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Online casino players are presented with an abundance of payment methods to choose from to load money into their accounts. The options range from credit and debit cards to online banking, e-wallets and prepaid vouchers. One such voucher is provided by Flexepin which is currently available to players, residing on the territory of Canada and Australia.

Founded in 2015, Flexepin is provided and operated by Flexewallet, which is part of the Novatti payment system company that was established in 1996. This payment method stands out with ease of use, outstanding level of security, and efficiency. Flexepin allows players who use it as a casino deposit method to retain their anonymity since they are not expected to disclose any sensitive personal or banking information during the deposit process. Flexepin is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more web-based gambling operators list it among their accepted payment methods.

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How Does Flexepin Work?

Flexepin is a prepaid voucher that enables casino players to transfer funds into their online casino accounts in a convenient, safe, and time-efficient manner. The Flexepin prepaid vouchers are available across a great number of retail outlets in Canada and Australia. The company plans on expanding into a greater number of markets across the world so that the Flexepin voucher might soon reach customers from countries other than Australia and Canada.

When buying a prepaid Flexepin voucher from their local retailer, players get to choose from several different amounts, including A$20, A$50, A$100, A$150, A$250, A$300 and A$500. At the present moment, the Flexepin vouchers are available in CAD, AUD, EUR and GBP but more currencies will be available soon. Players, who are not sure where they can buy their vouchers from, can easily locate their nearest retailer by visiting the official website of Flexepin.

Once you have obtained a voucher with your preferred amount, you will surely notice it contains a PIN code, consisting of 16 (in some cases 19) digits. All you have to do in order to pay for an online purchase or transfer funds into your online casino account is enter this 16-digit code. You are not required to have a line of credit or a bank account to use Flexepin. There is no need to share any personal or banking information of yours in the depositing process.

Please note that Flexepin customers are only allowed to hold vouchers that total the sum of A$5,000 or the equivalent in their supported currency
. Also, only customers, who are 18 years old or older can purchase and use Flexepin vouchers. Because of this, retail store employees may ask you to provide documents for identification prior to selling you a Flexepin voucher.

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Online Casino Deposits with Flexepin

If you have never used this payment method before, you will be pleasantly surprised by how simple and quick depositing via Flexepin cash top-up vouchers is. Once you log into your online casino account, you can head to the cashier section and find Flexepin logo among the listed deposit methods the gambling operator works with. You then select Flexepin and enter your voucher’s unique 16-digit code. All that is left for you to do is confirm the transfer and that is all. The money will be available in your casino account immediately, so you can start placing real-money bets right away.

It is worth mentioning that players should use the full amount of the voucher they have bought when using Flexepin. Otherwise, the remaining sum will be irrevocably lost and you will not be able to use what is left of your voucher’s balance by entering the same PIN code again. So, if you have invested in a A$150 voucher, for instance, you most certainly should deposit A$150. Each voucher and its PIN code can be used a single time only. If you wish to load only A$100, for example, you can simply purchase a A$100 voucher.

As for withdrawals, these are impossible with Flexepin, which certainly makes sense because the latter is a prepaid voucher and there is no way to return any money to it. If you opt for depositing with Flexepin, you should first consider an alternative withdrawal method. Feel free to consult your preferred casino’s support team on which withdrawal solution would be most suitable for you to choose. Many players from Canada and Australia prefer to use standard bank transfers when cashing out their winnings.
Deposits with Flexepin

Fees Associated with Flexepin

In most cases, reputable online casinos do not charge their players for depositing via Flexepin cash top-up vouchers. Nevertheless, there are some nominal fees associated with the use of the vouchers and those fees are imposed by Flexepin itself. Flexewallet imposes a monthly administration fee of A$4.00 and the sum is automatically deducted from the balance of customer’s vouchers.

Flexepin allows for refunds to be made within a year after the purchase of the vouchers. Players can obtain a refund for their vouchers’ full value at no cost as long as they cancel the vouchers within a period of 14 days of purchasing them. Those, who request a refund after this period will be charged a A$30.00 fee for the refund’s processing.

Flexepin and Security

Flexepin is widely considered a safer alternative to conventional deposit methods due to the fact it is a prepaid payment solution. Because of this, players can retain their anonymity and transfer funds without disclosing any sensitive information regarding their identity or banking details in the process. Needless to say, this completely eliminates the risk of identity thefts, misappropriation, and other fraudulent activities.

It is important to mention Flexewallet is required to store its customers’ data for a period of at least seven years. Once this seven-year period ends, the data will be destroyed. This should not cause any concerns, however, since the information is stored securely in accordance with the policies of the Privacy Act 1988.

As we mentioned earlier, individual players can buy Flexepin vouchers that amount to no more than A$5,000, when combined. Note that this is not simply a whim on Flexepin’s behalf. Customers are limited to that amount on purpose because Flexepin aims at preventing any fraudulent activities like money laundering from taking place. If a given player purchases vouchers that exceed the aforementioned sum, they risk having them revoked due to suspicious activity.

Flexepin and Security

Pros and Cons of Using Flexepin

One of the greatest advantages Flexepin has to offer to online casino players is security. Players, who use the prepaid vouchers by Flexepin are required to enter only their 16-digit codes in order to initiate the transaction. Practically, this is the only information you must provide to process a deposit successfully – there is no need to disclose any of your personal or banking information. Also, the vouchers are for a one-time use only which also furthers security.

This serves to indicate how flexible and easy to use this method is. As long as you reside in a country where Flexepin is available and your preferred casino accepts the method, you will experience no trouble depositing.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, the list of online casinos accepting this method is relatively short. The fact Flexepin is currently available in two countries only (Canada and Australia) does not help much, either. But this is to be explained with the fact Flexepin is still in its early days and certainly more countries will be added in the future, with the UK and other European countries being first on the list.

Another setback is that players automatically deposit the full amount of the vouchers and cannot input a smaller sum if they wish. However, this problem can be easily resolved by purchasing a voucher for a smaller amount instead.

And finally, the biggest drawback is that players, who deposit via Flexepin, cannot use it for withdrawals as well. If you opt for this method, you will have to consider an alternative solution, like bank transfers, to collect your winnings.

Pros and Cons of Using Flexepin

Company Contact Details

website: www.flexepin.com
telephone: +61-04-8356-2771
email: info@flexewallet.com
registered office: Flexewallet Pty Ltd, PO Box 21104, Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 8011, Australia

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