Live Blackjack

Playing online gives players significant benefits which the land-based casinos cannot provide them with. They can enjoy a favourite casino game whenever and wherever they want and there is no need to travel long distances any more in order to do so. The online gaming industry is rapidly developing and this is the reason why nowadays a great number of casinos offer not only online games but also live ones. Because of the live streaming technology involved in the gaming process, players are able to get experience very similar to the one they gain in the brick and mortar casinos.

When the online casinos were first introduced, many players were rather sceptical about them due to the many significant elements they lacked such as human interaction, the elaborate casino interior and others. However, now it is possible to experience all of them at any place and time thanks to the cutting-edge technologies and systems in use. The live chat feature enables them to communicate throughout the game with the dealer and not only and the live streaming video allows them to witness every action on the table. Due to the many advantages the live games offer, many players decide to give them a shot which contributes to their increasing popularity.

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Most Common Differences of Live Blackjack Rules

Blackjack is one of the most famous card games which appeals to a huge number of players globally. It has more than 100 variations, many of which are also extremely popular due to their interesting rules and specifications. This is the reason why almost every online casino offers not only the classic game but also a lot of its most played versions.

The biggest innovation in the virtual gaming world is the introduction of the live games which are played in real time with live dealers. Live Blackjack is among the most popular such games and it can be found in a number of live casinos. When the game is played online, some of its rules differ from one casino to another which is the reason why players should have a look at them beforehand. It is worth mentioning that the different rules give players higher or lower chances of winning and therefore, it is very important to be aware which ones are beneficial and which ones are not.

Bet Behind Feature in Live Blackjack

One difference of Live Blackjack when compared to its land-based version is that it provides players with a lot more options to choose from. One interesting additional move that can be made, when the game is played live, is called Bet Behind and as the name hints, is an optional bet which can be placed on another participant in the game. This can be a great opportunity, especially if a professional player is currently sitting on the table, due to the fact that this way it is possible to not only learn useful tips and strategy moves from him but also make a profit.

Bet Behind Feature in Live Blackjack

One to Many Live Blackjack

Another choice players can make when playing Live Blackjack is regarding the number of the participants in the game. They have the chance to decide whether they want to play like in a land-based casino with a limited amount of people involved or due to the fact that the game is played online, they can choose the option one to many tables. In such cases, the dealer collects bets from indefinite number of players and the cards are dealt to only one hand which can be played by many at the same time.

One to Many Live Blackjack

Different Table Limits

Another difference of Live Blackjack when compared to the its online version is that when playing with a live dealer the minimum stakes required for a particular table are usually higher. Also it is worth mentioning they can vary which shouldn’t be a surprise, taking into account the fact that in most brick and mortar casinos the available tables for Blackjack have different rules and table limits. This is the reason why it is essential for the players to consider their bankroll and choose a game which is in accordance with it in order to be able to successfully apply the basic strategy and manage to stay in the game long enough to make a profit.

Live Blackjack with Early Payout

Live casinos provide players with the chance to enjoy Live Blackjack with early payout, meaning that they have the option to get a payout without completing their hand. The payout is determined in accordance with a number of factors which are taken into account such as whether the players are at an advantageous position or not. In general, it is calculated on the cards dealt till this point of the game and the choice whether to make it or not is entirely up to them. The early payout has its pros and cons but whatever players decide, they should bear in mind that it gives them at least the chance to withdraw from the game without losing all of their wagered money.

Pros & Cons of Live Blackjack

One of the biggest advantages of playing Live Blackjack is the fact that players can enjoy it in real time with a live dealer at any place they want. They can witness how the cards are dealt and thanks to the live chat feature, it is also possible to communicate with the rest of the participants in the game as well as with the dealer. This creates a very realistic feeling for the players and moreover, they can be sure that the game is not fixed as many Blackjack fans fear that the random number generator used in the online version is not so random.

One major drawback concerns predominantly the card counters due to the fact that even though playing Live Blackjack highly resembles the game in a brick and mortar casino, the card counting process cannot be conducted with the same success. Many of the casinos take into account the fact that players can enjoy the game from any place and therefore, they can employ different programs or devices, whose usage is otherwise forbidden in land-based casinos, to help them keep track of the cards. This is the reason why when playing Live Blackjack the cards are shuffled more often in order to make it impossible to figure out the ratio of the high value cards to low valued ones.

Pros & Cons of Live Blackjack


If Blackjack enthusiasts seek a new different way of playing their favourite game, then Live Blackjack is surely something they should give a try. It is one of the most popular card games and as such, it can be found in a number of live casinos. It is now possible to play with a live dealer at any place and time due to the fact that most websites are mobile-friendly. Also, a number of online casinos provide players with the chance to get their developed applications which can be downloaded from most online markets. They should bear in mind that it is essential prior to playing to double check the rules of the game and the casino policy in order to avoid any misunderstandings and fully enjoy Live Blackjack.