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Skrill was founded on July 27, 2001 and since then it has been developing and providing digital payments globally. Initially, the company’s name was Moneybookers but later on it was rebranded as Skrill. In 2002, Moneybookers was launched which was the beginning of an innovation which allowed hundreds of people to send money online using only their email address and password.

In February, 2010, the company was rated by Sunday Times as one of the fastest growing private-equity-backed firms in the United Kingdom based on its profit. Skrill was the first licensed e-money company in the country and has authorisation by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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Skrill is a leading company when it comes to global payment solutions and it has proven to be one of the most successful companies in the trade. It provides services to private as well as corporate customers in nearly 200 countries and in 40 currencies. People around the world uses the company’s services as its online global payments are secure, simple and quick.

Skrill offers services, especially designed for online players which are accepted in all major casino, poker rooms and bookmakers. It is very secure and private and it protects its customers’ financial data and information from frauds and unauthorised purchases. Many online gamblers know the importance of having their personal details protected and secured all the time and this is the reason why Skrill is their preferred online payment method.

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One of the biggest advantages of Skrill is that it offers services that will surely meet every gambler’s needs. Players from all over the world can benefit greatly from Skrill as it provides services to a number of countries. Regardless of their users’ location and nationality, the company will be able to assist everyone and will do it in a timely manner.

Skrill is accepted at the world’s top leading betting websites and it is first-choice to many gamblers when it comes to playing and paying online. It is one of the most widespread deposit and withdrawal method worldwide.

Players trust the company as it assures secure and instant financial transfers and withdrawals and it keeps their personal data and information privately every time they pay. Skrill made it possible for gamblers to enjoy playing their favourite games without any concerns and worries regarding their privacy and protection. Customers have access to their funds all the time and can arrange instant transfers from any part of the world in the blink of an eye.

Gamblers from all over the world can now pay online in the fastest and safest way and enjoy their favourite games. Payments are arranged very quickly as all it takes is to just confirm the transaction with a single tap in order to transfer the money successfully. Skrill’s fee for sending money internationally is just 1% which gives its customers a lot more value for their money. And lower fees means more money and time for online games and other pleasant activities. It is really simple and fast to send or receive money too as all that is required is an email address.

In order to arrange the payment in the quickest possible way, gamblers can use any of their bank or cards accounts. Moreover, for their convenience they can find all of their payment details in one place. Skrill is perfect for in-game online payments as it gives its gamblers easy access to their winnings. Additionally, all of their transactions are strictly monitored and protected which gives them the needed peace of mind. Skrill gives them the incredible opportunity to quickly upload funds from a number of sources which allows international players to never miss a game. The company offers low, transparent fees when players pay or play online.

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VIP Programme

Skrill offers even more advantages for its VIP members in order to provide its customers with the most pleasant experience. Special promotions, 24/7 customer support, even lower fees, extra security are just a few of the benefits VIP members can take advantage of. To join this exclusive club is very easy and it gives its new users priority bank uploads and higher limits on their transactions, regardless of their kind. VIP programme works in a very simple way – the more the VIP members spend using their Skrill wallet, the more rewards and benefits they will gain.

This is the reason why this programme gives its customers even greater security as it has ‘100% money back’ guarantee which protects them from fraud and unauthorised purchases. Also, members enjoy reduces fees for their transactions and can contact a customer support representative at any time and day. There are different types of memberships – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond which gives its customers a variety of benefits. In order to gain one of the following statuses, a customer needs to transact the minimum amount to merchants within a period of one quarter.


Even though the system offers a variety of great advantages for its customers, the most important and needed one remains the security. Gamblers know how crucial is to have a payment method that they can rely on when playing. Skrill wallet gives its users the needed security as it adds an extra layer of protection to their private financial data. Thanks to the company’s developed inner system, gamblers can now pay online under its high security protection.

They can now rest assured that their card or bank details are never shared anywhere and the information that the company transmits is encrypted and corresponds to the standards of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This way any personal data is unreadable and it is completely protected even if someone attempts to access it. As account security is top priority for the company, Google Authenticator gives an extra layer of security and all of Skrills users can take advantage of it. There is the so-called Two Factor Authentication application which requires its users to enter a code from their phone besides their password and email.

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Skrill aims at having the lowest possible fees and it also provides a number of other advantages for its customers. For instance, it is free when a customer uses their Skrill wallet to pay online at a retailer who accepts this kind of payment method. It is also free when a customer receives money in their Skrill account and when they upload funds in their account too. Bear in mind that in some cases a small fee is involved which will be clearly stated. Also, it needs to be noted that if a customer uses their credit card for gambling purposes it might be charged with a ‘cash advance fee’ which Skrill has nothing to do with and does not receive any part from it.


If customers have any questions, they can visit the company’s help page called help hub as there can be found FAQs and further useful information. Alternatively, users can contact the company over the phone or send an email from the firm’s website and Skrill customer support representatives will assist them further.


Skrill is one of the most reliable companies and it is trusted by hundreds of people around the world. Its services are especially convenient for gamblers as it gives them the needed protection and privacy and it is accepted by a great number of leading casino websites. Now it is possible for gamblers to enjoy playing online and to arrange the payment easily whenever they want.

Company Contact Details

Telehphone: +44 203 308 2519 /for people within the United Kingdom/; +44 203 308 2520 /for the rest of the world/
Registered Office: Floor 27, 25 Canada Square, London, E14 5LQ

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 4 reviews
by Andrew Henley on Skrill

I’m more than satisfied with Skrill, although there are some little issues that can be improved. The most serious problem I’ve ever encountered with this service was in the very beginning when I was registering my account. I waited more than a month for verification, although all personal data that I had to submit was correct. Since then, all transactions have been easy and fast, which is very important when you are making a deposit into an online casino – you need your money in your account as fast as possible, after all. Usually, there are no processing fees for deposits and withdrawals, which is great. And all my financial data remains safe, as it stays only in my Skrill account and not on the casino’s servers.

by Reece Holden on Skrill

I have been using Skrill for loading funds into online casinos for two years and I must say that I’m more than satisfied. It’s exactly online gambling why I registered an account with this service. Credit cards are sometimes rejected and you can’t always withdraw your winnings to them, so an e-wallet is much more practical. More importantly, Skrill doesn’t share my financial information with the casino, so the payment is anonymous. To be honest, you can never be anonymous in online casinos, because they require all your personal information when you are opening an account. At least they don’t have access to my bank account or credit card when I use Skrill.

by Jacky Sanders on Skrill

I have a credit card, an online banking account, and a Skrill registration, but for playing in online casinos I use only the e-wallet. There are several reasons for this. First of all, deposits are instant and I withdraw my winnings within a few hours. Second, I cannot withdraw to certain types and brands of cards, and casinos always try to process the withdrawal to the same service I used when depositing. So, my card can be easily rejected, which means delaying the payment. And third, online banking doesn’t always work – my bank, for example, won’t transfer money to or from my casino balance because it has some policy against gambling. So, when it comes to playing online, I definitely prefer Skrill to any other payment method.

by Josh Barrett on Skrill

My Skrill account is perfect for making deposits into online casinos and for withdrawing my winnings. The service is very fast and is accepted virtually everywhere, so it’s extremely convenient and accessible. The fees are also quite low, compared to some other payment services, and transactions are much easier, as well. However, I have an issue with Skrill that a lot of other customers are complaining about, too. The company doesn’t always release your money from the Skrill account, which is very frustrating. Sometimes, it takes several days or even a week before I can actually receive my money. This is very disappointing, considering that Skrill claims it has the fastest transfers. However, if you are not in a hurry to get your money, this e-wallet is one of the best payment services you can find.