WPT Main Tour Events Adopt the Action Clock to Make the Game More Fun

The organisers of the World Poker Tour (WPT) revealed that they have joined forces with Protection Poker in order to bring their Action Clock to all events included in the sixteenth edition of the WPT Main Tour. What is more, the WPT is to work in collaboration with all partners of the WPT Main Tour in order to set a requirement of transitioning to eight-handed tournament play once there are only ten tables left in a WPT Main Tour event.

The World Poker Tour’s Executive Tour Director Matt Savage commented on the partnership that would bring the Action Clock across all WPT Main Tour events, saying that would be the first poker tournament that would implement the Action Clock to all of its Main Tour events. According to Mr. Savage, a large number of poker pros and recreational players had been concerned that a lot of the fun poker was supposed to bring had been gone.

That is exactly the reason why WPT Executive Tour Director shared that the decision to bring the Action Clock to the WPT events had been an easy one, especially considering the addition’s success in the WPT500 Los Angeles and WPT Tournament of Champions. According to him, the Action Clock would bring more fun to the game.

The Action Clock is to be implemented for the first time in the WPT Choctaw, which is to be broadcast on TV. It is aimed at bringing a new and exciting element to the game. The WPT Choctaw event is to take place at the Choctaw Casino & Resort from August 4th to 8th, offering a buy-in of $3,700 and a guaranteed prize pool estimated to $2,000,000.

As mentioned above, all World Poker Tour events will see the Action Clock implemented until the final of the poker tournament. Under the Action Clock rules, players will be given 30 seconds for each action over the game in order for a quicker and more efficient pace of play to be maintained.

At the beginning of each game, players will be given four time-extension chips. The WPT events’ organisers further revealed that the players who manage to remain at the final table of the tournament will receive up to eight time-extension chips, which would be equal to a 30-second extension to a player’s action.

The Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment LLC – Cavin Quintanilla – confirmed of the partnership between WPT and Protection Poker, saying it was a great thing for the Action Clock to be brought to all WPT Main Tour events. He also described the World Poker Tour as the poker tournament that is most friendly to players, and explained that the team of Gaming Advancement Marketing Entertainment was looking forward to seeing the international expansion of the Action Clock.

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