Why You Might Prefer Video Poker to Online Slots

video pokerWhether you play online or at a land-based casino, you are often provided with a wide range of slots to choose from. This variation of casino games is quite entertaining which explains why many players find themselves testing their luck on these machines. If you have not paid attention to other games, however, you might want to give video poker a try.

While video poker is somewhat similar to slots, it is also a lot different as the outcome of every round depends on both luck and skills. That means players have a chance to affect the end result of the game if they know how to act. Even though slots may seem exciting thanks to their design and cool features, we recommend you check video poker games as well.

If you compare slots and video poker, you will find that the card game can be quite entertaining and a lot more rewarding than slots. Many believe that video poker is the best casino game to play as it gives players the chance to tilt the balance in their favour if they utilise the right strategy.

Quite a few players enjoy video poker as it is a casino game that has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to successful outcomes. If you want to learn more about this game and why it may be a better option than online slots, we suggest you continue reading.

What Slots Offer to Players

What Slots Offer to PlayersThe reason why slots are so popular among players is that they are extremely easy to play and understand. Moreover, with most gaming providers catering to slot fans, one could enjoy a vast variety of slot variations, with many of them including bonus features, high betting limits, multiple ways to land a win, and progressive jackpots. All of these features attract many casino players who are looking for a thrilling yet simple gaming time.

Playing slots does not require skills, nor are there any strategies to use when playing the game. Anyone can spin the reels of any slot and wait for a winning combination to appear on the screen. Every result in slots is random, with virtual casinos relying on an RNG (Random Number Generator) to generate random outcomes on every spin of the reels. No matter how you play slots, you cannot affect the result of the spin so everything depends on your luck.

While there are numerous slots to choose from, experienced players know how to choose the best option for their spinning adventures. Every slot, like any other casino game, has its RTP, showing you the potential return that one could expect in the long run. Typically, the highest RTP that a slot can offer does not exceed 96%. That said, many gaming providers started offering slots with reduced RTPs, with players often playing slots with even lower RTP than they had anticipated playing with.

Despite other casino games offering higher RTPs, slots still have a large fanbase thanks to the enticing design of many slot variations, the bonus features they offer, and the simplicity of this type of casino game.

What Video Poker Offers to Players

What Video Poker Offers to PlayersVideo poker is also a rather simple casino game, which is somewhat similar to slots. However, in addition to pure luck, video poker also includes the element of skill and strategic thinking. Since the player’s decision has some effect on the final outcome in the game, many prefer video poker to online slots.

If you are already familiar with poker, then you will have no issue playing video poker as the rank of hands is the same as in a standard poker game. This casino game is played in two different stages, with the first one being completely random, just as in slots. You will be dealt five random cards when a new gaming round is initiated. Then, you will need to decide which cards to keep and which ones to discard to possibly form a winning hand.

When it comes to RTP, some video poker variations can beat any slot game, even the ones offering RTP of around 96%. Depending on the type of video poker you play, the RTP can be around 98% or 99%. Moreover, if you utilise the right strategy, some video poker variants have the potential to offer RTP of even higher than 100%. This is definitely one of the main reasons why many players choose video poker over online slots.

Higher RTP

Higher RTPProbably the main reason why so many players prefer to bet their money on video poker is the higher RTP video poker is offering. The potential return one might enjoy over time is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing casino games to play for real money. As mentioned earlier, the highest possible RTP that you may find while playing slots ranges somewhere around 96%. Meanwhile, video poker games can typically offer RTP of around 98% to 99%. There are even video poker variations that offer RTP higher than 100%, making this game a very suitable option to play.

Easier to spot lower RTP

Easier to spot lower RTPReduced RTP rates in slots have become extremely common in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, many players are not even aware of the fact that they are playing with a lowered RTP as this cannot be easily spotted unless you do your research before you start wagering real money on the game. On the other hand, it is easy to learn the potential return rate of different video poker variations. As soon as you notice a change in the payouts for certain hands, you can easily spot that you are playing with a reduced RTP.

Practise allows for improvement of skills

Practise allows for improvement of skillsSince video poker combines luck with skills, players who are hoping for successful outcomes should optimise their gaming strategy and learn the best move in every situation. While you cannot develop any skills by practising slots, you can definitely improve the way you play video poker by practising the game. Online casinos often offer the game in a fun mode, allowing you to learn the best way to play video poker without risking your money.

Video poker is way more engaging

Video poker is way more engagingSlot machines do not require any further action than simply clicking the Spin button of the game. The rest of the action depends on luck, with the gaming session developing according to the randomness of the RNG software. Meanwhile, video poker is a more engaging game as it actually requires you to stop and think about your next move, giving you the chance to have a significant effect on the result of the game.

Video poker has low volatility

Video poker has low volatilityIn addition to RTP, volatility is also important when choosing the casino game to pay for real money. Even if a slot has a high RTP rate, its volatility probably is also high. This indicates that you may go for quite a few losing rounds before you land a big win. Unfortunately, you may exhaust your budget before you reach the generous payout of the game. Video poker, however, is not as volatile, giving you the chance to win a large portion of the hands you play. Of course, the success rate in video poker also depends on using the correct strategy.

Few Things to Keep in Mind If You Choose to Play Video Poker

Things to Keep in MindIf you are convinced that video poker is the best option for you, there are a few things to consider before you start wagering money on this casino game. Even though some video poker variations may offer over 100% RTP, that percentage is possible only if you use the optimal strategy on every hand. What is more, such variations are not that easy to find as most gaming providers have reduced the payouts on certain hands.

The best possible payouts are offered on the so-called full-pay variations of Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Double Bonus, and Double Double Bonus. As these games are typically available only at some Nevada casinos, you might opt for a full-pay (9/6) version of Jacks or Better or an 8/5 Bonus Poker variant at some online casinos. To be able to recognize full-pay versions of video poker, you need to get familiar with the payouts of different hands.

Choosing the best possible version of video poker to play is important for a successful gaming time. Even if you cannot find full-pay variants online, you should still opt for the next best possible option as low payouts can seriously affect the RTP of the game. For example, if you select a 6/5 Jacks or Better variation, you will be playing with 95% RTP, which is a rate more common for the realm of slots.

To enjoy a successful video poker session, you must utilise the right strategy. That means that you must use a system that is suitable for the specific video poker variation that you play. For example, if you play full-pay Jacks or Better, you can achieve the best possible RTP if you use the specific basic strategy for Jacks or Better. While it is possible to use the same strategy on several different video poker games, the optimal success rate is achieved only if you utilise the correct strategy.

Strategy charts allow players an easy way to always make the right choice when playing video poker. These charts can be found online, enabling you to print out the correct chart for the exact video poker option you are about to play. That way, you do not need to memorise the various scenarios that would require a certain action.

Once you have come across the best video poker variation and you know how to use the correct strategy, you are ready to embark on a thrilling and rewarding video poker adventure. Even if you enjoy slots, we recommend giving video poker a try as it has the potential to become your new favourite casino game.

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