Jamie Lunt Claims Trophy from 888Live London Festival £2,200 High Roller

The brand new champion at the 2017 888Live London Festival High Roller is called Jamie Lunt and he managed to reach the first place in the tournament defeating almost 70 other poker players. His excellent performance brought him a reward amounting to £34,985 as well as the coveted trophy and the title of a champion.

As it was stated in the schedule of the 888Live London Festival, the £2,200 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em High Roller event started on 11 October and it lasted two days. Over the span of those days, it gave a total of 69 poker players the chance to demonstrate their skills on the felt. With their joint efforts, the guaranteed prize pool swell up to £136,626 ensuring that top positions on the leaderboard are going to witness a sweet payday at the end of Day 2. Some of the well-known names in the poker industry showed up for the grand event and among them were Team 888Poker Ambassador Chris Moorman, his wife Katie Lindsay, as well as Niall Farrell, Jake Cody, Ludovic Geilich, Tom Hall, and Nick Persaud.

The game was very dynamic and there were numerous ups and downs along the way, and this was the first 888Live event when a Shot Clock was introduced to the game. Each player had 30 seconds to think through their next move and they also had two Time Chips, which could be used if the time was not long enough. Lady Luck smiled upon Lunt and gave him the winning cards and the chance to reach the final table of the tournament. The bubble boy in this event was Orpen Kisacikoglu who had a chip count of 697,000 at some point but could not lay his hands on any cash after he was eliminated by Iaron Lightbourne.

Final Table Ranking

As for the final table, it consisted of 8 seats and the chip leader among the players was undoubtedly Iaron Lightbourne, who had 1,529,000 at the beginning, but when all was said and done he made it only to the fourth place. Ludovic Geilich, who had amassed a total of 1,165,000 at the times cards were thrown in the air for final table play, managed to reach the third place on the leaderboard and went home with £20,000 in cash. Oliver Price also had a considerable amount of chips in front of him, estimated to 890,000 upon entering the final table and his winning hands guaranteed him the fifth place and £11,000 in total.

The heads-up duel took place between Jamie Lunt and Jonathan Bowers and it was a relatively fast-paced one since the two poker pros decided it will be best to arrange a deal between themselves and share the remaining prize pool. Bowers received £36,115 for his efforts, while Lunt was granted the desired by many trophy as well as the title of a High Roller Champion.

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