Introduction to Live Casinos

Nowadays more and more casinos decide to take their gaming business to the next level by giving players the opportunity to experience a wide range of games online as well. They are not limited anymore by their location and time as they can play their favourite games on the Internet whenever and wherever they want. Thanks to the cutting-edge technologies in use, it is now possible to enjoy most of the famous casino games in real time with live dealers and receive an extremely authentic experience.

It has never been so easy to play them, even without having to leave the house. Moreover, every reputable gaming house assures high level of protection at any point during the course of the game as it uses advanced security systems and technologies. It is essential for the players to know that their sensitive information is in good hands all the time which is the reason why they should entrust their personal details only to reliable casinos.

Differences between Live Casinos and Online Casinos

The main difference between live casinos and online casinos is that live casinos provide the incredible opportunity to experience the whole gaming process in the same way as in a land-based casino. In order to achieve such a result, the live casinos offer popular games which feature dealers who conduct the particular game in real time and the random number generators which are used in many of the online games, are not utilized in Live Casino variations.

In games such as Blackjack and Baccarat, players have the chance to witness a dealer who will deal the cards on the table in front of them in real time. Online casinos do provide the opportunity to play whenever and wherever, however the experience they give cannot be compared to the live casino as thanks to the streamed video they offer, players are able to see the whole gaming process as if they were in the land-based casino. Moreover, this way they can also interact with the dealer or the rest of the participants which is simply not possible if the game was played online but not live.

Some live-dealer games are streamed from real land-based casinos, giving players a very authentic gaming experience that is in no way inferior to the land-based one. This also means that the dealers are the same professionals that the brick-and-mortar casino establishment has decided to trust and hire. Taking into consideration these aspects of Live Casinos, it can be concluded that they offer virtual players an adventure that comes as close as possible to the land-based one.

Typically, RNG-based games offer bigger diversity while most Live Casino software developers mainly work on creating live-dealer table games. Thankfully, companies like Evolution Gaming started expanding their portfolios by adding games like Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, lotteries, fortune wheels, Sic Bo and many more.

Among the different Live Casino games there are also variations of classic table games that are played automatically, without any interference by a dealer. Such games are conducted with the help of advanced technologies and devices that allow random and fair results. Still, the feeling that these Live Casino options exude is enough to make your gaming experience more realistic and fun.

Since the results in Live Casino games largely depend on the dealer’s moves, many consider such variations to be very fair. The fact that the outcome of a game depends on the actions of a real human makes Live Casino games preferred by many players.

One cannot deny the appeal of Live Casinos which typically include charming dealers who are dressed elegantly and are very skilful in the game they conduct. This makes players’ casino experience a lot more thrilling and fun.

Live Casino Games

Nowadays, most of the leading online casinos feature live casinos due to the fact that they enable players to be as excited and entertained while playing as if they were at the brick and mortar version of the place. Many of the most popular games can be played live in a number of online casinos from any place at any time. Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat are only a few examples of the available games most live casinos offer which is great news for table games enthusiasts as it is now possible for them to experience a completely different way of virtual playing.

In addition to classic table games, many software providers have created live-dealer variations of Keno, Bingo and lottery games. To make players’ experience even more exciting, Evolution Gaming has powered a variety of Live Casino games that can keep different players entertained.

One of the newest additions to Evolution Gaming’s portfolio is Crazy Times. With four bonus games and lots of surprises, this is a great way to have a splendid gaming time at the Live Casino of your choice. Other fun live-dealer games that Evolution Gaming has created include Dream Catcher, Live Monopoly, Deal or No Deal, Football Studio and various other game shows.

The diversity of the accessible games differ from one casino to another which is the reason why players can try a few places in order to decide which one suits them best in terms of quality, professionalism and range of games. Many of the live casinos offer different variations of Live Poker as well which are also conducted in real time and operated by live dealers. Another interesting game which can be found in a number of live casinos is Sic Bo, a Chinese game, played with a pair of dice.

Not only will Live Casinos offer players a variety of gaming options, but they will also allow different casino members to enjoy a gaming experience, tailored to suit their tastes. Many gaming developers have made sure that they provide various tables with ranging betting limits. While recreational players can join tables with low limits, high-rollers can play on VIP games that allow significantly higher bets.

Live Dealers

As already mentioned, probably the best feature of the live casinos is the involved in the game live dealer who operates in real time. Thanks to the advanced technology in use, players have the chance to see a live streamed video, showing a real dealer who conducts the game in the same manner as in a land-based casino. This gives an extremely authentic feeling and it significantly increases the level of excitement when playing online. Moreover, the dealers in most famous live casinos are just as fully-trained, experienced and attractive as in brick-and-mortar casinos and meet all of the requirements for holding this position. Despite the fact that the game is conducted virtually, the high-quality standard of it remains the same, providing that the chosen casino is well-established and reliable.

As a way to match the preferences of different players, many Live Casinos offer games suitable for various gaming enthusiasts. While some gaming options are changing the design and rules of the games to fit the style of foreign players, others incorporate native speaking dealers. If you are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, English, Turkish or Chinese, chances are you can find a Live Casino game with a dealer who speaks your language.

One of the major drawbacks when many casinos launched their online business was that the games were automatically generated by a computer and therefore, their plausibility and fairness was often questioned. When the live dealers’ feature was introduced, online gambling was changed forever as this was one of the biggest innovations ever made. However, it is worth noting that some casinos have live dealers who are actually automated computers which is not that different from just playing the game online. Nowadays many reputable online casinos offer real dealers so why not take advantage of this great opportunity, receive the best possible gaming experience and have fun.

Mobile Live Casinos

Players can even enjoy their favourite game live on most mobile devices as a great number of live casinos have a mobile-friendly website as well as applications which can be downloaded from most popular online gaming markets. It is now not only easy to play famous table games and much more but also experience them in a virtual way which highly resembles the land-based casinos. For the players’ convenience, most of the websites and applications are easy to navigate and usually free of charge. Once they get familiar with their layout, available games and other major features, they can have a look at the special deals and bonuses many of them provide only for its mobile users.

One thing to consider while you play on the go is that you will need a strong Internet connection. As the quality of Live Casino games can quickly drop when you run out of data, this can affect your streams and your overall casino bettings. This is why you are advised to play live-dealer games on the go only if you are sure that you will have a stable Internet connection throughout the entire betting session.

Important Considerations

It is worth mentioning that due to the fact that live casinos operate the same way as their land-based versions, they are also restricted in some countries. Players should take into account this fact and double check whether a particular casino is accepted in their country in advance. Another important thing to be considered is that live casino games can be very addictive due to the high level of excitement they provide and the fact that they can be played whenever and wherever. This is the reason why players should be very cautious and always play responsibly.

Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Live Casino games cannot be played for fun. After you register with an online casino, you might have access to the live-dealer games but you will not be allowed to join a table if you do not have any funds in your account. This is why you should first top up your casino balance before betting on Live Casino games.

Keep in mind that even though you can interact with dealers, many of the live-dealer games are played at a very fast pace. This is why you must keep your comments short and concentrate on the game. What is more, some games have a limited number of virtual seats and other players may wait for a spot to be open. This is another reason to keep up with the quick dynamic of the games and avoid wasting a lot of time.

The fact that online games allow players more time to think and act is often a reason to avoid Live Casino games. This being said, if you are playing at a brick-and-mortar casino, you should also be mindful of wasting anyone’s time. This is yet another aspect of Live Casinos that comes very close to the land-based casino experience.


Since the launch of the live casinos, the gaming world is no longer the same as it is now possible to enjoy games conducted in real time with real dealers at any time and place. This incredible opportunity gives players the chance to receive an extremely authentic feeling while playing their favourite game online. This is the reason why live casinos gained in popularity incredibly fast. Moreover, thanks to the cutting-edge inner systems and technologies in use, live casinos are easy to access and provide the opportunity to witness the gaming process from the beginning to the end with real dealers.