout you will get back from playing a particular game. In other words, it basically shows the amount you can expect to retrieve from all the bets you have placed over long periods of time. It is directly related to the house edge as both percentages are interdependent. If the house edge is altered because of a change in the rules, the RTP is automatically influenced. For instance, the RTP percentage in the video slot Hot as Hades by Microgaming is 97% which means that the house edge this game has is 3%.

Is it possible to make a profit from playing a casino game?

Whether or not it is possible to make a profit from gambling online depends on many factors. The two major ones are the game you are playing and its house edge. The only casino games in which you have the chance to make a consistent profit are the ones which require skills. The reason why is that, in them, you can use a strategy to reduce the house edge which will result in more winnings.

Strategy-based games such as Blackjack and Video Poker give you the opportunity to influence the final outcome by using your knowledge. Another essential thing you need to possess in order to become a consistent winner is money management. No matter how much money you win, if you lack self-discipline and a reliable plan how to retain your winnings, you are bound to spend them in no time. It should be noted that you need to focus on making a profit in the long term instead of concentrating on the outcome of every single hand or round.