Live Casino Software

Live casinos grew in popularity significantly due to the fact that they provide players with the unique opportunity to get an experience almost identical to the one they usually gain when going to a brick and mortar casino. Thanks to the live games, it is now possible to enjoy the casino classics with a live dealer and other fellow players and do it at the most convenient time and place. Live casino games are the innovation in the gambling world which has significantly helped for the increasing popularity of the online casinos. This type of games attract a huge number of players globally because of the many benefits and special feature they offer.

In order to manage to provide players with an extremely authentic experience, live casinos use cutting-edge technology and high-quality software solution. Usually, an independent from the casino software provider also takes part in the process and it is responsible for a number of crucial factors such as the quality of the live streaming video. This means that the interior of the studio and the dealers players see might not be unique for the particular gaming house.

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Differences of the Live Casino Streaming Studios

Live casino games can be streamed from either a private studio, especially designed for this purpose or from a land-based casino. In most cases, the live streaming is done from a studio which is used by more than one live casino. The reason why is that software suppliers provide their services to many online casinos which enable players to enjoy their favourite games in different virtual gaming houses and each time, experience the same high level of excitement.

Many software providers have a great number of live dealer studios in various locations which give online casinos the chance to choose the most suitable one for them. Depending on the place the studios are positioned, the game tables and the live streaming technology offered also vary. The location of the dealers also plays a crucial role for the language in use, even though nowadays most of them are bilingual and there shouldn’t be a language barrier. For the players’ convenience, most of the software providers offer a number of customised options in order to make them feel at home, regardless of the place they are at.

Importance of the Live Casino Software Provider

One of the most important things players should take into account when choosing a live casino, is the third party software provider involved. As already indicated, the software developers play a crucial role as they determine to a huge extent whether players would experience the promised high-level of entertainment. The live streaming technology and the elaborate interior of the studio are among the things which greatly contribute to the realistic feeling live games give. Furthermore, when secure software is involved, players can be sure that their personal information and details are in good hands.

This is the reason why it is extremely important for them to make sure that the casino of their choice uses a world-class software provider. In general, there is no doubt that every reputable online casino has entrusted its gaming services to a well-established software supplier, however, it is always good to know which one has proven to be the best and which one is a newcomer in this industry. Moreover, every world-class software provider offers different advantages such as wider range of games, video clarity, elaborate studio interior, attractive dealers and other special features.

Live Casino Software – NetEnt’s Live Blackjack

Most Famous Software Suppliers

As live games continue to gain in popularity more and more, the demand for a reliable software provider is also getting higher. This is the reason why all software suppliers strive to provide their casino customers with one-of-a-kind features and expand their online business. Their main priority is to make sure that the casino players always get a very realistic feeling thanks to the advanced streaming technology and the professional dealers involved in the gaming process. Some of the leading software providers on the current market are NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech and others.


Net Entertainment, often abbreviated as NetEnt, is one of the most famous providers of gaming services and it is used by a number of reputable online casinos. The reason why it is one of the leading operators on the current market is that the company always manages to provide world-class casino solutions which live up to everyone’s expectations and beyond. NetEnt mainly concentrates on developing high-quality gaming solutions which are second-to-none in terms of entertainment and authentic experience. The company has offices throughout the world and this huge cultural diversity of employees greatly contributes to the creative and innovative way it conducts its business.

Another reason why many reputable casinos entrust their online gambling business to NetEnt is the sophisticated platform it uses. Thanks to it, all of the available games are top-quality which enable players to gain a very realistic feeling of them and enjoy them online like never before. The company takes great responsibility to always make sure that the gaming solutions provided are up to a standard. NetEnt has been in the gaming industry for over twenty years which greatly contributes to the fascinating services it offers. This software supplier undoubtedly knows what it takes to make one casino stand-out and this is the reason why it providers world-class games and entertainment to players globally.


Microgaming is one of the leading gaming providers and as such, it is famous on a global scale. The company is considered responsible for the first online casino which was released in 1994. Throughout the years, it has been constantly developing and improving its services and nowadays, a great number of reputable casinos entrust their online business to it. The list with the awards Microgaming has received is endless which is an indicator on itself that it is one of the best software developers in the field.

Thanks to the advanced software in use, the company has won a number of accolades, including Poker Software for five consecutive years. The many cutting-edge technologies and platforms employed are the reason why so many well-established casinos choose exactly this software provider. Microgaming offers the impressive range of more than 600 online games which players can enjoy at any place and time. They can also play a number of casino table games with a live dealer in real time and be able to gain an extremely authentic feeling, without having to leave their house. In order to provide such an extraordinary virtual experience, the company uses high-level software which is especially developed to serve this purpose.

Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming was established in 2006 and since then, it’s been providing gaming solutions which manage to satisfy both the casinos and their users. The company has the biggest number of available live casino tables which is a proof that it has a good understanding of the demands and requirements of the online gaming world. Evolution Gaming offers players the chance to customise the live casino tables and even their dedicated environment. The studios in use are especially designed to resemble as much as possible to a land-based casino which significantly contributes to the overall pleasant experience gamblers are able to gain while playing their favourite game at the comfort of their home.

The company is fully committed to provide high-quality gaming services to its casino customers and help them expand their online business. Evolution Gaming offers a number of live casino games which enable players to get a very realistic feeling of the game, without even being present at a brick and mortar casino. The advanced software the company uses, has made it possible to finally play Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat and many other live games at any time and place, and witness how a professional live dealer conducts the game in real time.


Playtech is another successful software supplier whose gaming solutions are used by many well-established casinos. Thanks to the extremely developed live dealer platform employed, the company manages to deliver gaming solutions which are extremely entertaining and exciting. Players are able to experience a very genuine feeling of their favourite casino game which highly resembles the one they get in a brick and mortar casino. The company even has dedicated tables which are hosted by dealers whose mother tongue is English, Italian or Spanish in order to manage to make more gamblers feel at home, regardless of their location.

Playtech undoubtedly offers many advantages to its casino customers and this is the reason why more and more gaming houses are interested in this software provider. Its powerful software and advanced systems are capable of delivering extremely high-quality casino games which players can enjoy not only online but also in real time with an attractive dealer. Along with the most famous classic card games, the company offers many of their most popular variations which can be also played live. Its cutting-edge platforms enable players to enjoy a live casino game by using their mobile device which makes the whole gaming process extremely simplified and easy to conduct.

Extreme Live Gaming

Extreme Live Gaming is a software supplier whose first priority is to create second-to-none gaming solutions. Thanks to the advanced software in use, its casino clients are able to take their online business to the next level and offer entertainment and excitement, identical to the one in their brick and mortar version. The company is certainly big competition for the rest of the software suppliers, offering such products, due to its commitment to provide only the best gaming services. One of the reasons why Extreme Live Gaming is so unique is that it has a very different manner and approach towards the online casino games.

Whenever this software developer is involved in the gaming process, players can expect top-quality live games which are played in real time with attractive live dealers. They can also have a good chat with them or with their fellow players which creates a more realistic feeling of the game whilst sitting in a comfortable spot at their home. Extreme Live Gaming provides a number of special features and options as well which greatly contribute to the pleasant experience players get when playing online. This and many other advantages are the reason why this gaming supplier is considered to be among the leading ones and it’s used by many famous online casinos.


As previously indicated, one of the most important things to look for when choosing a casino is the involved software provider due to the fact that it plays a crucial role for the overall experience of the players. It is responsible for the quality of the game and the streamed video, the available features and games and many other significant factors. Therefore, if players want to make the best choice about which online casino to select, it is best to have a look at its software provider as it reveals a lot about it. Leading software providers also assure high level of security for the players’ data so that they can have the needed peace of mind when playing.