Regular Slots vs Progressive Slots

Most respectable virtual casinos make sure to offer a wide variety of options for their patrons. The myriad of games includes diverse slots that fall under different categories and have specific charms, attracting various slot lovers. With so many options to choose from, it is only natural that players might have it rough when choosing the slots to spin.

When real-money wagers are on the line, the choice becomes even more difficult. With different slots incorporating bonus features that can unlock extra payouts, players are often tempted to go for the chance of landing bigger wins. Add a progressive jackpot to the game, and things will get even more intriguing.

Many software providers have implemented a progressive jackpot system into their slots, allowing the same game to generate a huge prize pool thanks to the bets players place across different casinos that offer the game. Progressive slots often can award life-changing jackpots that can turn any regular player into an instant millionaire. That is the reason why many enjoy playing progressive slots.

However, it should be noted that progressive games are not for everybody as some players could enjoy their gaming time more if they stick to regular slots. If you want to know which type of slot variation is the right one for you, we recommend checking this article as we will make sure to present all aspects of both regular and progressive slots.

Understanding Regular Slots and Their Perks

Just because we call them regular, often slots that do not offer progressive jackpot include various other advanced features. They make the gameplay a lot more exciting and can also trigger generous wins that can make one’s spinning adventures a lot more fruitful. What is more, regular slots can also offer jackpot payouts that can be very rewarding despite not being progressive.

With regular slots, the maximum amount you can win is often based on the size of your wager. Often, the maximum possible payout that non-progressive slots offer is significantly smaller than the jackpots progressive slots promise their players.

The jackpots that regular slots are offering are known as fixed. This means they never change their amount according to the number of times the jackpot prize has been won or how frequent it has been awarded to players. In most cases, the jackpots that can be won while playing regular slots are a specific amount multiplied by the total bet placed by players. For instance, a game with a fixed jackpot of 500x their bet size means that the amount you can win depends on whether you will opt for a lower bet or the maximum bet size.

Regular slots usually take up most of the gaming portfolio of most virtual and land-based casinos. As different software developers choose to include various features in these games, regular slots are often the favourite pastime of many players. Based on their design and features, non-progressive slots can be divided into classic and video slots.

Classic slots with fixed jackpots

Classic slots that typically have only three reels, basic symbols, and rarely feature any bonus games tend to offer simple gameplay and significantly lower payouts. The maximum possible payout may be a certain fixed amount or it can be expressed in a multiplier that is applied to the total bet size players have made. Even though classic slots tend to offer smaller fixed jackpot pays, they are often preferred by players as they allow less risky wagers.

Video slots with fixed jackpots

Video slots, on the other hand, incorporate more advanced features than their classic counterparts. Special symbols and bonus games give players a chance for more winning opportunities. Some of the most common in-game features in video slots include free spins, pick-a-prize games, and earnings multipliers. Of course, even if all these features are triggered, the maximum payout that video slots may offer cannot compare to progressive jackpots. That said, many players enjoy video slots with various in-game features as they can often grant very satisfying wins.

Understanding the Appeal of Progressive Slots

Even though regular slots have their appeal and can offer a lot, many players are often tempted to play progressive slots. When it comes to the design of progressive slots, they are very similar to regular slots. That is why you can come across various progressive slot titles that include classic fruity symbols and fewer paylines but can randomly unlock a progressive prize. Meanwhile, there are also progressive video slots that include various bonus features and special symbols that can make your regular play very fruitful and fun. In those cases, the progressive jackpot is also one of the bonus features that can be triggered while playing the video slot.

The main thing that differentiates progressive slots from regular ones is the way the jackpot prizes are formed. As mentioned earlier, fixed jackpots are expressed in a specific maximum multiplier applied to the bet size of the player. Meanwhile, progressive jackpots are never fixed as they constantly change due to the contribution of the players wagering on progressive slots.

Some of the most popular progressive slots online give players the opportunity to become millionaires in just a single spin. Such games have a prize pool that is being generated thanks to the contributions of the bets placed on the same slot across numerous virtual casinos. With every bet that does not trigger the progressive jackpot, a portion of the wager goes to the prize pool. That makes the jackpot progress, making the prize even more bountiful for the next spins played on the slot.

Progressive jackpots are won randomly, forcing the prize pool to restart its progression either from a set amount or from scratch. The progressive slots that offer a few millions, however, are typically restarted from a set amount that continues to grow with the contributions of numerous players.

The prize pools of progressive slots are always increasing their amounts thanks to the contribution of bets placed by other players. That being said, there are several types of progressive slots depending on the area of contribution.

Stand-Alone Progressive Slots

The first type of progressive slot that can be found at some virtual casinos is often referred to as stand-alone. Such slots are not connected to jackpot networks so the prize pool is generated only thanks to the bets placed on the specific games at the respective online casino. Such slots typically feature jackpot meters that indicate in real-time the way the prize pool is increasing thanks to the losing bets of fellow players who wager on the same slot at the same interactive casino. Stand-alone progressive jackpots are relatively smaller in amount but can still reach rather generous sizes.

In-House Progressive Slots

These types of slots have a broader area of contribution as in-house jackpots are usually connecting several slots that share the same prize pool. However, the jackpot network spreads only to a single virtual casino that features all of the slots sharing the same progressive jackpot. This means that the prize pool of these slots increases thanks to the losing bets placed on the rest of the slots at the casino that are connected with each other. Such progressive prizes tend to be bigger than stand-alone jackpots but are nowhere near as big as progressive jackpots that have a broader network.

Wide-Area Progressive Slots

As the name suggests, these slots share a much wider jackpot network, connecting multiple slots offered across numerous online casinos. With this type of slot, you have the progressive jackpot accumulating bigger amounts much quicker as there are a lot more players contributing to the prize pool. Thanks to the extremely large area of contribution, wide-area progressive slots can often quickly reach several millions and turn any lucky player into a millionaire in a single spin.

Boiling Point Progressive Jackpot Slots

In addition to the progressive jackpot slots according to their area of bet contributions, there is also another interesting type of progressive slot you can come across at some online casinos. The so-called boiling point progressive jackpot slots have a different approach to the way the jackpot is awarded.

Slots that offer this type of progressive prize have their prize pools increase to a certain amount. Once the predetermined point is reached, one lucky player wins the progressive jackpot which then starts to progress yet again. The progressive slots powered by RTG are currently the most popular Boiling Point Jackpot slots, with Spirit of the Inca being a prominent example of this type of progressive slot.

Should Players Go for Regular or Progressive Slots?

There is no right or wrong decision when you are wondering whether you should play regular or progressive slots. The truth is that your decision should be based on different factors and the overall expectations of your slot experience online. To make the choice easier, you should keep in mind a few important things.

Are you a recreational player or are you chasing life-changing payouts?

When you are playing slots, you can easily determine if progressive jackpot options are right for you by asking yourself how much you hope to win. If you are happy to make a reasonable bet, enjoy your casino time, and hope to land a few good spins, then it will be best to stick to regular slots that include various bonus features or offer fixed jackpots.

Of course, if you can afford it and you are in it for the big millions, then you should definitely test your luck on progressive slots. Keep in mind that the huge jackpots are offered on wide-area progressive slots that are played by multiple players across numerous online casinos. This will make the competition fiercer but you will have the chance to win a jackpot amount that no regular slot can offer.

What is Your Slot Wagering Budget and How Much Are You Willing to Risk?

Of course, just your expectations about your winnings are not enough to choose whether you should play progressive slots. This type of casino game is suitable for high-rollers who can afford to make higher bets and risk more money without hoping to land a win on most of their wagers.

Before you start playing, you should always set a budget and follow through with the plan for your gaming expenses. Make sure to bet only money you can afford to lose as nothing is guaranteed with games of chance such as slots. If you need to stick to a smaller budget, we recommend playing regular slots that will allow you to adjust your bet size. A smaller bet might mean smaller wins but you may actually make some profit from your bets as a recreational player.

On the other hand, if you can afford to make high-risk bets, we recommend you to go for making maximum bets on progressive slots. That way, you will qualify for the big win and may even have the chance to become an instant millionaire.

Assessing Winning Chances on Progressive Slots

To determine whether the risk of playing progressive slots is worth it, you might also need to evaluate your chances of winning progressive jackpots. The odds of hitting major progressive jackpots while playing slots depend on the RTP and variance of the respective game.

While progressive slots might declare a specific RTP, it should be taken into consideration that the RTP of a progressive slot is harder to calculate than the one of regular slots. The reason for that is that the constantly increasing jackpot affects the RTP but as the prize pool is progressing continuously, it is difficult to accurately determine the RTP.

Playing higher denominations and making the maximum bet will give you a higher edge against the house and will give you better chances of sweeping the progressive jackpot. However, you must keep in mind that you are making riskier bets in the exchange for having better chances of winning the progressive jackpot.

The ultimate decision to play regular or progressive slots comes down to choosing the games that will better fit your needs and requirements. We can simply suggest sticking to regular slots if you are a recreational player hoping to make some profit while having fun. If you, however, enjoy the thrill of riskier bets and can afford to make maximum bets, you should try your luck for the chance of sweeping a major progressive jackpot.

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